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August 07, 2006


Would you like to play a game?

(Thanks to Chaz Schlueter)


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I'm game ... but not fer that one ...

... and ... um ... judi?

I'm hopin' there wuzn't any vicarious satisfaction that prompted you to post this ... hopin' ... hopin' ...

... merely ... hopin' ...

OK, that's what you call a gong show!

... and ...


(even the old geezer can still get ... um ... nevermind ...)

Wow, it appears that some Japanese humor is wicked! And not in a good way.

Sorry OtU, I messed it up.

OWWWWWW....that was painful to watch, even for this girl of the female gender!

No, LBFF ... I had the magic THREE before yours ... even tho my third time (?!??) wuz a simul ... it still counts ... but, tnx 4 carin' ...


seconding that thought, DimWitte. YOWWWWWWWWWWCH!

*snork* and OUCH!!!

I love the face on the guy in the purple...like OH MY GOD here it comes...WHACK!!

Not a guy and I'm still tempted to block and protect that area...

TCK: could you kindly translate that for us please? I tend to distrust babelfish now.

pepe: according to the google translator, that is how you spell:


in japanese

wouldn't "walk away without it" be more appropriate for these suckers guys?

Hung Lo No Mo

Holy crapola... I'm with the guy in red... "You want me to say WHAT?"

Note to self: if ever invited to be a contestant on a Japanese game show of ANY variety, the correct answer is RUN LIKE THE DICKENS!!!

this clip was shown on countdown wi/Keith Olbermann last week. its even funnier with Keith's narration. and. OWWWWWWIEEEEEEEE!

i'm thinkin there was a huge pile of cash ridin on this thing

....Having trouble breathing here.....laughing too hard.

Sorry guys - I feel your pain (in an theoretical sort of way) but THAT was funny!

The IT nazis won't let me see.
I think I'm glad.

I have the translation for what Mr. Red was saying:

"I sat there s*****ing myself."

blurk, just this once, the IT nazis have done you a huge service. Tip them on your way out... but decline graciously if they offer to let you appear on a Japanese game show.

blurk?? want me to e-mail ya the link? :)


In our elementary school, there is this 10 foot semi-flexible steel rod (simmer down, girls) that the kids can bounce on, sort of like a teeter totter. I wonder if I am the only one who looks at it and thinks "surely no boy would go anywhere near such a thing"?

Don't you think that maybe it was a setup? That maybe the rest of the contestants wore cups and were protected from most of the hitting? It wouldn't be hard to fake pain and just watch the reaction of the poor last guy who had to wait his turn. Now THAT would be cruel....

personally, i've developed a new respect for the japanese

i've seen much bigger, tougher lookin guys - guys with tattoos and leather jackets - guys that can ride the asphalt for a quarter mile after dumpin their bikes and walk away smilin - i've seen those guys reduced to a qivering, fetal-positioned jellyfish when subjected to similar treatment

yikes 24! that sounds painful even for girls no?

It really is a shame we nuked the poor Japanese so hard. Just look at the after effects...

Siouxie, keep your link. Don't even wanna think about it, let alone see it.

Siouxie - I have to say I'm not sure the person who created such a "toy" is stable.

Blurk, good call! Even our brave military men may feel faint after viewing it....

I think it's ruined their BLEEPing chances.

Maybe even especially our brave military men.

I wonder what kind of ratings the show gets? I mean, I couldn't even watch the clip the whole way through.

I did :) imagining the ex up there...

I think they're bleeping in a voice only dogs can hear now...

Unless I missed it, no one here had yet to explicitly answer Judi's question, "Would you like to play a game?"

Allow me to answer.


From the comments, I gather that there are men who actually LET someone hit them in the...um...dangly twins.
If that's the case, they deserve everything they get.

That is all.

Is that second guy the guy with the slapping machine? (it's long, but the best parts start at about 4:00 and 7:40)

blurk - you are correct...

blurk, for your benefit, and for anyone else so oppressed by their IT overlords, a brief synopsis:

Six or seven fellows, dressed in robes of various primary colors, standing on platforms with dodgy-looking apparatus mounted on the front.

Presented with a limerick in Japanese, they must read it off without error.

Contestant #1 succeeds.

Contestant #s 2-5 fail, each getting thwacked in the dangly bits with a spring-loaded whip that snaps up from the front of the platform.

Contestant #6 (Mr. Red) at some point along the way decides that he wants out. He is "persuaded" to take his place... and his thwacking.

Very very painful to watch.

The Japanese sense of humor is more inscrutable than their language, I think.

And, I will note, judi apparently shares this sense of humor. Brrrr...

wow...I have a last name?

isnt that one wacky game show?
I wonder what you win, a trip to the protologist?


guys...you can stop crossing yer legs now...

As a guy of the male persuasion - although NOT one stupid enough to appear as a contestant on a Japanese game show - I must admit I was ROTFLMAO!

I know, I'm a sadistic [email protected]

I sent this to my brother (also of the male gender) who has the same sophisticated sense of humor I do. He asks:

Why does the sight of other guys' getting whomped in the privates elicit such a big laugh?

Guess we're relieved it ain't us.


Jeff - as a gal of the female persuasion, I am right there ROTFLMAOWTRDMF with ya!

Oh, and Judi's Back with a BANG!

Noooooo!!! Not in the twig and berries!!!! The japanese are sick. and no, i can't quit crossing my legs now, yikes.

Guess we're relieved it ain't us. LOL

Blurk, for once, you don't want to see it.
*still wincing*

Lardog88 -

If'n y'all will notice my FIRST post ... I said I din't wanna be in that sort of game ... very explicitly ...

With the help of Google Language Tools:

Ow! その傷!

belated thanks to TCK.
this is what happens when bloglits stay half a world away.

Judi, you usually warn us guys of the male persuasion not to click on these sort of links. Of course, we do anyway.

Oh, and......


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