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August 30, 2006


You need a bigger garage.

(Via Gizmodo)


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...and neighborhood

How do you think Mrs. Wyo gets my attention away from the blog?

not to mention new eardrums...


Calling Carly Simon.....

NASA readies it's backup space station communication system.

My grandma needs that.

Wyo, I just thought she smacked ya upside the head!

what??? WHAT?? WHAT???? speak up sonny.

And THAT'S only in mono!

"Hear me NOW?"

"Testing, testing. Is this thing on?" - 200 people blown away.

... suppose it's a good thing this wasn't around when they tried to get Noriaga to surrender ...

Actually, I could use one of those when trying to get my teenage girls to DO something...

they can't say they didn't hear me, right?

(imagining "abba")

the horror.... the horror

"tired of punk neighborhood kids driving by while you're watching 'Wheel of Fortune' with their car speakers going BUMP BUMP BA-DUMP and rattling your decorative collection of souvenir salt-shakers?
Now, through a deal with HornMassive speakers, GeezerCo offers a set of rotatable speakers that will be the envy of several generations!
Next time those whippersnappers roll on by, crank these mothers up and let the sweet, sweet, sounds of Mozart liquefy their brains, you're immune having some musical taste (or just turn your hearing aid off)
(Or for persistent offenders, use Manilow. However field tests reveal that then nothing will ever grow again if you do.)


Mud, are you in need of some sort of federal assistance?

*snork* @ insom

It functions as a mobile audio input station whereby people can plug-in in order to project "content" a distance of 1 km, designed to be the ultimate monophonic sound projector intended to catalyze social activities in multiple settings.


damn. that is all.

insom - the problem is some slack-jawed teenager will mount a pair of these on his car before you can ever nuke him with your stationary home unit.

fivver, I think that means that it'll blow out your eardrums when played from the general vecinity of Pluto (the recently downgraded planet), therefore ruining your tailgate party...or something like that.

i swear i lost my hearing while looking at the pic... and someone somewhere is definitely gonna jack it up til it blows the planet away

I would use it to play Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries at the teenage hoodlums... and pogo, I think we're safe -- one of these would never fit onto a Honda Civic, which seems to be the vehicle of choice for said punks.

Don't you love the little irony-quotes around "content." They were too polite to say "noise."

Of course, I've long since wanted to install a locomotive horn on my car, since my Toyota's existing horn only creates an anemic quack. The dying-duck horn isn't a very effective accompaniment to the 1-finger salute to the clown that just cut you off, you know...

oh man - i've been lookin for somethin to add a little more bass to the stereo in my truck - course, that thing ain't gonna fit in the cab, but if i put it in the box and aim it at the back of the cab...

If it's too loud, you're too old.

For those occasions when you just need a really big horn. *shrug*

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