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August 10, 2006


...Here's an update

(Thanks to DavCat)

¹If it's not, ummmm... it's not.


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They set up a perimeter. They maintained surveillance. And they caught it with a litter stick....

"caught it with a litter stick that we grabbed it with"

Don't you ususally stab the litter with the stick?

Squirrel Skewers WBAGNFARB

"It was eluding us to some effect."

Say again?

another attack of the PMSing Squirrel...

They let this thing get away from them for days??!!
I've asked before and I'll ask again...Doesn't anyone know what the hell a 12-gauge is??!!

Oh, and before I forget...PETA people don't even start with me. Trust me, you're wasting your time.

geez, blurk...what is it with men and their big guns??? huh??

*not a PETA people* just askin'

Had a colleague from Montana once who, when served a fancy-shmancy salad with pine nuts in it, commented, "Tastes like squirrel!"


Just gets under my skin. They have a potentially rabid animal bitin' kids and nobody'll shoot the d@mn thing.

If they're that bad a shot I've got a 13 year old daughter that'll take its eye out at 50 yards!

very true...if I knew how I'd have shot it myself.. I mean, come on people!

*Makes note to never mess with blurk's daughter...*

(Not that I ever would have anyway... but best warn Wyo's sons, too... five-six years down the road, best warn everyone)

I need blurk to come and teach MY girls to shoot...I'd feel better about the one leaving for college in 2 weeks :(

I agree with blurk and Siouxie--there is a difference between so-called "animal rights" and common sense. If you have a critter that's attacking people, you shoot, you don't try to catch it! Can you say "duh"?

Mebbe they were worried about the downrange folks? Just thinking... there might well be instances where you want to kill a critter, but a firearm isn't necessarily the right way to go about it.

On the other hand, there are very few problems that cannot be solved by a suitable application of high explosives.

"We eventually surrounded it and caught it with a litter stick..."

Rabid squirrel on a stick. Num, num. Somebody fetch me the marinade and start a fire!

*visions of Bill Murphy ala Caddyshack*

"Doesn't anyone know what the hell a 12-gauge is??!!"
"If they're that bad a shot I've got a 13 year old daughter that'll take its eye out at 50 yards!"

That's pretty good shootin' with a 12-gauge!

I was wondering how many of the terrorists arrested in London today were squirals.

Some of them were probably fish. Or they sleep with the fishes. Something like that.

Sorry, Scott. I should've said she'd take it's eye out at 50 yards with a .22.

The 12-gauge would be for folks who don't know how to aim.

Or "its," even. Gotcha, blurk. ;-)

Stupid apostrophe.

*takes .22 away from blurk*

he's just joshin'...

I just hope that blurk's daughter doesn't take offense. If you look at the picture Cat R. dug up of him (in the prior post), I don't think he's going anywhere...

"Keep off the grass. Beware of Squirrel. ISIANMTU"

Gotta go with blurk on this one. Dangerous animal, take it out today, not four days from now.

Speaking of PETA - someone was up there - I had a heated debate going via e-mail with those morons (no offense to supporters) as a result of their "if your Daddy fishes, he's a murderer" ad. Our family fishes and Mr. 24 hunts, which puts food on our table. What is wrong with teaching your children how to live off the land? It's called the food chain, PETA.



I couldn't find the EDS Squirrel Herding TV commercial, but I'll pass along this one: EDS Cat Herding for your blogging pleasure!

-PB, laughing until he cried

You know, to kill something with a gun, you first have to find it, and squirrels aren't especially easy (when found) to target anyway. That's what traps are for.

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