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August 31, 2006



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Avast ye scurvy dogs!! bring the wench ta me...

Arrrr.... and a hearty "Yo ho Matey!" for the Lord! Pass the treasure plate and the Holy Capn' Morgan!

Now, those pirates who are gettin' baptised today, please walk the plank...


How 'bout "Hey!! Let me back into the cockpit!!"

Oh, piRate? Nevermind.

This is why I want to hang out with Peter Sarsgaard in Harvard Yard on September 19th. Now if you will excuse me I will try to go get a life.

wow i got a first up there, lol.

get ready for the day here

The dream lives on.

"Professor Christine Geraghty from the department of theatre, film and television studies at Glasgow University said the post-movie pirate excitement is “more of a fad than something that could become a movement.”

Oh yeah? Then why has it lasted for ten years?
Awa' and bile yer heid, ye cheeky lass...

Wait jack is a nickname for john. Jack Bauer is a pirate!

Black eye patches and poofy shirt will certainly be on my "Fashion Do's" list this fall.

Ahoy Matey, permission to climb aboard granted.

'One of the founders of International Talk Like A Pirate Day, the “professional pirate” John Baur'

Aye!, it's all coming full circle now.

*SNORK!*@ Dave's Plaidbeard, the Scot pirate.

“I think that in this world of ours, where suffering and violence are rife it is a really good thing to be able to have a bit of fun at something silly when you get the chance.”

Guess that idea is what originally brought us all to the DB blog.

AVAST ye Bumbroo, whar's me grog - Arrrrrrr....

For those of you who haven't caught the commercials on ABC, Sept. 18's episode of "Wife Swap" is actually "Wench Swap," and features John Baur (Ol Chumbucket) and his wife, Tori (Mad Sally), taking over the sedate world of a Californian family with their piratical ways.

I am so beyond words at this one!!!!

That's what keeps me comin' back to the blog...we hobnobs wi' quality folk here, we does...


-PC, PirateBoy's Cat (Without the nine-tails!)

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