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August 31, 2006



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Let me be the FIRST to say, Umm, "Who cares?"

See how versatile Charlotte Church is - she can either looking minging or a million pounds.


Can't believe anyone would pay to have her appear.

And of course, no one did.

She may be an airhead but she's our airhead.

Wait. What am I saying?

paris is a greedy talentless hack? So glad we finally have confirmation

fivver - I think the related photos labeled "Shock" and "Hot" will answer any questions you may have.

The Big Ears wont interview The Big Twat Slut?

*Notices that somehow, despite all of this, the sun has in fact risen again today.*

Meanie - the sun hasn;t been out in my part of the world for days - maybe it's just a slow moving apocolypse

Kitten, are you in Alaska?

*snork* chaz - no, the midwest...it's been gloomy since Saturday night *sigh*

I didn't even know Charlotte Church was still Charlotte Churching. Paris is everywhere advertising minutia about herself, but Charlotte Church? Huh.

I think I'll just echo artchick.
Who the hell cares?

Okay, I put my own little spin on it.

"It's not as if she would say anything earth changing"

Neither would you, Charlotte.

*goes off to the 'who the fuff cares' corner*

gettin' mighty crowded in this corner.

It's like....airhead to airhead - and they just will not go away

*buys a round for everyone in the 'who the fuff cares' corner*

The cheeky Welsh starlet was minging
She'll keep her career up of singing
Can't get Paris Hilton
But I think Charlene Tilton
Will show for a bucket of Buffalo wings.

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