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August 29, 2006


Snakes at a Mailbox


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Teach him to complain about dogs.

The carrier, whose name was unavailable,

Now that's a stupid name, even for a postal employee. His parents must have hated him.

Snakes in a Hurricane....

maybe the dog was at the vet and had to send in replacements.

Bitten FOUR times????? I hope I would figure out something was wrong after the first bite. At least the 2nd bite would clue me in.

This would explain why I carry a shotgun to my mail box.

"The bit woman"? Perhaps with luck, she'll get a major role and will get to give up the bit parts.

again, if blurk were here, he'd say ...SHOTGUN people!

Snakes. Why'd it have to be snakes.

blurk IS here and he says...SHOTGUN people!

oh Hi, blurk!

and we didn't even have to resort to your "blurk-signal"

( * )( * )

Well, they have been run out of their planes and trains and "flats" and countless other places lately. Where are they to go? Where is affirmative action when you need it?

blurk, somehow I knew you'd be right there.

didn't even need to warm up the beacons.

Interestin' quote: ... exhibited no swelling ...

Um ... Punkin'? You wanna help out here?

... and ... apparently this "reporter" cut school the day they talked about "proper nouns" and "shift key for uppercase letters" ...

To wit: daffodil greens, jewel weed and black-eyed susies

"At least the 2nd bite would clue me in."

No, no. I'm old, I'm heavy, I drink and I am easily distracted, but one bite and my ass would be traveling at light speed.

Mornin' Jazzzzzzzzz, you're still awol on the booger's page. but we're patient, aren't we guys?

NEVER, under any circumstances, NEVER pass up a chance to examine the patterning characteristics of your shotgun on a snake.
That's just sound marksmanship advice.

Yes we are NOT :)

OtheU??? uh...you're ALL wearing glasses on that picture....unless you're the cool one wearing the psychadelic ones...

Mud, we're not OLD...just drawn that way :)

Siouxie -
Very provacative photo! I like the shoulder action. ;)

oh and thanks, blurk....

There's room for you there too, El, not fair to comment on Sioux without your own offering. even though your comments were right on as usual.

WYO....I know, I know...but progress IS being made.. First pic was deleted by burning computer by Ms Jazzzz. Apparently didn't meet bloglit standards. Once pic of me is sent, you'll say "we waited for THIS?"

Wyo, do you accept "it looks similar to me but isn't exactly me" pics? You know, for us cyber-shy folks?

"The hospital does not release patient information without a name."

Why not? As long as you're not giving the name, no confidentiality is breached. Of course, it may get confusing, not knowing where one patient's ailments end and another starts.

"Multiple stab wounds, a cold, gunshot to the left pinky toe, four snake bites to the right hand, lung cancer, chronic irritable bowel, severed pen*s, a splinter, the hiccups, blindness, hubris, avarice, the mumps, testicles stuck in a chair, obesity, shortness of breath, longness of breath, and pronouced dead at 11:42am. We'll have updates every 6 minutes."

Thanks, El...all gussied up for a wedding that night. Wyo is right though...we need more boogers :)

Kitten, that's exactly what I did. Everybody knows I really look like Jack Bauer.

kit, yes, of course. I've heard you look much like Sandra Bullock.

*snork* Chris's longness of breath.

woo hoo...cowboy sammich in the morning!

Kitten, that's not really me...I look like Angelina Jolie ...

*puckers lips* SEE???

Aw, maan, I thought it would be an ebay item . . .

nice shoes, ch.
blurk, you are NOTHING like i pictured. i think i got you confused with someone else.

Wyo - let me research my celeb twin and get back to you

blurk, you are NOTHING like i pictured. i think i got you confused with someone else.

see, Wyo, this is one reason I don't want to post a pic - is this bad or good?

kitten, I'm not sure. I was told I look like they thought I did...which could be bad or good as well!

bottom line is... you are who you be :)

Snakes underneath a drunk moose.

no, no, no, kitten, it's a good thing. all this time i've pictured someone else at the keyboard. avoid such confusion and post a pic!

Good, bad or indifferent that's me.
Except I'm taller.
And better looking.

i was picturing someone 60ish, heavy, glasses. apparantly i just made it all up.

if anyone needs me, i'll be frantically going thru old strumpet photos looking for my guy.

Siouxie - yup. That's the joke. (I blame Wyo, he wrote it. Of course, I fed him the lines ... or mebbe it wuz global warming?)

Hint: Celeb twin? Think oatmeal.

TMI: That's a pic of four cousins at a recent reunion ... first time in many years we'd all been in the same place at the same time ... except for kinfolk funerals, when we din't take pix ...

... and ... those aren't psychedelic glasses ... they're shooting (or hunting) glasses ...

ohhhh...my bad :)

Ya look good though! (hope you have better aim than our VP)

No prob ... and, I have it on the authority of an eight-year-old young lady that these glasses are "really cool" ... merely ... um ... whutever ...

Wyo - thanks for the boogers page. Nice to put a face with the personalities :-)

Incredibly, the Ad in the middle of the article is a two-for plane ticket.

O t U, I figured you for the Wilford Brimley lookalike. Was I close?

Dim, he's the good lookin' one.

*slaps high five to my buddy, OtheU*

that's what I meant, blurk.

yeah, yeah, yeah ... (and, no, this is not a Beatles karaoke session) ...

Yup, me 'n' "Cousin" Wilfred ... my kids have commented on this phenomena for a lot longer than I wish they would ...

Oddly enuf, our clan seems to have a tendency to bear more than a passing resemblance to celebrities ...

When I first met MB(RH?) I thot she reminded me of Juliette Prowse ... (she still does) ... now, a couple of our nieces carry on that tradition ...

Also, long ago we tooken the critters for a winter weekend away from home ... check into a motel with an indoor pool, play games, see some movies ... that sorta Nodak excitement ...

First thing that happened wuz when the kids turned on the TV (with WAAAAAAAAYYYY more channels than we had at home) there was a rerun of Mayberry's Andy & Opie ...

The girls got all excited and really shouted, "Hey, Look! Matthew's on TV!" (He bore an uncanny resemblance to Opie at the time ... later on, we costumed him as Howdy Doody for a kiddie parade ... of course, he wuz 17 at the time, so he din't appreciate it muchly ...)

/braggin' on good-lookin' kids and lamentation that moi ownself couldn't have looked more like ... um ... somebuddy else ...

... no ... really, he wuz only about 7 or 8 when we forced him to be Howdy ...

and now, he's not as bald as Ron Howard, but he's gettin' there ...

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