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August 31, 2006


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Toilet Racers are guaranteed to provide plenty of fun and will keep the crowd entertained for hours!

and in case you need to GO...

and first!

Ready to 'go' while on the go?

*simul with self*

I thought they built their own loo-ge racers - not the same if they just rented them. Kids these days are so uncreative

Don't squeeze the freshman.

"The most exciting thing for me will be racing on crappers!"


Available options:

Magazine rack
Air freshener
DVD player

Would it be an unfair advantage if you have the runs?

Extra-big roll dispenser

Officials will be testing for the presence of illegal laxatives.

"Says sophomore Barclay Richey, "The turns are the most thrilling when you try to pass someone.""

I've passed some pretty big solids before, but...wow.

Go Granny, go Granny, go Granny go.

I hope ya'll don't mind me joining in like this. Is a simul-post with a seasoned veteran rude? Is there any sort of initiation I need to go through? I'm not above girding and hunkering... but only during my lunch hour.

"Always a blast"..."explosive entertainment"


I mis-read the ad...I thought it was "fully STUFFED" or "unstuffed". UGH!!!!!

But that does look like way to much fun. We should organize a Blog event. But, I'm afraid we will have to ban O the U's monstrosity of a toilet as he will have an unfair advantage.


Hey, that item is a classic ... a collector's item ... I only take it for liesurely drives on Sunday afternoons ... no racin' allowed ... (unless I OD'ed on the broccoli & chili ... then I race to the bathroom ...)

"...other activities held in the Benes Rooms in the Hamilton-Williams Campus Center included posing for caricaturist Jodie Fleming and for rearview portraits by Dave Schwan."

Rearview portraits? Sounds worth looking into.

Yeah, welcome, Mrs. Wheezer ... is there a Mr. W?

Merely consider your simul as a bonus part of the initiation rite ...

Thanks for the welcome! Why yes, there is a Mr. W. and two Wheezerlings (females of the female variety, heaven help Mr. W.).

Suggested name for a toilet race: The Head Rush

This must be the hershey highway i've heard so much about....

Hi bloglits....and welcome to Mrs Wheezer

My racer this year is called "Who Flung Poo?"....

I crashed "The Poo Poo Platter" last year, causing some mental trauma...I think you all saw the commercial for Talladega nights where Will Farrel is running aroun din his undies thinking he is on fire...that is based on MY accident..so cheer me on this year...

How about a Super Bowl Party at Dave's?

Mrs. Wheezer, welcome to the Wonderful World of Wackiness.

**Puts on his nascar hat and cheers for chaz...

DtR - Hershey Hiway - ha ha ha

Mrs Wheez - by any chance did the Mr used to post a lot alsewhere?

Hey Jazzzz!!

Chaz, I'll be rootin' for ya! *takes out her pom poms*

Where's mud? You just know he'll provide the jet propulsion. Let's see if that baby stays at 6 mph then!

When the Beach Boys sang about 409, I thought they meant their racer, not what they used to clean it.

Please nobody even joke about "Little Deuce Coop."

and now that he's got snakes crawlin' up his arse...additional winding action.

think their theme song is AC/DC's "Highway to Smell"?

Will the race be officiated by The Tidy Bowl Man?

What color are your pompoms, siouxie?

thanks for the earworm though, stevie...sheesh

Wonder if they leave skid marks?

Med - they're baby blue and white (at least they used to be back in gradeschool when I was a cheerleader). I'd probably get Dolphins or Marlins colors now!

I bet those babies can really lay some black marks!

....hilarious laughter you will break into as you race

yeah. hilarious laughter. what is the other kind of laughter? thank you from the department of redundancy department.

and this whole thread is making me break out into hilarious laughter.

i hope the winners just wipe out their opponents...

Do pit stops include burrito ingestion?

She packed my goggles and gloveslast night
Zero hour nine a.m.
And I’m gonna be high as a kite by then
I love the smell of rubber, this is the life
It’s lonely in first place
On such a timeless race

And I think it’s gonna be a long long time
Till touch down brings me round again to find
I’m not the man they think I am at home
Oh no no no I’m a rocket man
Rocket man burning out his fuse out here alone

th track ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids
In fact it’s loud as hell
And there’s no one there to raise them if you did
this low-flow science I don’t understand
It’s just my job five days a week
A rocket man, a rocket man

"Day on the JAY" was sponsored by the Student Involvement Office, which recently changed its name from Student Activities..........The Student Involvement Office helps students become involved in the campus, not just provide activities."

Um, what's the difference?

If this were in Calif the vehicles would have to pass an emissons test before they could be operated.

I usually get about 15 mpb (miles per burrito), but I get a 10% boost if I use hot salsa as a fuel additive.

"Son, do you know how fast you were going back there?"
"But ocifer, I had chili with beans for lunch"

I can just hear the race announcer, "Its a sad day here at the Toilet Bowl 500, vehicle #2 just crapped out in the corner,...."

good one, mud!

*lights up her cell phone*

"Well it's pretty slippery conditions today at the KY Jelly 200"

*snorks* all around guys...


Only rentals? why don't they market these things? I could use one to commute... I have one dang steep hill to climb, so I cannot walk back from work, but riding my toilet up the hill would be priceless...

uh...was gonna say 'Thanks, blurk' but I think you slipped... :P

This is even better than a hybrid..


I love the name, "Head Rush."

If they have this kind of a race in the UK they probably call it the Bog Roll.

kinda disappointed to see that the toilets are fake...

If you look a little further in the Primetime rental website http://www.primetimeinteractive.com/foam_dance_pit.htm
you'll find that they also rent foam dance pits. Now that would make quite a party...speeding toilets and a foam dance pit "the latest craze in interactive fun, overflowing with flesh and foam"

"How'd you get in to the Tampax 200.

I pulled some strings."

With thanks to Larry the Cable Guy

Git R Done!!!

Here's the number 43 Stayfree Mini Pad car.

Thanks for the Elton John earwig. :)

Man I apparently went to college too long ago, we never got to do fun stuff like this!! LOL

Oh, you guys!

This whole (!) thread sorta gives new meanin' to an old (geezer-type) exclamation still used in some instances ...

i.e.: Craphouse Mouse!

Well, mebbe it's funnier if y'all were there in person ...

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