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August 01, 2006


You know those braids that people get in their hair when they vacation in tropical places? Be advised that those braids look really bad on pretty much everybody above the age of 7. Best to save your money, or if necessary hurl your money into the ocean, rather than get those braids installed. That is all.


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I'm sure they'll give you a refund, Dave. But first, how about a Crapcam shot?

D'oh! I'm only not allowed to be Blue in Malaysia.

You must hold stock in Kodak, Dave. Nice picture! Who is the one on the far right, and where is the Leetie head?

tatoo permanent
braid will be gone like haiku -
ephemera still

hangover remorse -
tatooed skin a reminder
I am complete dork

don't fear the braid, dave
some things hurt longer and worse
like a pregnancy

You mean not everyone in vacationland looks like Bo Derek? What a surprise....

They're still better than a mullet.

And Dave - they make a great Ninja weapon. In case of danger, spin wildly!

the worst part is the grid-shaped scalp sunburn and the peeling that follows.

I own a speedo bit they are the trunk kind. I love freaking out the inlaws when I say I Brought my speedo to the pool party.

damn, the html didnt take. Sowwy people.

Enjoy your vacation Dave. Some of us are on permanent vacation from our mind - like this blog I found Ultrarealism. The dude who writes that has his braids installed far too tightly.

Juggler - you forgot to start with

Great, that disappeared. Anyway, it is <, then a, then a space.

Juggler's link.

So I take it you're not vacationing in Norway?

I'll bet Sophie look adorable!! You, Dave, not so much.

Well, I've never had them but when I was in the Bahamas it was hard to avoid, because the women selling them would tackle you in the street and tie you down until you relented.

So Dave, I'm guessing...not Alaska, then?


If you're in a place where you can keep an eye on those folks for the next couple of days (cruise, resort, stalking), I'd be willing to bet at least one of them is going to have one heck of a bad sunburn between those cornrows in the next couple of days.

Lisa - they do that in mexico also....practically pull you over by the hair before they start braiding!

I've had the good sense NOT to let them catch me...
I agree with Dave - if you're not a kid OR Bo Derek...skip the braids.

Welcome Back Punkin!!!

Thank You Jeff.

Braids are "installed?"

I'm picturing the Friends episode when Monica got braids and got them tangled up in the shower curtain. But I'm seeing Dave instead of Courtney Cox. Snork! Nice towel, Dave!

24- I thought of that Friends episode as well!!!


Hiya Siouxie!

Is this why Mel shaved his beard? mug shot

He looks like he's posing for a magazine! Unlike this guy

well..he's still HOT!

Hotsie Nazi.

We probably have better alternatives!!

he looked good in that south park episode...

*blows hello kiss to Siouxie*

Good to be back!

Blog Poll - You are captured by a crazed band of Jamaican hairdressers...you MUST choose one or be killed: beaded braids or dreadlocks??

beads - at least I can wash those. And use them as a weapon.

After PLENTY of Jamaican rum...I'd go for the beads too - dreads are nasty! At least I'll *think* I look good.

Just go ahead and kill me.

Wooster-The ones I'm thinking of usually come with beads.

Punkin-Welcome back! And, hmmm, I'm thinking...

Well, duh, Blurk. You have to have hair to make a choice.

*wonders what else siouxie would go for after PLENTY of Jamaican rum*

Hey! I have hair!
A little.

psst...TCK...I'll tell ya when we meet up.

Yeah, but if you should manage to somehow escape - which "do" would you want to be seen in? I'd go for dreads and be way sh!tfaced cool!

geez TCK!! remember we not only have the blogkids lurking about but now we have the BlogGrandma as well...

*keeping it clean* (besides... I can't remember)

*carefully boxes up three fifths of Rum to mail to Siouxie*

hey, i was just wonderin - ain't my fault your mind went immediately to...

well, you know :)

because the women selling them would tackle you in the street and tie you down until you relented.
Posted by: Lisa Bisa Fo Fisa | 09:32 AM on August 1, 2006

But first...the roo, roo!

Please delete comma from between "roos".

Thank you.

yeah well...at least I get free booze :) thanks Wyo!

can I get a cowboy hat too?? ya know to cover these darn beads?? It's gonna look pretty scary after the rum wears off...

Punkin? 24???did you ever see David Beckham with the cornrows??? HOT HOT HOT!!

Blog Poll - You are captured by a crazed band of Jamaican hairdressers...you MUST choose one or be killed: beaded braids or dreadlocks??

But first...the roo, roo!

Exactly, El. You beat me to it!

*SNORK!* Wow, El! I was about to post exactly that! Wasted minds think alike.

Yeah, he's hot. But I am apparently too much woman for him as I exceed a size 2. Have you seen his skeleton of a wife?

Here you go, Siouxie.


I'll take 1 "Becks has it off", please

Jeff - thank you :) enjoy I will!

24 - she's disgustingly skeletal! (I be too much woman for him - come to think about it, I've been too much woman for him since I was a girl).

And Mrs. Beckham.

equal opportunity linkage, Jeff??

I would choose the braids...but first ROO ROO!

Seriously, what man finds this attractive?

oh and 24 - that bald look is mucho hotto!

*goes to get a haircut*

you bet, Siouxie.

Dang, foiled again! walks away muttering "refresh, refresh, refresh"

24, just for the record, I for one, like 'em with a little meat on their bones.

Seriously, what man finds this attractive?

Well, Becks presumably, but not most of us.

I think we've already had this discussion. It's the consensus of the male men bloglits that we prefer sumpthin to hold on to.

Well hi there, then!

Punkin, I truly believe you could have an 18 inch waist and you'd still have sumpthin to hold on to.

I speak for myself of course...plenty here!

And as female woman...don't particularly like a super skinny guy...we like to hold on as well.

well, that's a relief. if there is ever a blog gathering, the blof men will be happy with us blogettes as we seem to be real women....and ditto, Siouxie

24, who you callin' "blof"?

pssst girls??? men in kilts and men in underwear on latest thread!!!

and blurk!! stop simulin' me!! two in less than 10 mins?? A girl's gotta rest!

A real Barbie

D@mn! I can't open Wyo's link so it must be good.

And Siouxie, I thought you ladies liked multiples.

I gave up on Mel a few years ago - cute, but waaay to conservative for this woman of the female persuasion (who is also much too much woman for poor Mel). As far as eye-candy from down-under, I'll take Hugh Jackman (he's taller, anyway).

Blurk, we're trying the back door. No, the rest of you, that sure as heck don't mean what you want it to mean.

Wyo, it looks like a blowup doll...without the 0 for the mouth :)

blurkie - we do...but not after a night of cuba libres and clanking on pots & pans at calle ocho!

HA!! Wyo sent the link to my email and we foiled the IT nazis.

*gets mind outta gutter* sure Wyo...

Wyo - perfect - now if we could just get Mattel (copyright thingy inserted here) to put it on the market, girls would stop feeling like they need to diet at age 6. Quite frankly, I enjoy having some substance to me - comes in handy now that I've moved to where it snows :-)

Did Dave post a picture in that post? I can't seem to see it. (Note to self: clean glasses before blogging.)

I would like to have a little less substance on me, about 40 pounds less. I gained about 10 per child that will not leave. My risk for diabetes is WAY too high for me. 40 less will not make me skinny, but I will be more comfotable in my skin.

Oh, and hello to the new jessica.

About the blog poll - I vote for dreads. I've always found them waaay more attractive than cornrows. Which are technically not the same as the braids. I think dave could pull off the beaded braids... (snorking at mental image!)

Did you know that if you search for "Roo Roo" on Dave in Google you get 72 indifivual results?

Also, the joke is supposed end, "But first a little roo-roo!" Otherwise the guy wouldn't need to be killed by spear later.

*steps off soap box*
*slips and falls*

Sophie still qualifies. Did she get any?

I infer that Blog and Blog-fam are vacationing somewhere tropical. If I were a permanent Miami resident, my vacations would be spent in Greenland or the Maritimes - somewhere just a tiny bit cooler than my hometown!

OK I tried this. I had to glue the beads to my scalp. I look like an organic chemistry model, as opposed to a GQ model. I do not see the allure and really wish I had used crappier glue.

I have over 2.5' of hair. When I see those kinds of booths for braids, dreads, wraps, whatever, I RUN IN TERROR.

A test.

Another one.

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