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July 29, 2006


Guys care about the environment.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Leave it to the French to be FIRST with something like this!

hmmm how did this sneak up here????

sneaky post, but we are sneakier.


morning judi!! sneaky you...

oops...I thought you posted it (checks contacts)

I would like to estimate the number of cans properly and awesomely disposed of.

(Man, I hate danglin's)

Number: They claim that no cans were hurt during the filiming. So quite possibly they used the same one over and over again and ultimately rescued it?

Bet the film was hevily edited - and special effects added.... Just a hunch, since most guys can't hit the side of a barn with anything smaller than a tractor - unless they play basketball. And then the thing has to be as big as a basketball....Just sayin'...

Also, the cans are pretty lightweight, probably wouldn't go as far as they appeared to

Man, how much soda do those guys drink anyway? If they're in France shouldn't it be wine? And after all that drinkin' don't they need to go to the "can"? Okay, so only geezers will remember that euphemism, but inquiring kinds wanna know.

D'oh! inquiring "minds" that is.

As one who can't get my trash into the can from three feet away when I'm FACING it, I'm impressed.

I would, however, love to see the out-takes when the guys get pegged in the nose by a badly aimed can.


So, if guys have this hidden talent, why can't Mr. 24 get his boxer's into the clothes basket?

The closing credits are pretty funny (what with no cans being hurt etc, those whom we didn't thank there's a reason people ignore you, etc.), but the opening Warning is even funnier after you've seen the footage (not just that no professional tricks were used to create any of the footage, but that the video may scare young children - and old farts, and that if you try these stunts yourself you could get hurt but in their opinion there's even worse consequences ...

I think they just tried 1000 takes and selected the luckiest and most nonchalant-looking. So I'd categorize this project under "too much time on their hands" ...

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