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July 29, 2006


Guys liven things up.

(Thanks to Betsi)


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Awwwww, Jodi......it was only a near decapitation....WUSS.

geez ..you guys...

I thought it was funny!

maybe someone should send her some Chill-edrin™?

she seems a tad uptight no??

Siouxie, maybe just a little bit. ;)

I'm back, b*tch!

i know all the better bike thieves always wear white lab coats...

If you invite people who have several easy methods for committing theft on to TV to show the entire New York metropolitan area how to do it, you deserve what you get. I could never understand these kinds of segments. "Look at all you have to do to commit a terrorist act on these nuclear power plant!" "Look at all you have to do to rob this bank!" "Look at all you have to do to poison somone at this restaurant!"

Criminal Pranksters WBAGNFAB. Not as good as "Cosmic Blob," but good nonetheless.

The Daily News thinks Judge Jodi is a hypocrite.

Some people have NO sense of humor. I think Jodi needs something a bit stronger than Chill-edrin. Gum ball, perhaps?

Well, this is better with video. Applegate insists 'that was not funny.' You decide.

I don't even have sound on my PC, and that was funny.

I like her sister Christina

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