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July 17, 2006


We ladies love to have our productivity¹ enhanced.

(Thanks to Qween Puler)

¹(if you catch our drift.)


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*Wonders where the "Chunks in Trunks" contest is being held*

Wow judi... you're a little behind on the "almost nude male" post while Dave is away.

(YES I said behind!)

aaah, judi, you've been waiting for the Blog to be away for just this reason, haven't you? ;)

and *snork*, WD!

Yikes. I don't think any of them were especially hot, but then I tend to look at faces. I guess I like cute better than hunky.

When you ladies of the female type gender learn to make sperm all of this will go away. Think about it.

Thank goodness that made it past the filters.
*tucks drool rag into back pocket*
*heads back in to vote some more*

thank you judi! FINALLY something worth not working for...sure beats snakes and toilets.

ya think Ridley and Dave would care to pose in those new boxers they got and join the contest???


My husband looks JUST like that!! (When I close my eyes!)

Judi, Judi, Judi!!!!!!!!

why did you have to post that when Mr. Dokie is out of town on business? (like he bears any resemblance, but still.....)

judi, I'm at work so I will not open this, but judging by the comments I would only like to say that I've asked you repeatedly to keep pictures of me off the blog.
Carry on.

I'm telling Dave on you

Yum. And the first candidate was only voted 5.1? He's an 11 in my book!


umm, no, but if you have a few spare runner ups hanging around, i'd be glad to take care of them for you.

I don't get it. Who wants to look at naked men ?

who's blog is this anyways? :)

Diversion Notice for the Guys.
On >a href="http://www.dvorak.org/blog/">some other blog there's a link to a bit by Jon Stewart, who discusses the guy (senator) in charge of regulating the 'internets' we receive in our inboxes. If you catch the video, be sure to watch the end. The original audio from the senator is a classic.

MC ~ Not ALL naked men - just a very select and delectable few....*drool*

(I LOVE when the Blog's away!)

Y'know, I once got offered a chance to be a judge at the annual Firefighter's calendar competition. This is where all the hunky firefighters have to "demonstrate their qualifications" to be in the calendar.

Mr. North said no. So this is second best.

Yikes. This is better.

OBB - better than semi-nekked men??? I say hmmm NO.

MC- I raise my hand and agree with Punkin - not ALL men - we are selective :)

oh and Chaz - judi has taken over the Blog today and given the ladies something other than toilets, snakes and duct tape to ponder upon :)

country song:"I Duct-taped My Snake To The Toilet, So I Always Can Tell Where It Is"

And ya know, guys - this is the perfect time to demonstrate the difference between "pecs" and "man-boobs". (See above referenced pictures for examples)

Chaz - you didn't really think this was a guy's blog, did you? *girlish giggling*
This is a tad different, but Tad is built pretty dang nicely - don't you think?
(btw - it's a charity for women with breast cancer)

oops - warning on that last link....if you mouse over the 3 guys on the right....

hmm thanks Annie! *moused over* and yummm

You're welcome, Susy. We don't need no British imports, do we?

Punkin - And I'm sure your body is Victoria's Secret catalogue-ready, as well...

AWBH - a little creepy, but I really feel sorry for the "little" guy between the 2 big brutes.

heck no! All-American Beefcake's good enuff fer me!

Being Fair - Punkin is a hottie, even if she is a Bosox fan.

Beingfair - Hitting a little too close to home?

Play nice.

Annie - I take back ALMOST everything Yankee I've ever said about you!

*hugs Annie*

Being Fair,
That was not only juvenile but also mean. Since this is the first time I have seen your name on the blog I'll splain a couple of things. We regulars sometimes make a little fun of each other but never mean things (that I've seen anyway), so if that's your idea of humor please take it elsewhere.
Thank you.

*hugs blurker*

*hugs Punkin back*
Hey lady! Keep them hands a little further up...no wait...don't.

*once again find myself duckin' flyin' shoes*

As a fairly new blogperson, I wasn't sure if Being Fair was a regular and just joshing with Punkin so I didn't think much of it. That not being the case...

Good Job blurker!

BF -No need to be mean.

Blah - how old are these guys? About 14?? I like real men; men don't start getting "ripe" until they're at least 40 :)

Susy-I vote for Dave and Ridley in the boxers. =P

Being Fair-Please be nice. Thank you.

Punkin...ahem...you can stop huggin blurkie now...and give his wallet back.

Um...Annie...I wasn't carrying a wallet.

Lisa - I vote for those "Strumpeting Hunks in Trunks" too!!

course, that WBAGNF the book tour! :)

blurkie...cell phone? crap cam? cucumber?

*grinning from ear to ear*

Nope. Nuthin.

Just don't tell Mrs. Blurk.

nightstick? so to speak?

Just glad to see Punkin.


Judi....When I sent you those pictures of me, you said you would not post them. Now I'll have to explain all of the e-mail and phone calls to Ms. Jazzzz!


I like blurker better every day!

Even as an FCDA I've always gotten along well with cops - the hunky ones anyway, and the nice ones!

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