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July 31, 2006


...this blog can only laugh.

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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First not to flush!

wow. i am speechless. apparently it is not illegal to put cameras in the john there.


TOO funny!
those japanese jokesters!!

If we can learn anything from this, it's that the Japanese sit backwards.

What an amazing show.

whew...I am just glad that it wasnt Paris Hilton or Barry Manilow


The internet filter at work wouldn't let this link open. Now I have to wait until I get home to see what everyone is talking about. Also, it means I have to go back to work.

Dave will be so proud of you, Judi. (I know I am)

They sit backwards and they apparently don't sue either.

The little animated head covering the naughty bits was a nice touch.

This was really funny. And disturbing. But funny.

psst...wyo...this was posted by Dave...just sayin'

I was laughing pretty good througout the video, but when they started taking those guys water skiing, I nearly fainted.

*fans mudstuffin to revive him*

This blog's on a real humor roll today.

Wow, talk about a real Ski Doo!

That guy was actually hanging 10... or at least 2...

*wipes aways tears of laughter*

Dave took time out from having fun to be funny. YAY!

Fabulous. Just fabulous. Takkai! [Super-Bestest!]

I opened the link, but I'm still too sick to my stomach to watch the video (I am mildly sick since yesterday night).

Sorry to hear that Marie, I am expecting almost half of my wifes family to come down with strep. we had a pool party yesterday and one of the parents came with their son and did not tell us about his cold until they were leaving. I would chaulk it up to inexperienced parenting but she works in the medical field and he is the second child. Hopefully if I get it it will be after the Buffett concert next week.

Marie, then it's probably best that you don't. You'll be nervous about entering your bathroom.

One more thing: as an older person who has not been exposed to much foreign language, this narrator's voice was lyrical with ups and downs. By the time they were on the ski slopes, I could actually understand "countdown begins!"

JoG, what about the other half of your wives.
And how do you get away with that?

I'll tell you what it was worth watching just to see that girl at the end.

The lesson here is "Never poop in Japan."

Probably why he's the juggler,
yyeah, the juggler....

*snork* at blurk - that's what I was wonderin'. ;)

JoG = Mormon???

Siouxie, if he has more than one wife, Mormon has one too many m's.

JoG = Carrier of creeping crud, about to expose the Parrot Heads?

agreed, fivver (nodding from last thread)

What's an Ormon?

Snork @ Blurk. So I cannot punctuate.

american brog
miss the subtlety of our
pure refined huma

door shut, countdown...and,
"I see a bad moon risin"
Ha ha, dat good one.

afraid to make noise,
our women constipated
men fart publically

*snorks @ fivver and jello*

I hope not CJ

for some reason the blog thought those were robot-ku.

For the record, I have one wife, Our 15th anniversary was this past twelfth of July.

Here I sit
Broken hearted
Come for relief
Barely got started

Glad to hear it, JoG. More than one wife, I was just about to send you a sympathy card.

OK, lady bloglits, let the onslaught begin.

*applies patented evil grin*


Are you a burial or a cremation kinda guy, Blurk? Just askin'.

*nodding & glaring @ blurk*

As a woman of the female gender, I agree with Blurk. I watch "Big Love" and all I can say is NO THANKS! Also, I have several sisters - and to think of 1 man married to all of us is frightening!

Meanie, I think once the ladies are finished there won't be much to bury OR cremate.

I think I hear Siouxie sneaking up behind me.

We know there's some major shark-jumping goin' on when the thread devolves from toilet humor to polygamy. How does it get lower than toilet humor? Especially water-skiing toilet humor goodness!

thats disturbing

*sneaks behind blurk* booooooooo!!!

Hey!! Oh, hi Siouxie.
What's that in your hand?
Put that down!
Somebody hhhheeeellllpppp.....

I thought the Blog was supposed to be on vacation, far far away from electronic blogging devices...

JoG, my 15 was on the 12th of July, too. :)

and ladies, c'mon, blurkie just wants attention, you know. ;D

make that "15th"

awwww blurkie...I won't hurt you...much

Watch out Blurk; that's not Siouxie, that's her MT ninja Gypsy!


Oops. Sorry 'bout that; that must be the Little Big Horn version of Siouxie. At least she gave you a swish before the chop. Blurk? BLURK?

i'm shocked. and laughing. and shocked to be laughing. it's shocking. and yet... hilarious.

I am shocked! Shocked, to find laughter in This Blog.

This is a humor blog?! I may need to rethink my participation here. I thought we were discussing the serious hard-hitting issues of the day.
Like...bazoomage and boogers and stuff.

hehe blurker sushi :)

Dont forget the snakes an poo poo links.
I love this place. but I need to lean back, the kitty wants a snuggle. Be back later.

Well, first of all ... I din't figger I needed to spend seven minutes and 18 seconds of my life lookin' at that ... then I noticed the link on the side that mentioned North Dakota humor ... so I clicked on it ...

Results: Sorry, we could not find a result for humor in or near ND .


When I lived in Japan I found that this type of humor (scatological) is all-the-rave there (just like here in this Blog's blog!)

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