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July 24, 2006


(Also via Gizmodo)


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I want what the FIRST arrow was pointing at...

You couldn't handle that kite! :)

Bazoomage, duh!
That kite is 110% of awesome.

What's the point?

Curser, foiled again.

You could REALLY make a giant "I'm with Stupid" now!

That kite has some nice ramparts....think Toys R Us is going to carry it?

Dear Blog - would you be pasting Mrs Blog's face on that kite or Leetie-head?

Dave - Pretty prolific posting presently. Are you waiting at a laundromat or something???

Does the Cute girl come with it?

A small part of me thought initially thought that it was the girl that was the kite. Thus, I found it somewhat saddening to realize it was just a large cursor.
I think it would be quite cool to make a life-size girl-kite.
However, to joy of pointing at things for no apparent reason is not lost on me. So... Awesome Kite.

I would think (not being a guy myself) that the only reason for a guy to have a "girl kite" would be to look up it's skirt. Am I wrong?

The best part about this kite is its nice piece of tail.

Punkin, Punkin...as a woman of your bazoomage giftedness, you should know that we male men don't JUST want to look up the skirt but also down the shirt.

Yes, Blurkie - but kite flying doesn't seem conducive to bazoombage diving.

*turns down A/C in office - nips keep putting holes in my shirts*

Turning down the A/C means you're lowering the temperature, making it yet colder than it already is, thus ensuring more hole-pokage from nipping bazoomage.

So THAT'S what I've been doing wrong!!!

*puts duct tape over yet 2 more holes*

yfnrw - Shhhhhh....don't let Punkin know.

Blast! We've been had!

Punkin...the cure. You could be able to cut glass and no one will ever know.

Boy it took me way too long to realize that the arrow was the kite. At least I know it's just cuz I'm tired. It would be awful to be that stupid all the time.

Thanks, Ann - I will check it out when I get home - my office has banned "the GAP". Smart office.

The burning man event is um...interesting. That's where I got that photo of a naked dude on a bike with Dolly the sheep....some amazing shots, but beware of nakedness... here.

Ann, if you ever want to distract the blog boys for a bit (for whatever reason), that's exactly how you do it. - a twinkie linkie.

Yeah, you can skip the regular store. But Gap Body makes the best stuff, from bazoomage-support to loungewear.

I'm just curious to know what happened to that chick after the giant cursor kite poked her head...

She deflated.

*snork*!!! ssssssssssssssssssssssss

Yeah, AWBH, I definitely had second thoughts on that link. But then I had third thoughts because that particular item is so worth owning.

I agree - I had the same problem, but solved it with the IPEX from VS.

Punkin - maybe you could put the duct tape over the nipplage to solve the problem

Yeah, but ripping it off is so....FRIKKIN PAINFUL!

I for one, being a man of the male gender, cannot tell the difference between these and a regular bra (and I've been studying the pictures for awhile). Are they thicker material? Easier to remove?

What I did notice is pics 1 & 7 are exactly the same, minus the color; and the same with 5 & 6, but 6 is also slightly zoomed out compared to 5 (not sure why).

fud-It keeps us warm in cold rooms. IYKWIM

"Easier to remove?" - such a guy!

Here, guys, since I can't be there in person, and it's too hot here to entertain you....enjoy.

oh, and warning - code yellow, I think.

Not that I have too much trouble with clasps, but I'm just saying, with all the advancements in bra technology, dontcha think they could figure out how to attach it using...oh, i don't know....velcro?

Yellow isn't the first color that comes to mind...

I'm thinking more, "red-hot"

Sorry to take this thread off topic and talk about the kite, but for those of you not familiar with modern stunt kites this is a good one!

It's a quad (4-line) kite which means that you can put it just about anywhere downwind from where you are. You can make it fly backwards, forwards, sideways, spin in place - whatever you want.

With a regular (2-line) stunt kite you're somewhat limited in what you can do. Sure, it's fun to come screaming across the area 3 feet off the ground at 40 mph, but it would be even more fun to silently and stealthily sneak up behind someone scratching an 'interesting' itch and then hang there, making sure everyone notices.

What kite?

fud, what a diligent researcher you are. The cut and material of a bra are critical determinants of whether a woman of the female gender looks lovely or awful. For the purposes Punkin mentioned, this one is good because it has a thicker lining than normal, which hides certain evidence of one's being cold, but it's not "padded" to make one's bazoomage appear bigger than it is. It used to be that your only choices were "paper-thin" or "enough padding to make people think you're Pamela Anderson."

fud - girly secret here - we judge guys on, among other things, their ability to handle those hooks. Do they:
-give up immediately?
-finesse the unhooking like a pro?
-attempt to unhook it several times, then whine when they're unsuccessful?
-don't even try, just tear it off like they beasts they truly are?
-suggest we replace the hooks with something easier, like velcro?

In college, I knew a guy who could unhook a three-clasper one-handed through a heavy winter coat, a thick sweater, and a t-shirt. He did it for kicks at parties (also outdoors, hence the coat thing). Velcro would insult him.

Well, I'm glad they have these, because as much as I may (or may not) be trying to listen to a woman I find it hard...difficult...nay, near impossible to do so, if she is, uh...ummm...

what was i saying again?

AWBH - I see your point(s).

Would you like me to demonstrate my skill?

Ann, thanks for the pictures.

Fud, what were you saying?

You're gonna nead a ladder to get outa this hole, Fud.

so, fud, are you insinuating you're not a 2-line stunt kite, but a 4-line?

I can spell, I just can't type.

*snork* @ Wyo cowboy.

KCSteve ~

Your enthusiasm for the stealth kite is endearing.

Wonder how many Leetie kites we could sell, and what kind of percentage she'd ask for...

ahh we're back to the REAL topic now :)

Leetie's the real topic?

Actually, the real topic was Punkin and duct tape.

Blending the main topics of this thread together, "Kite Bazoomage" WBAGNFAB. Of course, it's completely random and has no meaning, but neither does anything else in music today. Take "Gnarls Barkley." Or "Blink 182."

The trick to getting a bra off of a woman is to be sooo damn sexy the woman tears it off of herself....Just sayin'

Wyo -what I meant was the topic USUALLY being of the bazoomage kind - no matter how it starts out ...

Frankly, Frank, I'm a little worried about Fud and KCSteve. I've never seen a guy change the topic from bazoomage to kites, nor have I seen a guy want to discuss the possible schematic re-engineering of a brassiere.

Either one of you two work with Linux?

Huh? Whut kite?


Somebody needs to invent a bazoom kite. Would take the weight off the shoulder straps.

How's that for keeping the thread in there somewhere?

Wyo - No ladder needed. I like it in this hole, there's a plasma TV in it. (I'll be back in a few days, you know, when global warming floods the hole so I can float up to the top).

Which reminds me, in regards to this whole "nippage protrusion" problem - I blame global cooling.

AWBH - I have taken some time to reflect on my past experiences, and it seems to me, that early on I was quite good at 1, 2, or 3 hooks with one hand, but more recently I seem to have delveloped the "no-handed stare", by which the bra, upon seeing this look, just falls off.

I may be leaving out some of the details...

fud-"some of the details" like what, lots of alcohol?

No, no, no. Actually more along the lines of Jazzz's 3:56 post, OR I unhooked it 10 minutes ago to get the desired effect.

Ok, maybe a little alcohol ("Me and the captain make it happen!")

Ha, ha, I see. All's fair in love and war.

Hey Hey Hey! I don't appreciate my bazoombage being tossed carelessly about!

(How many times have I said THAT?!)

Trust me, Punkin, it's not careless.

*Off-topic alert*

I just checked my email and got a message titled "Nondairy Missle." Either I am getting email about Walter or the Random English Word Generator strikes again. Either way, it is potentially AGNFAB, and definitely dirty.

*OK, back on topic*

Punkin. I've seen your bazoombage's. They could be registered as a deadly weapon(s) !

Certainly not a concealed weapon(s) anyway.

fud - try undoing a bra with about 1500 lbs of dynamic tension on it! The resulting explosive expansion can take a man's head off!

(Interpret that any way you like)

Damn it's cold in here...

I'm sorry Punkin, what were you saying?

*slowly raises hand*

Um...Punkin...I'll give it a try.

You're a brave, brave, horny little man, Blurkie....

...Exactly the qualifications I listed on E-Harmony!

My eyes are up here, fud.

"Exploding Bazoomage" wbag...way for me to die.

huh? what? somebody say something?

oh, hi Punkin.

Amen to that, blucky. I mean blurkie

"way for me to die;" you would certainly go down in history as having a unique cause of death.

at least you'd be smilin' blurker!

Punkin- what you said reminded me of a friend of mine - has a coupla DD's - and once we were out...talking to some guys and she looked at one and goes...THEY don't talk back!
I was LMAO!

no, he'd die pretty much the same way everyone else does...lack of oxygen to the brain.

Blurk...at least in Punkin's case, it would probably be an experience something like this (about which, as a reader of The Blog, I am sure you are familiar).

*changes "about" to "with"*

as in he'd die from being smothered by them?

Save yourselves!!! I'm goin' in!!!

Good luck, blurk. Watch out for falling whale blubber.

"the blast blasted the blubber beyond all believable bounds" !!!

Thanks, fud.

Punkin, thanks for the mammaries.

OK, that was just bad.

*zips in LTTG*

So where was the kite?

pssst to the ladies - do you think the guys know they get graded on their ability to do the "unhook" thing with one hand?

Eleanor---excellent point about grading. The sad thing is that it's "pass/fail" not an A/B/C grade scale.

yes, El , butt they're graded on a....curve.

Whoo!!! I survived!!

El, despite my considerable one hand talent (if I do say so myself), in Punkin's case it required a chain, wench, bungee cord, space suit foot restraint, WD-40 and two professional wrestlers.

soooo true.

wench or wrench?

I think I meant "winch"

I are learnt to spell tomorrow.

Punkin supplied the wench.

I know, I know, I am SO in trouble for that one but it was too easy to pass up.

*blinks apologetically at Punkin*

I realized the ambiguity of wench, which is why I asked.

Oh - were you in there, Blurkie? I just thought my underwire was pinching!

I dunno maggie, that guy I knew in college definitely got an "A" from me. He could run a clinic. *realizes this is the idea that will bring in billions* *wonders why she published it*

lol, perhaps you're right. Maybe he can teach classes, "The one-handed art form"

Punkin, you couldn't tell that was me? I was even wearin' a hard hat.

I wonder who's gonna run with THAT comment.

I think yer on yer own blurker

I think Mrs. Blurkie would run with that comment.

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