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July 26, 2006


(Thanks to sharon share-alike)


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"We are using a female sex hormone that makes the males come to the traps. They fall in and die."

Humans call this marriage

Yikes, caterpillars that make you itch?

It would be just like a male to fall for a "love trap."

Love hurts.

I had caterpillars in my love trap once. They tickled. Especially when they turned into butterflies.

Punkin - I bet there is a cure for that.

Oh great, bugs that cause skin problems. What a world.

An army of itch-inducing caterpillars. Ick.

"a plague of hairy caterpillars might not BAGNFARB, but it DOES sound like one of the more pervie signs of the apocalypse, doncha think?

Good one, Sharon! :)

Thanks, El!

And...these caterpillars are covered in stingy hairs??? Since when have hairs been miserly, I ask you?

Love Stinks...J Giles Band...

"Man Killing Love Traps" wbagnf...ex-wives. And soon-to-be ex-wives. And women who are thinking about becoming ex-wives. And...well, you get the picture.

blurk - a little angry there???

Here's what kibby got out of this.

There's a city known for its stinky cheese pissed off because it's surrounded by hairy woodland catapillers which causes people to itch and they have to resort to a Catapiller Brothel (motto: crawl on in, but there's no Love) to control the population.

Why not just stay out of the woods?

That's right, blurk...'cause it's always the woman's fault!

*raises one sardonic eyebrow*

Women have "The First Wives Club", men have "Man Killing Love Traps"

Woooo! A triple simul!


Woo Hoo!!! I KNEW that was comin'!
*goes to put ice on fat lip and black eye*

Wow...my eyebrow packs quite a punch!

Geez, sharon, get them things plucked or sumpthin!

not all ex-wives are "Man Killing Love Traps", blurk...just ask my ex :)

on second thought...

I am just curious as to what they have inside the lovetraps, that kills the caterpillars? They said that they have tried pesticides and burning, but those methods were unsuccessful in getting rid of the infestation.

vanity - probably some kids, a mortgage, car payments, college education bills, a dead end job....

all this talk of man killing love traps makes me wonder where coast and his ex-bashing have been lately. must be too busy with the new future ex.

Belgian Battle Cattapillers is a good name for a rock band

"Male moths in Belgium are being lured into love traps coated with female hormones in a bid to stem a plague of hairy caterpillars that are infesting woodlands and causing itching frenzies in humans."

Wow, just so many quotable bits in that first paragraph.

"Love traps"
"Hairy caterpillars"
"itching frenzies"

Hmmm... that almost sounds like a synopsis for one of 'those' helpful pamphlets, doesn't it?

Cr@p. I just picked this name today and already it's got bad connotations.

I was going to use "Cat R. Waulin", then "Cat R. Tonic", but thought "Cat R. Pillar" was all warm and fuzzy.

Now it just sounds sting-y.

Name Selection Assistance Committee (aka Souxie's Gang), HELP!

Mayhap Cat O. Ninetails?

...Mayhap not.

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