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July 27, 2006


Keep an eye out.


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So now squirrels are mating with monkeys?

Annnnd.......FIRST!! *breathless*

"Squirrel monkeys are not a dangerous animal their enclosure is a walk through exhibit and they pose no threat to the public."

Well except for the throwing poop thing...

"Betty is still pottering about in the park and we are confident she is not far behind."
-no further questions, your honor.

Dare I...go for the hat trick?

"Betty is still pottering about in the park and we are confident she is not far behind,"

They say the same thing about Camilla.

They're training squirrels how to steal cell phones.

"Can you hear me now-oo-oo-oo!"

Pottering in the Park wbagnfarb

Mind meld with Punkin - still recovering.

Tree surgeons? Don't they mean gardeners?

hmmm....I'll bet insom is cooking up Chicago's "Saturday in the Park" a la "Pottering in the Park."

"adventurous and very intelligent"

obviously the timid and stupid ones didn't make it.

"Regents Park is pottering in the dark,
All the monkey feces pouring down!
Someone left Camilla out in the rain,
I don't think her face can take it,
Cuz it took so long to bake it,
And we never want that recipe agin!

Why the H#LL didn't Jack set up a perimeter???

thank God it was only a troop and not a regiment...

I am sure glad the caption under the picture identifies "two of the squirrel monkeys..." otherwise, someone might ask, "which is the squirrel and which is the monkey?" or they would be looking for "Betty, a two-headed hybrid monster squirrel!"

Monkey's stealing cell phones! What a great reason to have monkey in the airport, on the bus, or even in a restuarant. Finally, a method to get people too shup up when they're shouting on thier cell phone. All you would have to say is, "It's the monkey's fault."

In the park
I think it was the 27th of July
In the park
I think it was the 27th of Uly
People passing
Monkeys calling
Using people's cell phones
Swinging from the trees
Will you help them
Change the world
Can you dig it
Yes I can
I've been waiting such a long time
For today

(sorry, I'm no Insom, but I love Chicago)

Well done!! Cat R. (f.w.) I happen to love Chicago too..

The squirrel monkeys have managed to gain access to some of the taller trees in their enclosure and from there, have leapt into the higher branches of a tree in Regents Park," a London Zoo spokeswoman said.

wow, who knew monkeys could climb trees


i guess they'll let any idiot run a zoo these days

TCK - please, Tiny, no political talk....

They must have heard about the 2 for 1 Lunch Special at the Food Court.

I can tell which one is Peter Tork, But not sure who the other one is.

*SNORKS MoFaux...

Anyone else, "Monkeys in the Park" BAGNFARB?

BTW, MoFaux, the other one was Mickey Dolenz... I think...

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