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July 20, 2006


Houdini is doing better.

UPDATED UPDATE: Here's a photo, pre-surgery, courtesy of Jessica Adelman)


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new menu item:

Snake, Roasted from the inside out.

Houdini made the blanket disappear???

Robin Williams: "Blanket come aaaayyyyooouuuuutt!"

I needed that X-ray picture goodness...

after the sugury, they plugged the electric blanket back in...and it worked...so they wrapped it around the balnket so he could recooperate...

Mom, this electric blanket smells funny!!

*wonders what would have happened if he'd bit into a wall socket*

Maybe they should just get the snake a heat lamp. Something fuzzy and warm probably just makes him hungry.

*snork* to all, especially Sondra
(Higgy, I agree with you.)

Houdini's Tummy is a good name for a rock band.

They call me mellow fellow
I'm brown and black and yellow

This reminds me of an interesting story that a veterinanrian once told me about her days in veterinary medical school. On topic of snakes swallowing interesting items, she told me that apprently a python had swallowed it's owners peronal vibration device. After undergoing surgery to remove the device, unfortunately, the snake passed away. When they went to let the owner know, she asked if she could have her device back.
All i could think was, EEEW gross. Why would anyone want it back?

I'm thinking that a snake dumb enough to eat a blanket should be allowed to die, but maybe I'm just biased against large snakes who will eat anything.

Vanityball: I stared at 'peronal' for five minutes trying to figure out what it was a euphemism for... (peri-anal?) Then I got my 'S' in gear...

Houdini: BUUUURP. ugh, what was that. it kinda tasted funny.

The Electric Blanket-Eating Snakes.


I blame vorpal warming.

OK, Annie, ya got me again. What the hell is "vorpal".
My education must have been so lacking.

It's from Jabberwocky - "with his vorpal sword" - it means deadly...also used to refer to the rabbit in Monty Python.
and thank you for being honest enough to ask and not pretending that you knew.

See, now I know.
And I can *snork* at the dual reference.

I didn't know either.

Thank you blurker. :)

So if the blanket ate the snake would surgeons try to save it or would they just pull the plug?

Another victory for the snake lobby.

Championship *snork* of obscurity to the AWBH.

Additional quote attributed to the snake's owner, from local Idaho paper, "Somehow he was able to unplug the electric cord. He at least wasn't hooked up to the power. It might have been pretty warm there."

Snakes got hands?

The owner says the snake is "very friendly". Now, how do you know when a python is being friendly and when he's just sizing you up as dinner??


Tastes like chicken!

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