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July 28, 2006


Still only $10.


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First to say, I'm not gonna look.


Just what I have waiting for!

Ha ha - didn't fall for it....

Alas, I'm in the market for a 2003 calendar. So close.

That's like, so two years ago..

Mary! Hide the kids! (Shame on you, Dave!)

I CANNOT believe I just fell for that!!

Dave, when you get to Montana, you're in trouble.
Oh wait...you're not coming to Montana.
Well, if you did you'd have been in trouble.

Ha! Finally, after gettin burned like 10 times, I did not fall for it this time

wait - it is the old BM calendar, isn't it?

somebody please tell me - otherwise i'm gonna hafta click on the link to make sure

Why, no, TCK, it's not

10 bucks, eh? Wow, you can't beat that with a stick!

This on the other hand, might benefit from some baseball bat therapy.

I dont know which is more repulsive, the calendar or that statue....oh, wait...its the soy article

Save your money for this instead.

Meanie, you're wrong. This is exactly the kind of post my children love. It makes them laugh and laugh because they know that, in 1980, their mother actually took the train to Chicago to see Barry live and in concert. She has since seen the error of her ways.

Oh, Mary...Mary...Mary. Hypnosis or anti-psychotic drugs?

first the hair soy sauce...now THIS??? could we have gotten a warning at LEAST????

I cant believe his market presence commands an increase to $15 for his calendar...should he be paying us?

JESUS CHRIST CJrun!!! am I that gullible??? acck!

*stunned and emotionally scarred*

c'mon dave. you gots to do better than this. neener, neener, i didnt look.

'parently so, Siouxie.

Even I only fell for the first one.

24, Sadly, I had all his albums, too, which I played in my dorm room until my roommate one day suggested that this might no longer be a good idea. She left college after that year.

*Slinks quickly away, believing she has explained why heretofore she has been a silent participant in this blog.*

mud hit the hard stuff it's true
but that was last night

cloudy weather sucks
mud longs for a barbecue,
bees, dog poop and sweat

mud still sharp enough
to miss the schnozz calendar
fight! Kikkoman, fight!

Mary, only because you seem to be very nice and your children are adorable, we will be kind to you. But if we at the blog find out that you have dusted off those albums, we cannot be responsible for our comments.

I blamed drugs, mary

24, No worries. Frank the blogkids dad took care of the albums many, many years ago. It was Tough Love on his part.

I'm savin' my $15 for thiscalendar.

Mary, Mr. 24 makes me listen to Kris Kristofferson!

Can we get Frank to "take care of" BM????

*tosses in $50 to the "hit" fund*

I'm afraid to look, Wyo....ya know fool me once...twice...

Didn't get me, either! I am WAY too smart to fall for that again and again and again and again. Well, this time at least.

whewwww...cow abductions I can handle...
yeah I checked

har har, i was brave enough to try cowboy's link, although not foolish enough to go for dave's! that calendar looks like it should have gary larsons name on the bottom corner, cowboy.

out here, we got a different set o' priorities. Ain't got time for MOOOsicians.

apparantly work is low on that priority list!

*snork at Wyo's calendar*

Well, then.

Mary's Kids, hide your Mom!

crossgirl, have you been talkin' to Mrs. Cowperson?

Remember to repeat, You are not a rat.


Haven't you been keeping up? We don't blame drugs anymore. Nowdays it's all due to Global Warming.

Found an even better site. Hope you all love this....

why, woogie? Just, why?

just when you thought it was safe to go back into the blog.

*adds woogie to list*

what happened to the "Not Appropriate for work" warnings ....actually, that should be titled "NOT APPROPIRATE FOR ANYWHERE"

Hey, I bought one. I think it can be used again in 2011. Think about how much BM calendars will cost then. Am I smart or what? *don't answer that*

FOOLED AGAIN!!! dangit

24-aholic, I just couldn't resist the Hoff. Something about him just called me too him. However, I found one more site. But I'm not sure it's appropriate for anyone's eyes.http://nosheep.net/story/2006-worlds-ugliest-dog-contest/ (View at your own risk!) Thank god it's Friday.

*Expands never-return vow to second thread*

this is what happens when Manilow and Brokeback Mtn. collide. NTTAWWT
(no pictures)

that pug is not ugly

Mary, don't worry. My mom still has all her albums, and buys new ones! Aack! Although a Christmas album is a Christmas album, it doesn't make a whole lot of difference who's album it is.

Oh Sarah J, Sarah J. Let me splain it to ya.
"A Garth Brooks Christmas": A nice mix of soothing and upbeat songs that get the family singing together.

"A Barry Manilow Christman": Blood shootin' out of your ears like a pig that's just been stuck with a Bowie knife.


well, that's a little more graphic than most people would describe - but accurate nonetheless

And change that "n" to an "s"

*mumbling stupid n*

Barry Masilow?

Snork at Meanie - I'm just drain bamaged enough today that Masilow put me over the edge.

Hey - was Dave there?

"It is that time of year again, time for the 2006 Sonoma-Marin Fair World’s Ugliest Dog Contest in Petaluma, CA"

Not "Masilow", Meanie. "Lowassman"

He'd be a great judge too... post the pics here and we'd all get to vote.

Hey, judi - did you ever define the new acronym you had in the child infested thread?


I've got Do Not Open If You Are Around Your Children, but I'm stumped on the rest!

""A Garth Brooks Christmas": A nice mix of soothing and upbeat songs that get the family singing together."

Oh, hahahaHAHAHAHAH HA HA (hack) * (cough) HAHAHAHA!

Hoo boy! (Wipes tear)ah haha ha, Oh gosh. Whew!

Man! That's funny!

My wife listens to Amy Grant's Christmas CD and the family's reaction is to flee, bitch, make sarcastic remarks, or sing along, substituting potty mouth lyrics for the real ones. Or, all the above.

Oh, that's the family as is ME and the kids.

See, mud? Either way ya get great entertainment.

what about Kenny*BARF*G???

This is what you need at Christmas, not Garth.


I've got Do Not Open If You Are Around Your Children, but I'm stumped on the rest!

Posted by: sthnbelle | 03:35 PM on July 28, 2006

Hm, I thought it was Do Not Open If You Are A Young Child, but couldn't get anywhere on the parenthetical either.

judi! The people want to know!


Wow - I couldn't possibly be right with "and do not repeat a f*****g posted either" could I? Cuz that's not kid-friendly at all!

opps...meant to add "think" - got a little hot and bothered writing that word!

KDF, I am sure that DNOIYAAYC can't stand for Do Not Open if You are a Young Child. I can't speak for everyone else, but usually that just means that they should open it.

Oh, my, "thing", not think

The stuff I want my kids to stay out of on the computer is in a folder called Long Division Problems

They don't go anywhere near it.

It's OK, 24. Calm down and take your pill.

There we go. Isn't that better?

Sorry, I am all better now

***pats hair down and straightens blouse***

is the blog broken again?

or is Judi still in the corner with that Tequila bottle?

I'm thinkin' Tequila.

Or Mary Sharpied everything out.

*looks aroung corner she's sitting in*

Nope, judi's not here! But, I've still got the tequila!

***straightens 24s hair and pats down her blouse***

Man, I'm getting in on this! (Starts patting down blouses at random)

If anyone's gonna be doin' any pat downs it's us professionals!!!

Now 'scuse me, mud, I got work to do.

Who's next?

geez...this is what I come home to???

ociffer blurk??? whatcha doin NOW???

*snorks* @ OBoB.

Wyo, I'm just skeered to know what sorta keywords you keep handy for searches. Cow Abductions, makes sense. But, Brokeback Manilow?

Is anyone besides me fearful of the 2017 Barry Manilow calander? In 2019, you know Dave will be making Still $10 posts, and there will be Barry Manilow, except 11 years older. Just thinking about it gives me the shivers...

I'm so very cold

I meant BM isn't that much different than the Perry Como, Donny Osmond, Andy Willaims, etc Christmas CDs/records that are also in her collection.

*zips in*

I agree with everything EXCEPT Kris Kristofferson!!!

Me and Bobby McGee
Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down


I'm glad I don't have to go searching for the Manilow calendar price updates. Nice to see the blog on top of this breaking story....

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