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July 27, 2006


OK, the blog seems to be working again. But I won't be doing much blogging, because Ridley and I are charging around St. Louis in Full Strumpet Mode. I am pleased to report that Ridley's house has electricity. The roof is gone, but we can keep the beer cold.


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Priorities are straight in St Louis

And the beer is all that matters.

Hey, Ridley, how about them Cardinals?

Sounds just like normal life during hurricane season! At least there's electricity.

Dave and Ridley - Please give an extra big birthday hug to the St Louis resident bloglit! You can't miss her.

mythbusters last night did an episode on keeping beer cold. presumably because it's hurricane season. i missed part of it but there's something about sand, water, gasoline and fire making the perfect beer temp. keep this in mind should the power go out. even if it doesn't work, it could be amusing.

Yeah, nora, but St. Louis doesn't have a hurricane season.

Excerpt from the Blog Calendar:

"Ridley 'There's-no-place-like-home' Pearson & Dave 'Whaddaya-Got-To-Drink' Barry will spend thursday exploring an authentic St. Louisian open-air domicile and viewing local sports customs on an actual operating electric-picture-box whilst sampling samplings from St. Louis based Anheuser Busch. At 7pm, they will attempt to write their names legibly. Tickets available online."

We may not have hurricane season, but we have tornado season. We had five of the little buggers last week.

If we had to name them, I guess we could go with Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria, Andrea Doria and Mel.

(oh, and then there were the unnamed "straight line winds" and "bow echo thingies" thrown in just for kicks)

*bow echo?!?! Where do they get these terms?*

Dave, Dave...its "the roof is on FIRE...."

Dave, I visited Grant's Farm last Friday. I can testify that the beer is cold and FREE! And you get to drink it with a Clydesdale.

How do they fit a clydesdale in the glass?

*tips blonde head at curious angle*

Punkin, it's a really big glass!

Now, Punkin, get back on your Clydesdale and resume trotting.

fivver! What is coming out of that Clydesdale ISN'T BEER!

Happy Birthday slyeyes!

*bow echo?!?! Where do they get these terms?*

One word: beer

Speaking of St. Louis Strumpeting...


Today's Sly's birthday?!
I would sing but you're not here (not hear) to hear (not here) it.

Happy birthday to Slyeyes!

imagine my relief.

Dave, the least you guys can do for sly on her birthday is tell her where Ridley lives so she can stalk pay him a visit.

I'm here. And thanks for the wishes.

Ahem...key of G please...

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear slyeyes
Happy birthday to you

Now, do I get to spank you?
*tries the patented evil grin but 24 ran off with it on the other thread*

Happy Bday sly!

Thanks, guys. As far as spankings go, *indicates pillow tied to butt* I've already had a few, thankyouverymuch.

*gingerly sits down*

That's a pillow? Whew! Thank goodness!

So, sly' ... you're not gonna ask me if that pillow makes your butt look big, are you?

dah doh, dah doo, dah di dah, dah dah di di doh "Space... The final frontier... These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise... It's five-year mission... to seek out and explore strange new worlds (such as slyeyes's butt pillow), to boldly go where no man (HUH?) has gone before...

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