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July 24, 2006


i was wondering if you were a reputable web site , but since you did not return my request, i feel that you are not. you publish a blog from a guy that wants to shoot me. this will be forwarded to the proper authorties.


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the proper authorities? of a humor blog? is dave about to reported to calvin and hobbes? or dilbert?

Maybe Cathy.

Dave doesn't have the TIME to go shooting people. StrumpetFest 2006 is going on! That's much more important.

judi, you guys sure get some interesting email. ;)

No worries, Dave - this person sounds completely sane.

"this will be forwarded to the proper authorties."

because the real authorities just can't get the job done, apparently.

who does Dave wanna shoot?? does he need help? :)

Let me just say that if I EVER find out this blog is reputable I will never post again.
Oh, and I may shoot someone.

maybe he's confusing dave with jack.

It wasn't Dave! It was his android.

I think Ridley needs a rest.

Were you not being COURTEOUS again, Judi????

Jeez, judi, send this guy his tattoo already!

wooo hooo blurker! simulpost!

and @snork at ya

make that snork @ ya!

stoopid me


Main Entry: rep·u·ta·ble
Pronunciation: 're-py&-t&-b&l
Function: adjective
1 : enjoying good repute : held in esteem
2 : employed widely or sanctioned by good writers

Main Entry: 2repute
Function: noun
1 : the character or status commonly ascribed to one : REPUTATION
2 : the state of being favorably known, spoken of, or esteemed


I heard that you are in flank position 2. Since you're strumpeting near CTU headquarters and we are not busy filming the next season yet, would you like me to shoot someone in the thigh for you?

Your most ardent fan,

AAAHHHHH!!!! A simul and a snork from Susy. I need a smoke and a nap.

Snork @ wolfie...Meanie...Cheryl.
Oh, heck, snork @ everybody!

I notice the glaring lack of capital letters in this post... judi??? Fess up girl!

Hey, take the computer away from the squirrel.

If wanting to shoot somebody is a crime, then I need to be reported STAT.

Also, this reminds me of the story where Ridley says to Dave, "I never want to be *that* famous."

Maybe I should fly out to CA and volunteer to be Dave and Ridley's bodyguard. I'll prowl around the book signings with my yarn needles and crochet hook and poke suspicious people in the eyes.

It's all good fun until someone gets shot in the thigh.

SKIFOO is this you?

I had a sudden image of Ving Rhames in Mission Impossible, pouting because he likes being disreputable. Maybe this guy thinks Dave is Ving Rhames.

maybe this guy lost his tin-foil hat as he beamed up from the planet vorpon or something. or maybe it was dick cheney.

of course this a disreputable "website" - that's why we're all here!

Just a guess - maybe it's Greg Call... :-)

Maybe its just me, but if someone is threatening to shoot me I rarely e-mail them to find out if they're blog is reputable before calling the 'authorties'.

Dave, why are you threatening to shoot him? Is he an up and coming humour columnist whom you are barricading in the barn? Or something like that...

Barry Manilow is mad a hell and he is not taking it anymore!

Whoops. Please correct "they're" to "their" in above post. Possibly also "barricading" but I am far too lazy to spell check.

as hell that is.

but since you did not return my request,

Return my request? Is that like returning someone's affections? Or was the writer asking Dave to leave him/her/it alone and hoping to hear the same back? Like John Cusack's stalker filing a restraining order against him?

Don't worry, Dave. We will all set up a perimeter around you that the "proper authorities" will never penetrate. (I don't this guy's ever penetrated anyting either).

That's what Dave gets for blocking the barn door.

Blurker usually always has me at first Snork. and then snork at OkieD.
This just reminds me of Cartman from South Park. We must all "Respect the Proper Authoritaes!" or the way this person spells it authorties.

Who'd ever have even imagined that this blog attracts people with warped minds - sheesh! :)


Happy to be normal.

Judi - you need to check the lock on the blog door, there are scary folks trying to get in. Is it a full moon?

El ~ Uh....*thinks twice - values life*....nevermind.

prob. from the nat'l low-flow toilet assoc...... (NALOFLOTA)

I blame Mark Urban sprawl.

Is it from Bill O'Reilly?

Huh? Dave published a blog from someone who wants to shoot WHOM?

And where do I sign up?

Chauncey Gardner LIVES!

Come on, you guys, he/she really MEANT authorties... you know... people with ties to the author. It all reeks of the Mafia if you ask me. :)

There IS way too disreputability on this blog. It's got snakes, squirrels, Twitney updates, the nationwide strumpeting by pirate authors, oosiks, and far too many uses of the word booger.

Booger! The blog police will meet Dave at the airport.

Dave, I will continue to dump love notes embedded in bags of screwdrivers over your fence until you meet my demands. Why did you get that restraining order put on me?

. . . seriously, Dave, watch your back. This sounds pretty mental.

"I'd rather go hunting with Dick Cheney
than go for a drive with Ted Kennedy."

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