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July 24, 2006


If this technology ever falls into the hands of the wrong people -- the French, for example -- we are in serious trouble.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Can I get this but for co-workers?

would also be good for removing annoying relatives from Christmas pictures.

thought I was first, darn JoG!!!

Hey, where does Clare Martin get off, getting all this stuff into the blog? What does that person do for a living?

I have oft wondered this also, KB.

Whew!! With this technology I won't have to pay that blackmail money!

I'd like to get that for the city of Miami Beach :)

I would have thought this would primarily be used against the Chinese. Speaking of which, has anybody else ever noticed that no matter what historical monument, amazing display of nature or famous personnage is involved in the picture, the Chinese tourist will make sure to position himself directly in front of it. My question is why?

Call me crazy (not all at once), but I would *think* that since this is DAVE'S blog, he is allowed to blog whateverthehell he wants. We, as readers of his blog, are here to enjoy the content that he provides. Not to bitch and moan.

*throws two cents into the jar*

SN: Often, when you stand behind it, it's harder to see yourself in the resulting photo.

When I visit far away places I buy a big pile of postcards so I don't have to bring home any crappy pictures.

(speaking of run-on sentences)

*Adds one of these to Leetie's Christmas list.

While I was in France I was in a cafe. Some touristy couple where walking by. The husband was complaining about everything.
They asked me for a photograph.
I took it of his wife - who was pretty nice- and not the husband. The cafe owner had a good laugh.

When I take pictures I take lots and lots of them and then I have them developed, unless they're digital and then I download them to my computer and after that I mail some of them to my relatives, unless they're digital and then I e-mail them to my relatives and they really like them, or at least they tell me they do, probably so they don't hurt my feelings.

Now THERE'S your run-on sentence.

Well, the last time I went on vacation with my family, which was many, many years ago, seeing how we had a horrible time together, no small feat considering we were at Niagara Falls which I highly recommend unless you are going with my ex-wife and kids, in which case I instead recommend driving off a cliff, we didn't take very many pictures at all, seeing how everybody was having such a horrible time, but you can find pics of the falls pretty much everywhere, so no great loss when you think about it like that.

Lab, the last time I was at Niagara I was with my ex, too. I shoulda jumped when I had the chance.

Lab - that was a marathon of a sentence. I was out of breath by the time I finished reading it. Of course, I was trying to read it aloud as fast as I could.

Uncle! Uncle!

I bow to your run-on sentencitude.


*snork* @ meanie ...

and asks him to kindly get out of my head.


Thank you. Thank you. Autographs are available in the lobby after the show.

Lab wins!!!

Also available as 'Hubby-be-gone' - eliminate that slimeball from those pictures of your special day!

Lab, but why would you (you being loosely defined as 'tourists who do this') want to block say, the Mona Lisa with your touristy face? Will the folks back home doubt that these are your vacation photos that they are being subjected to if you are not the centre of the shot? Or do people sincerely believe that they are more attractive than whatever they've chosen to take a picture of?

My mind reels. Could be all the drinking but still...

great sentence, Lab, and *snork*!

Myself, I usually get around these photo conundrums by not taking pictures, because I like small purses/bags, so my cameras never fit in them (even the really small cameras), and I'm always so busy enjoying what I'm doing that I don't want to take my camera out and fiddle with it, and the pictures I have taken always look stupid when I get them back, which means I've just wasted film and development costs, and then everytime I look at them I think what better pictures I could have taken, and when I think about that I just leave it in my suitcase at the hotel, or if it's on me I don't bother taking it out of its case; instead, I prefer to buy one or two pictures taken by people who really know what they're doing.

(not even close to my best run-on)

SN: I knew what you meant. I just wanted people to get a mental image of me sharing my vacations pictures.

"Here's a picture of me standing behind Michelangelo's David. There, you can just see my right shoulder sticking out a bit... see?"

"Here I am behind Rodin's The Kiss, waving at the camera. 'Hi, Mom!' ha ha ha."

Lab, we've both been outdone!

Ann, I stand and applaud.

I would like to thank my mother, the English major, who taught me all the best tricks. I would also like to thank teenage girlhood in America, for forcing me to speak in nothing but run-ons for many years ("and then he, like, told me that he liked her, but he didn't, like, like her like her, so then I said...").

If you are not already familiar with it, check out the Bulwer-Lytton contest. 2006 winners are in.

whewwww *takes deep breath* (woozie after reading that)

Wow, this is so cool!

What? What?

(I wuz gonna try to think of somethin' really witty upon which to comment but I'm perty tired from a long day of werk which started off rather badly when I arrived at the station and the guys on the crew were already gone in the company truck and this wuz about 20 minutes ahead of the time when they usually even arrive already but then I called their boss and he said that they were workin' with the steel gang all week and he'd hafta find me someone else to escort me and that would prolly be in the next section office west and so I said I'd go there and he said "Fine" and I went there and three or four of the guys there all had a pleasant thing or two to converse about so I kinda got over my state of irksomeness and then I got the truck ready and Jeff and I started out with some ground work 'cuz we hadda wait for a train to go by before we could get on the track and then the train went by and we got on the track and I covered all the territory necessary in that town and then we went to the next two towns and my tank wuz empty so we went to refill it but the coin slot at the water dispenser din't werk and fortunately a pretty young lady who werks for that city came by at a most opportune moment and she went inside the building and rewired somethin' and then the water ran and I got 75¢ back which wuz 25¢ more than I put into the slot and she said there musta been one stuck and the water just ran all the time and I din't hafta put any more quarters in but I paid her $3.50 for the water and then the water wouldn't shut off and I had almost too much and hadda stand there with my finger on the "stop" button kinda like the Little Dutch Boy with his paintbrush in the Dyke or whutever that story wuz, but it din't werk all the time and we disconnected the hose and so the water kept running on the ground but then we managed to get the water turned off rather than turned on like CoastRaven's nightlight and we left and went back to where we'd left off and I mixed a new batch of product and then we got back on the rail and werked some more but it wuz perty hot so when that load wuz MT I decided to quit and we went back to the office and I debriefed with my escort and released him and then went to rinse out the equipment and wash the truck but my pressure washer was actin' funny like it would werk OK when the inlet hose wuz on the uphill side which is how I park the truck when I wash it so the dirty water runs off at one corner and it's easier to clean at the end and when I turned the pressure washer around the other way with the inlet hose on the downhill side then it would merely cavitate but I finally figured all that out and finished washin' the truck and went to check in at the motel which I had called before I started to clean up 'cuz I wanted to be sure I had a room tonite and then I carried my luggage inside and started up the computer and now I'm about out of stuff to do and there's not really a decent eatin' place handy and I can't drive the truck any more today 'cuz of DOT logbook restrictions and I'm past the 14-hour limit so my choices are poppin' a bag of popcorn in the microwave in the breakfast room at the motel or walkin across the highway to the Dairy Queen™ store and I'm tired and still have paper werk to finish which I'd better do 'cuz I forgot to fax in last Friday's until the end of today's werk time and I'm not s'posed to do that 'cuz Monday is the day when the office ladies do billing and this might mean that we won't be paid as quickly for that Friday werk but the Boss is still gone on his cruise and train ride to Alaska so mebbe he won't be too upset since I had a perty good day today even tho it could have been longer but I'm hungry now so I hafta make a decision as to whut to eat and I'm gonna post this and go food huntin' so good-bye for now

*gasp* *blinks*
*throws the full-stop up to O.theU(manity)*
*throws in the towel while at it*


Oh, you, O.theU!

I feel as if I know you so much better now.

PS: How did you get all that typed with such a full day?

Here, you forgot this:


But maybe that is where you passed out.

Wessonality - I think we all passed out after that one! *snork*

Wes' ...

tnx for the giggle on the link ... I merely ran the narrative off as it happened ... a typical "day the the office" for moi ownself ... the actual composition was simply a bit of unwinding at the end of the day ... a mental breather, so to speak (as the wind blows thru the holes in my head) ...

I know it ain't "Faulkneresque" ... but it's kinda fun ... once in a while ...

Yeah, I noticed I fergot the * ) * just as I hit post, and I thot "it ain't the first time I've done that ..."

O. the U - I just hope tomorrow's a bettah day :)

O - One does not aspire to be Faulkneresque, unless one is out of one's gourd. I'd say you got him pretty well beat. Because, well, "Goodnight Moon" has got him pretty well beat.

Susyetcetera - It really wuzn't too bad a day ... mildly irksome to start off ... but I got a fair amount done and I'm that much closer to the end of this part of the season ... I was semi-serious when I said it wuz a typical "day at the office" type of chain of events ...

Ann - OK ... whutever you say, dear ... ... ... nah, I wouldn't "aspire" to that sort of notoriety -- in pertickler fer the reasons of whut sort of demons he had ridin' him ... I think mebbe I've gotten past those demons ... life's more fun this way ... the stresses are mainly physical ... the mental is more or less -- um -- OK? (Speakin' of which, this blog is part of whut cleans out the cobwebs and eases the unwinding at the end of a day such as described above ... or did I mention that already?) (How many times?) (Who's counting?) (Who's on First.)

and speakin' of Faulkner, I gotta admit, fer the sake of honesty amongst well-read people, The Reivers is the only work of his I really can say I enjoyed reading ... most of his other stuff is almost a chore to wade thru ... Nobel or not ... he's not an easy read ... good, worthwhile, yes ... easy, no ...

can I get two here in Miami?

No, no, not worthwhile. Utter rubbish (along with Hemingway and Joyce). Not (always) easy but worthwhile = Shakespeare, Hawthorne, Tolstoy.

Hawthorne? ... um ... OK ... never really liked his stuff much, so din't read much of it ...

Twain ... absolutely necessary, for perspective and historical insights ...

Poe ...

Verne ...

Faulkner ... in small doses ... very small doses ... again I say, The Reivers is perhaps his most ... readable?

Robert Lewis Taylor ... nearly as good as Twain ...

Cooper? Not after reading Twain's essay ...

Hemingway ... yeah, never really got much out of his whole "MANLY" schtick ... The Old Man and the Sea is quite decent tho ... IMHO ...

Joyce -- more difficult than Faulkner ...

Yeats ... extremely pleased to read some of his stuff ... others ... so-so ...

Willie Boy ... I don't care who wrote it ... it's absolutely great ... tho some is ... not as likeable? ... as other stuff ...



Melville? ( ... I could say some stuff here, but won't ... )

Swift! !!! Gotta be on a must-read list ...

Updike? ... um ... um ... um ... mebbe comment later ...

Salinger? Yeah ... in small doses ...

Dreiser? Cather? Norris? (the dead one) ... ah ... the list goes on ...

Contemporary authors? Kathleen Norris is the only one I'll cite at this time. Some of her work has helped me over some rough times ...

I won't start with my list unless you really wanna discuss it, Ann ... mebbe better on some other venue?

Another typical day (see above post, only longer, with more mileage ... but tempered with a stop at A NEW SUPER-WALDO STORE!!!) so I gotta go ... as whatshername said, "Tomorrow is another day ..."

BTW ... if NEbuddy's here ... tnx for lettin' me unwind ... again, today ...

Especially Dave & BSJ ...

O, if you ever see this: I agree that many of those are worthy, but I didn't find them all difficult reads. Twain, for example, flies by...

Ann - yeah, same caveat here ... I dunno if you'll be back ...

No, I din't mean that whole list was difficult, merely worthwhile ... HOWever, many of them do, in fact, require a bit of extra effort to fully appreciate their composition ...

Yes, Twain does move right along ...

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