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July 30, 2006


After a summer of soccer/headbutt-covering and  book-strumpeting, the Blog Family is finally going on an actual summer vacation. So blogging from me will be highly sporadic for the next week or so. But rest assured that you will be in good hands.


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yeah judi! looking forward to lots of nekkid men links!!

enjoy your holiday blog family

Have a great & safe vacation, Dave & family! you deserve it...

judi will keep us women...hmm ALL entertained :) (I'm with crossgirl on this)

Happy vacation!

We'll be fine with Judi and Walter.

I guess we can expect a week of things like The Hoff getting drunk, not being allowed to board an airplane, and (if you look closely at the picture) apparently wetting his pants.

Next thing you know, she'll be posting something about a formerly short action movie actor and now short director getting liquored up, speeding, and going into an anti-Semitic tirade!!

Judi needs to strumpet for something so we can meet her.

Dave, where are you headed this time? Disney Land? The Outer Banks? Nepal? Bulgaria? Peru Indiana, the Circus Capitol of the World?

I vote that Judi entertains the gals, but that Walter maintains some balance for the guys.

LBFF, I meant to drop you a note as I went to your fair city yesterday for the Fair Tax rally. Orlando did itself proud and a huge crowd from across the political spectrum roasted in front of City Hall. Not as good as my usual Saturday morning snorkeling [not *snorking*], but it was energizing to see that many people giving up a Saturday for something as arcane as tax law.

Peru, IN may claim the title of Circus Capital etc. but Baraboo, WI has

Nah, Sarasota is the circus capital of the world. My college library was originally the Charles Ringling mansion.

But do either of those places actually have a real circus that performs annually accompanied by the week-long Circus City Festival?

Peru is also the birthplace of Cole Porter. You can see his house on third street, but it's currently being remodeled. The last people who owned it are in jail because they had a meth lab in the attic. Peru is also a hotbed for meth labs, if you're into that sort of thing. You have give a pint of blood and sign away your firstborn to buy over-the-counter cold and allergy medications anymore. But it's a great place! Really! Under our new mayor's guidance, many good things are happening. New businesses are coming in, and buildings that closed long ago are being put to use. My old elementary school is being turned into an Ivy Tech Community College. So come to Peru! Bring the kids! Get ice cream at East End Double Dip; it's the best.

/hometown babbling

Charles Ringling was, like me, born in

rickh ~

I've been to the Circus Museum in Baraboo! Very old-fashioned and quaint. We rode the elephant there.

Elephants are way taller than they look.

CJ-Glad you got a chance to come our way. Yeah, the tax proposal is pretty controversial. I heard there was a huge crowd.

Have a great vacation, Dave!

Have a great vacation Dave! (waving bye-bye)

Okay, judi, the cat's away and you know what that means...MEN IN KILTS!!!

Cat: cool on riding the elephant. I wanna!

Dave, I suggest you bring the family back to the Big Apple, especially on Tuesday and Wednesday, which are official Exploding Pigeon Days with a heat index of 110 predicted.

It'll be fun!

Have fun, Dave. I look forward to your return; the ratio of booger jokes to naked men is likely to be unbalanced in your absence.

Rick, I grew up in Ankeny, Iowa, just north of Des Moines. Which part are you from?

*waves bye-bye to Dave*


sorry, not enuf sleep... Cole Porter was born in a meth lab? could explain this...

In olden days a box of cold pills
Was used only to cure one's head ills
Now survey shows
It ain't for your nose!

Neighborhoods now are much bleaker
When block parties feature tweakers
And their foes
It ain't for your nose!

Kids grown today
Are blown up today
Meth's rife today
And death's life today
If you buy today, no shut-eye today
Your head might explode!

So though I haven't studied chemistry
Meth-making's not a mystery
Now survey shows
It ain't for your nose!

Happy vacation to Blog and family. Take more than one lousy week, fer cryin' out loud! And go somewhere with NO internet access!

Dave...Have a great vacation and understand that you're always welcome here.

Guin ~

No kidding. We just got back from a beautiful vacation in the Smokies. At one point, while hiking pretty high up in the National Park, hubby says, "Oh, great -- no cell reception".

(Darling, wasn't that the POINT?)

Good Hands! Good Hands! OH NO! Does that mean the President Allstate will be watching over us?!

Phew....just clicked link, thank god, it's a penis bone and judi. I feel much safer now.

*runs to order more wine, and wonders when the "productivity enhancers" and "nekkie men" will start posting?*

I thought all guys posted while nekkid.

upstate NY is beautiul this time of year ... have a great time.

Cue the naked men in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Giant *snork* at insom! Memories of solos in Cole Porter shows from my high school Swing Choir days dance in my head.

I don't know who owns the house now. It ought to be a historical spot or something, but apparently it was a privately owned residence, because, like I said, the folks who owned it were cooking up meth in the attic. Peru's a small town. I went to school with 1 out of every 10 of the people who get busted on drug charges. The police reports in the paper kind of serve a dual purpose as a society/gossip column.

*Bye Dave & Mrs. Blog & little Blog*

Have fun together!!!!!!

Steve jens
east central. a little town then now a suburb of Cedar Rapids, Fairfax

sorry to bother, just wanted to se if I screwed up made this work. thanks


well, so much for that

I'll stop now

Nice going, Jazzzz ~

Dave's gone for, like, one minute, and you BROKE the blog!!

Yer in trouble now.....

how do i stop it??? Help!

did this make it stop

Now don't try this again Jazzz, I can't always be here to clean up your messes!


Thanks El. I should have known better than to try to teach myself tricks after being up about 33 hrs at this point. ( long, WEIRD night at horspititamal. The Knife and gun club as well as Darwin candidates were out in force. So, when I screw up again, what do I do?

Call me!!! ;)

OH - did you mean how?

to close something, be it italics, bold or whatever, you do the following but without spaces.

< /b > for bold or "i" for italics or "s" for strikethru.

I thought I did, but obvioulsy not or in wrong place. Thanky

alrighty then, in the absence of judi and a shocking lack of nekkid and/or kilt wearing men pics, i feel it's my responsiblity to take charge of the blog and insist that all the blogger men of the male gender disrobe immediately. send pics. thank you for your support.

Have fun, Blog, Mrs. Blog and Kinderblog, and safe travels :).

I'd love to oblige CrossG, but after my last debacle I'm afraid my pics will be missing vital parts, or worse yet a "Jazzzz" montage. There's also that restraining order and all.

Be careful what you assk for.

... um ... seein' the words "good hands" and "judi" in the same conversational gambit makes me think only of ideas like ... "mmmmmmmmmmmmm" ... "ooooooooh" ... " ... a little to the left ... ooooooaaaaaaahhhhhh ..." ... "mmmmmooooooooOOOOaaaaaAAAAAoooooOOOOOoaaaaahhhhhhh ..." ... "aaa ... liiittttllllle ... lower ... mmmmmmmmaaaahhh" ...

... um ... nevermind ...

cowboy, ya'll do things different out west!

we gots ta amuse oursefs. No cultural centers here, by golly.

There's a kilt picture or two on that site too, but I ain't pointin' it out, cause my reputation's pretty well destroyed already.

so you google for nekkid men and men in kilts often?

nope, "funny picutres" Didn't see a lot a humor in some of the photos that came up.

Wyo...If you come across the kilt picture of me with the guacamole and bisexual ostrich in a bath tub. Please don't post.

*googling frantically*
(merely for the financial benifit NTTAWWT)

Hmmmmmm Kilt Package builder? here

Google ain't all it's cracked up to be, perhaps.

guess that might come in handy for those men who need help building up their package.

*snork* Crossy

Wyo... you are a wealth of knowledge. So, How much for a dozen of those "chain straps"?

Wow! Wyo cowboy, just looked at your website... that is some great work ! especially the fiddle!Also loved crossgirl's work... pretty cool stuff,CG~

thanks, mofaux

crossgirl, I'll have to check your stuff out more later.. couldnt get the pics to load hardly at all...

come on by anytime, always open!

Thanks, Mo

the snakes on a plane ate my mother's toes


chuck norris sewed them back on with living fibers .

I just saw the trailer for that...

There are snakes in your trailer?

did this fix it?

AWBH are making fun of me?

sweep sweep

You're welcome

What are we thanking you for, Wyo?

... merely fer bein' whom he is ...

Sharting is no fun....neither is snarting (sneezing and farting)...can be painful

schnarting ish shuch shweet shorrow

bring me back a sno-globe please.....chaz

Jazzzz-I'm not sure that was the real Annie.

do you mean schnarfing?

Have a safe, relaxing vacation, blog family.

I have a feeling that "bad behaviour" is about to reach new levels.........

woo hoo! Judi! Go!!!

Good Morning everyone!!! hope you all had a relaxing weekend!

Good morning, Siouxie (and all)

Judi, don't forget us men of the male gender. Left to our own devices...

we'll need some direction, I'm sure.

Dave, I express mailed you a Get-Out-Of-Gift-Shop-Free card for your use, good at any attraction in the world.

Say hello to Fritz and Franz for all of us.

So, it's girls week, huh?

HAPPY MONDAY BLOG CHICKS! and the rest of you who have to put up with us this week...

*opens eyes*
Monday, ick. But good morning anyway all.

*anxiously awaiting judi's first post as keeper of the blog this week*

sorry guys...

Siou, were you calling us guys "sorry"? was that some sort of slight?

Oh heavens no Wyo! ya'll know we love our guys of the male gender...we just need a little break from snakes, toilets and booger jokes ...is all..

*gets her dollar bills ready*

hey, Wyo, just checked out your website. those pics are great, and Cross Creek Lake is gorgeous!

psst...Siouxie...quit pickin' on the guys. ya don't want them to leave, do ya? ;)

We love our blog dudes! But I agree with Siouxie re: snakes, toilets and booger jokes....bring on the kilts!

((((((HUGS)))))) to all da guys!!! you manly macho men you!!

got it southerngirl! *grin*

oh and Wyo?? I also checked out your page last night - wowsa - incredible work!!!


Aw, shucks, 'tweren't nothin'.

wyo-The artwork is beautiful also. Are you going to tell us which ones are yours?

A little LTTG, but I just had to say... very nice work, Wyo.

I hope the Blog and his family have a great vacation. Remember to pack sunscreen and extra blue shirts.

LBFF, the pencil sketch of the ballerina, and the pencil of Windy Pass are my drawings, the rest are my grandfather's I'll get around to publishing some new stuff when I finish the current kitchen. Thanks for your kind words, an' you know who to call if you need cabinetry.

/shameless self-serving ads

Happy Monday morning!!

I'm nekkid.

*tosses a dollar to blurk*

here ya go! next????

*Will put clothes on for money*

Thanks, Siouxie. That'll get me a third of a gallon of gasoline.
*puts on a fake tuxedo collar and waits for the tens and twenties to start flyin'*

aww sorry blurkie - still waiting???

*tosses another dollar*

Blurk, I'd pass you a buck but at this point, the 1/3 gallon of gas is worth more.

Oh, snap!

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