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July 13, 2006


Killer Squid


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No, Gracias. I prefer to sleep well.

Follow Scott Cassell and Jacquie Cozens on their quest to film these awesome killers.

I'll follow them from a long, safe distance. Preferably on land.

"THEY'RE BACK!!!!" (How did we ever get along without them this year)

i'll be right behind you! with a harpoon.

"I want one for my new fish pond!"
(that will keep those danged cranes out of my pond)

I'll 'ink' it in my schedule...

Holy Killer Calamari!

An intellectual Squid!

monstrous carnivorous WBAGNFARB

P.T. Barnum would have loved him!

Clever, Insom.

I think I dated one once.

We were at a party
His ear lobe fell in the deep
Someone reached in and grabbed it
It was a rock lobster

We were at the beach
Everybody had matching towels
Somebody went under a dock
And there they saw a rock
It wasn't a rock
It was a rock lobster

Motion in the ocean
His air hose broke
Lots of trouble
Lots of bubble
He was in a jam
S'in a giant clam

Down, down

Underneath the waves
Mermaids wavin'
Wavin' to mermen
Wavin' sea fans
Sea horses sailin'
Dolphins wailin'

Red snappers snappin'
Clam shells clappin'
Muscles flexin'
Flippers flippin'

Down, down

Let's rock!

Boy's in bikinis
Girls in surfboards
Everybody's rockin'
Everybody's fruggin'

Twistin' 'round the fire
Havin' fun
Bakin' potatoes
Bakin' in the sun

Put on your noseguard
Put on the lifeguard
Pass the tanning butter

Here comes a stingray
There goes a manta-ray
In walked a jelly fish
There goes a dogfish
Chased by a catfish
In flew a sea robin
Watch out for that piranha
There goes a narwhale

I see it's closed-captioned, for those with tentacles wrapped around their ears!

BTW, I've seen the remains of these rare critters that have washed up on the beach; the suction cups on the tentacles are the size of dinner plates!

CJrun - I want your job - Really! Know of any openings?

If so little is known about them, how do we know that they are so dangerous?

Other than they are big enough to eat any one of us.

Cheez: in the middle of their suction cups are these nasty rose-thorn-like projections, similar to a big parrot's beak. Gray whales have been found with circular scars and a mark where the beak would be. The theory is these critters are the natural predators of gray whales! We're talking huge and apparently predatory- but fortunately rare.

'Belle: openings, sure. Paychecks, not so much. I make my living cleaning up toxic and haz waste, with occasional biology projects. Fun exception, 'fishing' with an electro-shocker to study pollution impacts. What a HOOT! Especially when non-fish come up, invariably p!ssed-off [like gators]! Runaway....

It's the Kraken! Thank God someone has solved that mystery! Which has been bugging me ever since I saw Pirates of the Caribbean II last week. Davy Jones' attack-beastie is just a plain old monstrous carnivorous squid, such as you might come across in the Gulf of Mexico. And here I was thinking that the scriptwriters had made it all up . . .

Note to self: Good time to vacation on the Gulf of Mexico? Never.

CJ - Well, it would be more of a use of my degree than I'm currently doing! (Degree - Biology; Paycheck provider - Marketing - figure that one out!)

Belle: I recollect you're from Lowziana(?). My next big site is 6 city blocks next to the Super Dome. My theory is, cleaning this cr@p up is better than having some shifty operator dump it in the Gulf.

When we were in undergraduate school, us biologists called ourselves pre-starve, as we took the same classes as the pre-meds but had no job prospects. Keep on marketing... it's not like folks hand me these jobs, they have to be sold to the land owner.

No, that's southerngirl - I grew up in North and South Carolina. Currently ensconced in PA outside Philly. Will take your advice for the moment, but always keeping my eyes open for "science jobs" I know the pay is crappy, but it would be so much fun!


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