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July 27, 2006


From the site of the giant-head gossip woman:

(Scroll down here:)

Paris Hilton says that Barry Manilow is one her favorite singers. Just don’t ask her to name any of his songs. “I don't know what he sings, but he's sexy,” the partying heiress told the Scottish Daily Record. “He has nice calm music.”

(Thanks to funniegrrl)


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I sent that in, too. Congrats funniegirl.

*gag* Dave, how about a warning for those of us eating lunch?!


sexy?!?! I knew the girl had bad taste, but really?

Leetie has a gossip column???



*unfunny comment*
As EVERYONE on the blog has ascertained, I'm no Einstein. That being said, that girl has to be one of the stupidest human beings on the face of the planet.
*end mini-insultfest*

"He has nice calm music"? I see a career for Paris as a music critic for the New York Times.

"I like Tchaikowsky -- he has nice loud music.
And I like Wagner -- he has nice big music. And, like, I really like Bach --he has lots of nice little bitty hunks of music-- kind of like the glitter in my eye shadow."

oh boohoo twitney.

Blurk, don't be too hard on yourself, at least you knew what chaps were. Glad the blogs back up.
*steps of stage*

Barry Manilow's HOT!!

does Barry Manilow know Lance Bass is out?

She definitely won't be carrying the potato salad to the MENSA picnic.

"But, he claims, Spears would get jealous when her hubby talked to anyone else."

Well, if Kev's keeping the pool boy all to himself...

*Throws a NTTAWWT up to last post...

*snork* @ Jazzzz and "potato salad"

Potato Salad??? Don't you know I'm a vegetarian?

24, have you seen anyone Re: multiple personality disorder?

*Snorks Paris 2:43

whatcha talkin' 'bout, wyo?

Well Paris, I knew you were a vegetable.

Paris is 24, or so I suspect.

Right, Sybil/Paris/24?

wyo, don't make me rope your a$$...stop rattin' me out

IQ 24

lotta guys gotta pay for that kinda treatment.

24- sorry I stole yer "paris" costume up there :)

gave me the dizzies!

Wel,, it can be lonely in Wyoming, I suppose!

24: we got cousins to keep us company.

Yeah, yew all are probably REAL(/i> close....


uh oh

Cousins News

Appologies on the link. last week's column was about how it's really ok to marry your cousin. ;)


Well, yeah!!

wyo, just take a deep breath and relax.

I dated a guy who admitted he once made out with his cousin. I could not get away quick enough. ewww, ewww and ewww

*was NOT about to ask Wyo about another link*

Whoa, that was like the news item from hell.

(And SNORK at Betsy!)

Wyo, I'm from WV and live in GA. Know whut you mean.

I did have a cousin who made fashion mag covers. IANMTU. she was purty, an' that puts a strain on the relationship.

Full Circle: Cousins Marrying yields Paris Hilton


Is that it?

Wyo, just so long as it doesn't put a strain on yer chaps.

/me is happy to say she got THIS link right!

*snork* @ suzy. *resumes stitching up chaps*

Wyoming Dating Link

fivver, you're from WV???!!! Where? So am I, originally.

I was born in Beckley. Same with the originally, we escaped moved almost immediately.

Wow! I used to go to Beckley all the time. I'm from Clay County.

Your father-in-law and your mother-in-law would still be your uncle and aunt

I was following Stossel up to this point. Now my head hurts.

I think the most shocking part of that link was...

It came from a US news source. I am so used to the news of hilton and spears coming from an overseas website. I need to go lie down.

JoG, I do believe you're wrong. The most shocking part of that story is that it wasn't written by a journalist from WV.

journalist from WV...now there's an oxymoron

Sorry, Chaz. What I should have said is "some guy who can spell...a little"

I feel robbed **wink wink***

You WERE robbed. Whatsa matter? Sumpthin in your eye?

***sneaks off with patented evil grin and decides to hold on to it for a while***

Watcha mean, 24? That you missed out on the cousin kisser? It was better than if he had been a ewe, ewe, ewe.

Hey!! Come back here with that! Where's El? I gotta lawsuit to file.

Oh, keep your pants on blurk - here, I'll toss it back to ya

CJ - all my cousins look almost exactly like my dad so uck, and blechh

ok! - I'm home - what did I miss???

I gotta put my pants back on?


yer STILL nekkid blurk?????

a little inbreeding...thats all

Sumpthin wrong with that, Siouxie?

ohhhh nuffin...

*goes off to the corner now*
just askin' is all...

Oh, don't run off to the corner. I'm gonna do some paintin'. Hey! Where ya goin?!

yer gonna need a bigger brush... :)

(sowwy - couldn't resist)

I would have said don't get your panties in a bunch, but that seems wrong to say that to a man of the male gender..

*hiding now*

24 - yet another simul!! wooooo hoooo girl!

Sheesh, Blurk - you're a regular Fredrick Rammington.

Siouxie, are you flirting with me? NTTAWWT

Can I get in the middle again?

oh. fine. move over siouxie

geez blurk...OK

*movin ova*



dammit, blurk, how many time's I gotta tell you - no crackers in bed! It's not that kind of sammich!

I certainly hope you're wearing a condiment.

OOOHHHH! It's THAT kinda sammich!
Gentlemen, once again, give me a while and I'll be available for autographs.

*puff* *puff* *cough* *cough* *HACK* uh...er...*puff*

whatta day...thank ye

You ALL digress...Thank You!

Annie, from the sounds of it, SuC Cruz may have encountered a condiment. Bring on the bleach!

Blurkie - how many times do we have to tell you - on the paper, on the paper!

Just great...sigh...so much for frescoes.

Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe?

-John Bender
"The Breakfast Club"

Can Paris even spell Copacabana?

Paris once told me she has ESP... she was trying to spell "car..."

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