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July 26, 2006


(Thanks to Sean)


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FIRST of all, Brunhilde is really a name?

and, dang, squirrel's is gettin' smart...

Squirrels, why'd it have to be squirrels?


*wonders if there's 57 of him*

mudstuffin, any chance these are your squirrels?

Okay... umm.... did the squirrels have weapons or something that the reporter failed to mention? A Taser? what made these squirrels so special?

As a person who was once late to class because a squirrel trapped me in my bathroom, I say....nuts to you!

They must have been really big squirrels.

They were the size of Punkins'!


now off to read the REST of the article...

I guess they didn't have any Barry Manilow CDs on hand.

"Heinz Steinhaeuser" = "Ha! Sneeze, urine, sh1t."

Also, "I size her net anus, eh?"

This guy must have the testes of a mouse. Whata weiner.

24-aholic: mine were in Cleveland. In 1965.

Squirrels have nasty teeth, claws, and carry diseases like rabies. And sometimes they get rather big and aggressive.

Annie: better get the holy hand grenade, then.

The article reads like a scene from the movie, Mouse Hunt.

Do none of these people own shotguns??!! There'd be holes all over my house.

I'm giggling at the thought of blurk running around his house shooting holes in the walls

"come here you little s.o.b."

please tell me Brunhilde had a metal breastplate and big horns.

Thank you, mud! That must have been the third comment today that made me think "It's got nasty, big, pointy teeth!"


Honey, we're gonna need a new TV...and couch...and front door...and...

Brunhild: Derived from the Germanic elements brun "armour, protection" and hild "battle".

So yes, it is a name.

"Then lobbest thou the Holy Hand Grenade towards thine foe..."



The Germans just aren't what they were.

If they were found hiding in the bed, these were not exactly brave squirrels.

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