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July 24, 2006


...threatens innocent bystanders in Menlo Park.



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Huh... Who wouldve thunk it?


...or second... second is good to.

I know her from somewhere.....

Leetie - good to know you stopped "shrinking"!

Who are these people?? the baby looks kinda scared of Dave. (adorable baby btw).

And who are the non-paper people?

Dave! You have your shirt on right-side front!

Hi Leetie!

walter, don't mess with Leetie. You are an impressive oosik, but she's a giant two dimensional head.

That's Higgy and his gorgeous family.


The Higgy Jr. is so cute. He doesn't look scared exactly. He looks like he's trying to figure Dave out. And hey, aren't we all? :-)

Owen looks....cautious.

*snorking at Leetie's reaction*

Higgy, Owen and Lisa! Bravo!

I think it's the orange shirt that attracted Owen's attention.

Great picture! Way to go, Higgy.

Bumble -like we could ever??

Very nice looking family - Higgy!

Leetie, who knew you were so flexible?

Excellent photo! I'd say that it might be the best of the strumpeting tour, but I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings!

Don't worry, El, you won't be hurting our feelings. How can we compete with a cute 7 month old and a picture IN FOCUS?

Dont you feel sorry for that poor woman. She must be sitting at home thinking why has every one done this. Why single me out. I for one was not able to see Dave and Ridley on there first stop. Well now I wonder. I am big and short and love tweety bird and I am sure there is something they could have come up with for me. Who knows but maybe I would have been the one on the cutouts. Not to be a Debby downer but that poor woman must be upset.


Jeff, I was trying to be careful and not post Higgy's family's real names.

what a cute baby! the guy in the orange tee shirt looks like he could use some rest. or maybe he IS cross-eyed.
i'm just curious.... where has ted hapte-mullet been in all this controversy about shrinking leeties and what not, eh???? havent heard much from ted lately..... could he be hiding?

El ~ Let's qualify this - is the Higgy Family Photo a CRAPCAM photo? Looks too good to be crappy.

ANYONE can take a good picture with a cute baby, attractive parents and His Daveness using a REAL camera!

hapte-mullet and the shrinking leeties WBAGNFA~punk~B

This is a NON-Crapcam shot - this is taken with the HiggyCam by Ridley (who insisted that he need not be in the shot) - methinks he was scared of the Giant Leetie-head....

Higgy, you all look great!

What does Dave have in the yellow envelope?

Leetie: Props. I'm not making that up.

Leetie, they're probably copies of your head. ;-)

Higgy and fam' - y'all are looking terrific!

Leetie - I think Dave had his itinerary in that envelope - he certainly had a deathgrip on it for most of the afternoon.
We sat in the back and left right after the reading - Dave and Ridley had actually signed my book BEFORE the reading!


AWWWW! What a cutie!!! Oh, and Owen's cute, too.

Leetie, you're a hoot.


Hmmm. I woder if Photoshop was used for this somehow.

For those of you keeping track, Owen is the same baby that Dave was holding in this picture from January

Oh, deary dear.... sitting in a client's office right now. Holding in laugh. Tears in eyes. This is just too funny!

Giant Leetie-head moves to west coast. Innocent babies are startled.

I gotta just re-open the spreadsheet I was working on and stop thinking about it ...

Owen must remember Dave. In the back of his tiny little mind, there's a picture of books and a mini-recording of that laugh....

kimberly~ The woman in the picture is long-time blogette Leetie; the same one posting on this thread. I don't think she objects.

queensbee~ I last heard from Ted in February after he got a little gag gift I sent him; a tiny version of those diamond shaped suction cup signs you see in car windows. It said, "Got Mullet?" I saw it at work and couldn't resist. Anyway, he was talking about a Remainders thing that was going to take place in LA in April. I don't know what he does the rest of the time.

Leetie looks like one of Charlie's angels.

Nice family, Higgy!

Hey, Higgy Family! Good to see you on Dave's blog again. Mrs. Higgy and Baby Higgy are looking great as always, as are you, Higs.

Hopefully our firstborns (mine, pictured on Saturday's blog, is 13 years and 355 days older than yours) will meet at Dave's next Bay Area signing.

Today I am Queen of the Run-on Sentence.

Is this what is known as "giving head"?

Leetie's gettin' more frequent flyer mileage than Dave and Ridley.

WOW - not even a year old and he's already had TWO close encounters of the Dave kind! (Poor kid - hope there's a vaccine for that)

Punkin, MeThinks it's called Shoch Theropy!

Another Leetie sighting?

... picture that ...

*goes off to make Kibby-feet for future tours, or maybe staking along interstates*

Adorable family pic with Dave!

Leetie is a very attractive person, yet Dave must be having Leetie nightmares by now, a la the twilight zone: He's walking through an empty bookstore when suddenly Leetieheads on sticks start popping out all over.

If Leetie ever actually showed up in person, he'd probably crap his pants.

This is so not fair! The Higglet gets to meet DB *twice* and have his picture taken and posted, both times. Have I even been to a RBR's concert?

I just hope Leetie isn't getting a swelled head out of this.

Yea for unfuzzy blog photos!

Meanwhile, we all wait and wonder about when Walter will make his West Coast walkabout. He's been away from the blog far too much lately.

An orange shirt, Dave? What's going on? Are you okay? Get back at us, bro. We don't usually see you deviate so far from your blue-shirt norm, is all.

He's walking through an empty bookstore when suddenly Leetieheads on sticks start popping out all over.


haha Owen (that's the baby, right?) is flippin' adorable! He's more curious about Dave than the picture of the giant head.

Somehow I missed posting on this thread. The Higgy family is beautiful and Higglet is so adorable!

El-I agree, I think it's the best pic so far.

the anti higgy crew are gna get HIGGY! he cheated with our birds the fat nigga!

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