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July 20, 2006


The question is: How well did she know her owner?


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A very Moooooving story.

that cow suit looks familiar...


A little too well, I'd say.

Wow, A triple that time.

Good thing "Jenny" wasn't a bull.

Well done, I'd say. Gives new meaning to Cornish game heifer.

That sooooo looks like a cow suit....bovine...I mean devine

not to be picky or anything but...shouldn't the cow be in front??? just askin'

Susy, that would be a WHOLE different type of story.

ahhhh - nevamind

This is the cow getting a little payback, if you know what I mean...

He's not the first man to have a cow jump him, but definately the proudest!

Looks like Jenny is feeling his oats.

hmm...not a catcall but a cattlecall

ok. i'll do it. udderly wierd.

Maybe she's going to reach around and give him a hoofie.

Jenny tries her hooves at "farmer tipping".

What is this, a reverse rodeo?

It seems to me that a cow is not what you call a creative creature, and that the farmer would have had to have practiced this maneuver some time earlier. What the purpose was, I leave to you naughty people.

Moe- hahahahahahahahahaha

still laughing

Lairbo! LTNS! and *snork*

This is the sport Cow Wheelbarrow, which proceeded Cow Tipping. We here in Missouri KNOW.

Unlawful detention of a cow? blurk - is that even a charge? What would count as lawful detention of a cow? No, never mind. After seeing that very disturbing picture, I don't want to know.

SN, unlawful detention usually involves some sort of bondage, so the guy...must've...been......eeewwwwwwwww!

In all fairness to the farmer, from the picture, I would say it looks more like unlawful detention of a man of the male species.

Boy. Fred really milked that girl for all she was worth.

"Fred, please don't leave me! You said you'd love me for heifer!"

"Jenny, I'm sorry, but there's someone gnu in my life."

"Fred, are you horsing around?"

"It's not me, Jenny. It's ewe."

*SNORK* @ Annie

A good example of cattle wrestling.

This judge had the wisdom of Solomon.

"Whomever is humped by the cow in question shall be deemed the rightful and true owner, and accorded all the rights and priveleges thereof."

Actual quote from Jenny the Cow, which this blogger is not making up,: "Fred, I sure wish I could quit you."

Soon to be made into a major motion picture "Dairy Cow Mountin' Broken Backed Farmer".

catharine, you made me SNORK during a conference call on speakerphone. Stop that this instant.

Ewwww, blurk! I said I didn't want to know. That being said, that other guy a couple weeks ago wanted to marry his cow (or was it his sheep?) so maybe this one was just ahead of his time. Oh wait. Make that "behind".

....writing a note to myself.....
Call it cow style now, not doggie.

Best laugh I've had in a week. You are all nuts, and I love you, but not enough to jump on your backs....

Ah Hanna - how do you know until you try it?

I was raised on a fram. Never had any inclination to try this sort of stuff.

Well, there is a funny connection between young girls and horses... but... I'm sure that's totally subliminal...

*snorks* at AnnieWBH and catharine!

Look at the picture - Jenny was horny. And yes, cows do this to each other when they're in the moooood. Rather fruitless attempt, though. NTTAWWT.

I grew up on a farm, but the fram Hanna grew up on looks interesting.

I don't get it - why steal the cow when you can get the sheep for free?

Just want to call a SNORK-OUT to all my fave BarryHeads out there tonight who may be feeling a bit lonely.

For some reason this reminds me of the The Far Side cartoon with the wolf and the sheep: "The romance was doomed from the start, Bob worried what the pack would think and Agnes merely kept eating the flowers."

or something like that.

marfie - I love that one too.

Maybe this picture was taken before there were cars, so Jenny didn't know to get down on all fours as a car approached. If a cow yelled "Car!" like in the classic FarSide, Jenny would reply, "What's a car?"

marfie ~ that must have been on a calendar I had, because I remember it too! You know how when the calendar-page-of-the-day is too funny to toss out, so it gets stuck to the bulletin board for a reeeeeallly long time? That must have been one of those.

A fram is a dyslexic farm.

And that aint no bull. sorry

Had one of those calendars from Erma Bombeck. All time favorite: "Life is too short to eat brown bananas."

"I come from a family where gravy is considered a beverage."

(props to Erma!)

I know what you mean Wess. I had a couple of those tacked up myself. Back when we were dating, my husband had two FarSide coffee mugs; one with the caption: "That's it Carl, from now on you're only getting decaffeinated coffee!" (guy with smoking shotgun at card table with wife) and the one the penguin in the pack (herd?) singing: "I gotta be me...". Those two mugs told me a lot about him.

*throws the errant "with" up to her last post*

Jenny & The Cowman - sounds like an old Gary Cooper movie.

Best FarSide Ever:

Two Polar Bears standing outside an igloo. You see a chunk bitten out of the top of the igloo, & a pair of fur boots sticking out from the doorway. The one polar bear says to the other: "I love these things. Hard & crunchy on the outside, soft & chewy on the inside."

*snork* at Catharine!

i don`t understand, but TY

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