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July 24, 2006


They continue to expand.

(Via Gizmodo)


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FIRST my toast says, "I love you" Next it's going to tell me to take out the trash.

Mine says "AHHHHH! The heat!!! I'm burning!!!!!!!! AAARRGGHHH!"

Really wakes you up in the morning...

What better way to say "I Love You! " than with BIM BAM BANANA´s latest gadget product that toasts the message "I Love You" onto every round of freshly toasted bread.

I can think of a few ways. A new Porsche. An old Porsche. A mink coat.

Love isn't toast it is diamonds. Geez

Can they make one that creates an image of Jesus on the toast? Could be lucrative!

They need to make one for break-ups, too: F*#k you toast. To be served with hot coffee poured in the lap.

*snork* @ Bumble - MY kind of girl!!!

Yes, nothing say love better than burnt bread. ye gods...


Punkin~ I'm only a C cup. I'm nowhere near your kind of girl. ;-)

Bumble, I'm picturing the "F*** You!" Travel Mug with loose-fitting lid.

if you cant toast the one youre with, love the toast youre with? the pic of the toaster makes it look like a refugee from 1972.

As I toast my breakfast
Send my crumbs to you
Remember that the settings
Have to be on "two"

If you'll be toasting soon , my love
I hope please
Just look beneath the cream cheese
P.S. I Love you
You, you, you!

Bumble, you're reading my mind. I was wondering if they had a "GFY" attachment for those "not so friendly" mornings. You know, like the old joke:

First five years of marriage - Any room sex: Sex in any room of the house.

Next five years of marriage - Bedroom sex: Sex only in the bedroom.

After that - Hallway sex: You pass each other in the hallway and say, "F*ck you."

This is sponsored by the Creative Ways to Sell Carbs Dept. of the food industry.

a belated *snork* @ bumble!! that's the one I'd give my ex - course that would be if I actually "cooked" for him.

I see no problem with this love token as long as it comes with eggs, juice and a flower, served to me in my bed! Now, a man who does that is a keeper, even if he does buy you a toaster.

*floats along on a multi-snork high*

It's fun to be funny. :-)

Between this and my Jesus-pan, I'm all set!

if i could get someone to make me breakfast, i wouldn't care what it said. luv you, f*k you, eat me,whatver, it's hot food i didn't have to make it myself!!

amen to that!

Um...crossgirl...bacon or sausage? Or need I ask?

blurker - did you really hafta ask???

Just tryin' to get the order right. Be there shortly.

So if you toast a poptart, which ignites first, the exterior or the "I Love You"?

Heywood Banks said it best: "Yeah Toast!"

AWBH...I had one of those pans..Last April it dissapeared for 3 days.


Jazzzz...not Annie.

Why can't it say "Make Your Own Damn Breakfast!"

Who makes this? The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation?

(I tried loving my toaster once, when I was 14... It ended painfully.)

*snork* @ otis* (but that's a visual I did NOT need)

uh...otis?? how exactly do you "love your toaster"??? splain plez

A friend, we'll call her "Pookie" because that's what her cro-magnon boyfriend called her, dated a doofus for 7 years. One Christmas he asked Pookie if she preferred gold or platinum. She was thrilled and told everyone he was finally going to pop the question.

Her gift was - a platinum-colored blender, so she could make him his protein shakes.

ISIANMTU. And yes, gals, she stayed with the dweeb.

I hope she at least added some arsenic to those shakes.

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Annie! I'd add a few extra items (rat poison,maggots..etc) in there! geez

wooo hooo!!simul & a psychic one at that Ann!

OK, you all know by now that I'm as much a guy's guy as anyone, but even I ain't that dumb.

A virtual jinx! Nice doing business with you, Susy!

blurk: You are a wise, wise man.

Hey, he got away with it...she's just as dumb for staying. I even told her that arsenic wasn't traceable if you blended it with a little white vinegar, but noooo...


Wow, what an honor! From Annie no less! *beams*

All I ever got from Annie was a, "Good one Blurk" or something like that. I mean, don't get me wrong, it was OK, but nothing like a SNORKADOOZIE.
I'm gonna go pout awhile.

You'll just have to blog about the wrath of Pookie, blurk. Ooh... Wrath of Pookie WBAGNFA metal B of all women of the female gender!

Hey, Ann - I did already, but only for one paragraph a couple of years ago - if you're interested - Faith, Hope and Clarity.

blurkie - keep tryin' - no pity snorks from me. :)

I can see that Ann - and the "male" dancers would be wearing a platinum toaster up their @ss!

Annie, you would like my dad. Every day he takes half of his pocket change and puts it in a jar, keeping the other half to use the next day (he usually has more when he gets home than what he left with). At the end of the year, he uses the jar money to buy my mom "something shiny" for Christmas.

From what I can tell, this means he had to pay attention one time thirty years ago when she told him she liked dainty, gold jewelry, and it's about 10 seconds of his day to divvy up the change. Is that really so hard?

Ann- I like the idea that every day, when he empties his change out, he thinks of saving for something for his wife. And yes, it's really that hard for some of them. On Christmas Eve, my dad would hand me $20 and say, "Here, go get your mother something nice...from me."
It's truly the thought that counts!

Yup, Annie, that's the same thing I like. He's not perfect, but he's got that concept - "Hey, I love my wife. I even like my wife. I'll do something nice for her" - down.

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