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July 24, 2006


Is this so different?

(Thanks to DavCat)


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"Dave and I were the only humor columnists covering the caucuses, primaries and conventions" - now if this guy were covering an election, he wouldn't be in so much trouble!

ooh...FIRST :)

Ask Mask?

Ask not what your mask can do for you. Ask what you can do for your mask.

"...grabbed two trays of chocolate pecan fudge."

Not bad, but I would have gone for the maple walnut.

"He kept the flowered panties on the whole time."

That is so last season. All your high-class burglars are wearing plaids now.

If I ever get robbed by a guy with women's undies on his head, I'm gonna see about a trade. It's hard to find comfortable underwear that also let you breathe.


"He kept the flowered panties on the whole time. Police say this is the first they have seen such a mask. "

SURE it is ...

Bob sounds like my kind of author. I'm off the the bookstore to find one of his books!
thanks, Dave.

That sort of crime is quite regular over here in Europe; mainly because the knickers can be used at the same time to stash a HUGE amount of loot in addition to the robbers head.

Hmmm...Ask Mask...

Hey, ASK! I think I know what happened to those flowered panties you lost!

Excellent blogging, judi!

Officer: Would you please describe the mask the burgular was wearing?

Witness: Ooo, yes, why they were a lovely little floral number!

Officer: Were they briefs, hipster, bikini, or thong?

Witness: Pervert!


i gotta check bob out.
as to the underwearing chocolate thief, well all i gotta say is, just another example of what happens when you eat and wear underwear. but i think this is also a python skit. . where john tries to rob a bank only to find it is a lingerie shop???.

Dave: always the serious journalist (or is it sportswriter?? I forget...

oh and "Panty Wearing Thieve" WBAreallyembarrassingNFA uh...thief

make that "thief"

We miss Bob in Orlando. I actually attended the Queen Kumquat Sashay when I first moved here. As I recall, it was not uncommon for the Queen to be a red-wig-wearing man. *good times*

Regarding the pantywaisthead burgler...Police said, "Well, good thing they were thongs, otherwise we wouldn't have been able to identify him."

I'd just go for the chocolate pecan fudge - probably worth more than the cash he took- just betting...BTW, the way it's diferent from wearing a box on your head is that the alleged burglar probably could see through the underwear...

Hey, ASK! I think I know what happened to those flowered panties you lost!

sharon, I had the same thought!

Obviously the cops never saw Raising Arizona or they'd remember this line: "Son, you got a panty on your head."

A$$ MASK??

(just assing)

Fudge, ladies underwear.......nope, not gonna read it.

But then the policeman realized his error and changed his statement to: "Thank goodness it was a thong..." Because "thongs" look like this and, as every crimefighter knows, would have to have been worn on the ears.

LBFF, that was just wrong!! Here I was, all set to see a nice thong (to further my police training, of course) and you linked to that!!

BTW, I haven't heard flip-flops called thongs in years!

Has it occurred to anybody that maybe he was just wearing them for fun and forgot he had them on when he went to rob the fudge store. It could happen!

By the way, are candy stores known for having large sums of cash on hand? How about a BANK, buddy?

i think that was the point in the python skit.... not much $$ in a lingerie shop. this burglar has more wrong with him than just wearing his underwear outside as a 'mask'.
good disguise there, dude.
can you describe the perpetrator m'am.... um he had these lovely flowered panties on his head......
uh, yeah. and he stole all our fudge. yeah. good luck to the police with this one. unless of course there was a trail of nuts from the fudge. ahem.

Sorry blurker, just trying to be grammatically correct. ;-)

*snork* at 24-aholic

Good thing the underwear was floral and not Corona patterned. Perhaps that's an idea for the next political convention? It's what all the best candidates will be wearing that election year.

Totally off the topic of underwear, but reading that first link makes me a little bit proud to be from Seattle, after learning that the 3rd Person With A Box On His Head was from the Seattle Times.

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