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July 31, 2006


Perhaps a thick coating of Magic Cheese would help.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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OMG! "The Public" is so incredibly gullible and just plain dumb. magic Cheese to make you look younger?????

"This is one of the biggest pyramid-selling scams Chile has ever experienced, our correspondent says."

Chile doesn't get out much, does it?

And let me be FIRST to say I do not consider any blog members to be part of said dumb "Public"

YAY judi!!!

what do they use to cut the cheese powder, it might work then.

add a (?) to my previous statement.

Cutting to the heart of the cheese scam and breaking through the perp's fradulent wind.

*gonna be a good week after all*

Well, that was pretty cheesy of the Madame, don't you think?

Oh, and good morning, Judi!

I dunno about the rest of ya's but I'm not putting fermenting cheese on my face...PERIOD! that's just nasty...

I like cheese on my chili.

Oh. Never mind.

I love it that it has a "street value"..

Yo, give me a gram of magic cheese...

If the scammers had called the stuff "Cheese Food" would it still have been illegal?

Starstilton perhaps?

Magic Cheese WBAGNFASELTB(Seventies Easy Listening Tribute Band)

Manilow Memories, by Magic Cheese

Just how gullible is the public, anyhow?

"This is one of the biggest pyramid-selling scams Chile has ever experienced"

Really??? That may be, but I just happen to have one in Mexico I could let go of cheap.


I thought those pyramid-type scams were a thing of the past - surely people would have figured those out by now...

I have a theory based on a synthesis of the philosophies of P.T. Barnum (There's a sucker born every minute) and Willie Sutton (because that's where the money is) that as we blog, the scam artists of Nigeria are busily rewriting their letters about being the heir to a vast fortune and all they need is for some Chilean schmuck to deposit a check in their bank account and send part of the cash to them.


Sort of on-topic:

This weekend there was a replay of the movie Hook. When Tinkerbell sprinkled Robin Williams with "magic" dust, I actually thought "starstuff!"

I saw that Lisa!!

Siouxie-Did you think the same thing? It's like, now that dust has a name--an identity!

thanks to Dave & Ridley!! I haven't finished reading the first one - but i'm "hooked" (pun definitely intended!)

I watched Shrek and thought the same thing when the pixie sprinkled donkey.

here are some more cheese definitions
Cheese Definition


Cat, I love Wallace and Grommit.

*wiggles hands in little circles in front of chest*

*snork!* at Meanie!

*toe cheese* EWWW

thank you Chaz...really

well, barnum WAS right. there is one born every minute. wonder if those cheese head people who show up at football games, have anything to do with this.

..."Magic Cheese", said to make skin look younger and to be highly valuable.

My skin's already highly valuable, at least to me--it keeps all the icky parts (well, most of the icky parts) inside.

Or maybe I'm not reading that correctly...

Voulez-vous fromage magique avec moi?

Just askin'.

*my best Forrest Gump impression*

Magic Cheese! I gotta give some to Lt. Dan!

"Madame Gilberte van Erpe"

Some names just don't need to be anagrammed to be funny.

what next, magic mushrooms? oh, wait. nevermind.

Chaz, that was very icky.

Pyramid scams will never die. They will be around at least as long as

And BTW, I have some sour cream with blue mold that will do wonders for your hair when used as a conditioner. Only $100 for an 8 ounce carton!

I want my money back, Madame van El!

geez Meanie! warning???? accck

Why Blue? I think you look divine!!!

Mhh, I was wondering what I could with all the powder cheese I had from my instant mac and cheese. My dreams can finally come true to look younger and sexier again. I'm going to take a bath right now!

Yo, Flex!!

Snork @ Mr. C.

So Magic Cheese is Dave's secret to younger, fresher tasting skin!!! Pass me the Hair Soy Sauce!

"Magic Cheese & Stove Top Stuffin'- I'm stayin'!!!"

Let's not Fidel while Krome burns.

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