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July 28, 2006


Or something like that.


Also, happy birthday to one of these lovely ladies.


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I have no life.

Happy Birthday, mystery woman!

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one up this late.


Leetie appears to have some kind of side-of-the-head-cut-off disease!! :eek:

Which one is slyeeyes?

Hi, Angie! Double simulpost? So I'm not quite first.

And Leetie's head has been through a lot this week. I'm surprised she's still looking so good. I went to only one Strumpetfest and I look like hell.

(I wish I could blame it on Dave and Ridley, but unfortunately....)

Arrgh, me Germ - X and me were about to christen this here baby Ram, but first mate Ridley's gone and hid his sabre amongst his Hassel-hoffian chest hair forrest..Scimitar be a washed from the mighty chest hair..

From left to right, back row:

lind, sharon share-alike, slyeyes.

Front row: Dave, Leetiehead-who-has-seen-better-days-and-you'd-look-
this-too-if-you-spent-most-of-the-week-in-a-tube, Ridley.

Pirate paraphernalia courtesy of bloglit Novangalus(sp?) who was busy showing someone how to work her camera.

Damn. I forgot to point out the Germ-X.

They were sponsors, you know.

And I think the goat's name is Julius. He's a hunter.

Happy to meet you all! :-)

*grabs superfluous "e" from 01:28....01:28!?!??! Good night, folks!*

*late-night wave to lind, sharon share-alike, slyeyes* You look maaavelous!

*couldn't sleep, turned the computer back on*


Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear you!
Happy birthday to you!

Hey, the picture came out great girls! Yes, the "session" with the soon to be more rich than J.R.R.---
boys of summer, was a evening I will remember for a long time.

Unfortunately, none of MY pictures came out. That's what you get when you bring an expensive camera and have no clue how to use it. Now I have to wait for many years before I can hang a picture on my wall with my mentors, next to the one of me and Tom Baker.

AT least the stuff I bought got in the picture, thanks girls.

Dave COULD NOT have been funnier,or cuter, and Ridley was superb...these guys were HOT< HOT< HOT!!! They were cooking!

And, I have a dog named Zippy! (you would have to have been there)

And bloggers--- just to see all those kids holding those books as if they had millions of dollars in their hands...what a gift that must be...how precious it was. How hopeful. To put dreams in young minds...no wonder the guys have such a following. I was watching a young girl of ten sitting next to me. She held a book in her hand, and the look on her face was "priceless."

I'd say the event was an amazing success...

UPDATE: Dave looks like he is getting ready to skin the Ram...notice the manly way he holds the sword,
Ridley on the other hand...obviously needs instructions on swordfighting.

As for the goat, which is a representative of the RAMS football team here, of which I don't follow, is to be sacrificed at the alter.

It was a pleasure to met you all. I think I'll go have a drink.

Also, I met a real cool lady who kissed Elvis when she was sixteen! What that means, I'm not sure. I'll get back to you on that.

A review of the book by a 4th grader - "Each page was bulging with excitement." ISIANMTU (I couldn't! Ok, I could, but I wouldn't.)

Novanglus - Photoshop is a wonderful thing. Off with someone's head -put yourself in the picture! Or, go with the Leetie-bit-off-the-top approach and send your headshot to a fellow blogger.

Happy birthday, Sly!! Everyone looks great.. except possibly Leetie. She looks like she's been ridden hard and put away wet.

She's as thin as a rail, too - poor thing.

Yay for strumpeting with the Leetie Head! Great way to spend your birthday, sly.

judi, up late getting things cleaned up for the Blog's return? Not to worry, he'll be sleeping for 48 hours straight (or wishing he could).

Vanityball!!!! Were you there?

A fine gaggle of bloglits with our heroes there. *Waves to lind, who I am not sure has posted here ever* This may be one occasion where Leetie wishes it were a crapcam shot, though.

Novanglus - what Annie said. You can't be there and not get in a pic. It's not in accordance with blog protocols (ISIamMTU).

Thank you, Dave and Ridley, and congratulations for a rousing StrumpetFest '06. You guys worked hard and tolerated way more silliness than any of us had a right to expect.

My daughters have devoured both of your books (and fought mightily over the tattoos).

meanie: you can send me a SASE and i'll send you a couple more to fight over, if you like.


(and now we all rest)

SASE coming your way, Judi. Thanks.

lind posted a couple of times on the San Francisco to St. Louis thread the other day. I think it was that thread.

Hooray for St.Louuuuuay!

Novanglus has a picture on sly's blog.

Looks like Stumpfest 2006 has ended just in time for Leetie-head. It's ready for the Museum of Stumptoria.

"UPDATE: Dave looks like he is getting ready to skin the Ram"...

WHAT? (Scrolls back up to check photo) Oh.


The Leetie head needs only to be reconditioned and restyled a bit. She can't be retired. She's an institution!

Travel til you're pulp, Leetie Head! You've done us all proud.

is "skin the ram" a new euphamism that we're using to shelter those blog kids?


That Leetiehead is signed by Dave and Ridley. It's time it went back, in all its glory, to its owner, the extraordinarily good sport Ms. Leetie.

Although .... if Leetie happens to exhibit this property....

slyeyes...I, like any true St. Louisian, got your Julius Hunter joke, which is 100% acceptable for the children by the way.

CatR- I left a day-after post for you on the penis-painter thread...

we are (Arg) a beautiful bunch of bloggers...

I am kinda glad I couldnt make the Coral Gables book signing so you guys couldnt see my ugly mug!

Mary, I knew I had a very limited audience on that one, but had to do it for the St. Louie folk. Besides, I've always liked ol' Jules.

Sly you look wonderful!!!!! Happy-not-a-day-over-21-Burfday!!!

You other gals look great too!

Good morning all and Congrats to the ST. Louis Blogits!! GREAT picture!!! ladies you shine and are in focus too!! It does look like Strumpetfest was a complete success.

That is a fantastic non-CrapCam photo ... awesome job, St. Louis!

(Climbs on Soapbox)

I for one do not plan to alter my behavior simply because some parents believe that this blog is an acceptable environment in which to raise a family. This blog is what it is and always was, a repository for nonsense, bigotry, potty-mouth, lame-brain commentary, boozy flirtations between complete strangers, pizza recipes, canasta, and cruelty to animals.

If someone wants to expose their children to explicit photos of oosiks and baculum I say, so be it. We each have to decide how to handle the farmer when it comes to raising children.

Fart be it from me to say that I know what's best for somebody elses brood of vipers. In the piping. They crawled through the piping. We each are raised by our parent's wedgies to believe certain thongs.

Snakes in the toilet is not the same as saying "no children allowed". Feathered friends wear sequins and dance for tips like Mom did. I am still wearing the underwear that I wore to Dayton. I am steadfast in this. I will not waiver a pickled herring. I am unanimous.

*Hands Mary a Sharpie*

I did not know this...

canasta anyone???

Not into canasta. I am a complete stranger, though .....

hey! how'd i miss out on the pizza recipe?!

Mud great, forgot one
St. Louis strumpets strong, but
Cut the cheese will ya

clearly i need more tequilla in my coffee

mornin' mudstuffin

oh who am I kidding...canasta...yeah

In the 5 or 6 months I've been visiting this blog (it's kinda like looking at the wreck on the side of the highway, ain't it folks?), I have NEVER seen canasta mentioned before mud's post. However, I LOVE canasta, so bring it on!

*waves to bloglits*

Hi all! Thanks for the kind words! It was SOOOOO wonderful to finally meet some of you.

(sly, btw, is a KICK-A$$ cool woman!)

Great pic!

Odd....the cardboard cutouts of those two guys keep turning up every where. Someone should alert Area 51.

"handle the farmer", mud?

Great pic, St. Louis-ies!

*hands mud a cup of decaf*

Bravo, mud. Deal the cards.

*stands up and applauds*

Mud, bravo!!

It was great meeting the other bloglits, starring the fabulous slyeyes; she got a nice birthday hug from His Daveness.
I don't post much, partly because this is about the earliest I get a chance, and all the good jokes are taken.

Hi there lind!

Don't worry about the good jokes being taken - there are plenty of bad ones out there too - trust me - I post most of those...

we don't all hafta be funny - just a little nutty :)

Yes, Sly I was there, but I did not see you or the giant Leetie head on a stick. Otherwise I would have come by to say hello.
As you know there were tons of people there and i did meet some very great people. One lady I was talking to teaches sixth grade and uses Dave's old articles in her class. She said the students love his articles and they discuss them in class.
So sorry I missed the other bloglits, but here are my photos from the event.
Thank you Dave and Ridley for signing my books, I really enjoyed myself, laughed like crazy(my cheeks still hurt), and I loved this event.
click here

Excellent, vanityball! Great picture of you with Dave and Ridley. *waves* Nice to meet you.

Thanks again to Dave and Ridley who stayed up very late last night to do at least 2 straight hours worth of signings.

obi wan - thanks, I went back to look! (And yes!)

*snork* to mudstuffin!

Welcome lind, and Siouxie is correct, ya don't always have to be funny. Keep in mind, though, we only allow one sane person on the blog and that's El (maybe).

Sanity is highly overrated. I try to avoid it whenever possible.

Blurkie! El would be very offended if she knew you were calling her that! For shame!

Yeah, on second thought, we're not supposed to insult one another.

Sorry, El.

blurk, I know who the sane person on the blog is!!

it's...it's...um, that is...wait, I'll get it...just give me a sec...


never mind.

I just heard the library estimated that there were 800!!! people at the St Louis strumpet.
Way to go, St. Louis! People do read in the flyover states.

You're all so clever, just like a bunch of little Dave's. Now for a question that might require some thought, although I know this probably isn't the best place to ask it:

Where are Dave's wife and kid that he supposedly wanted to spend more time with? Answer: Home alone.

Keep it up, Dave, you're doing great. We love you. Just don't write any books about strong families.


*Mary get the kids away again*

Sandy, if you came here to insult Dave and/or us, take your smartass somewhere else.

we need to do something about this here door...

sheesh!!! grrrrrrrrrrrr fffffffffffffuffff

now, now, Blurker. Everyone has a right to speak their mind ........even if the prozac prescription has run out.

Appearently Dave moved out of the barn door, and now all the riff raff is coming in.

Sorry, guys. For some reason that just pissed me off to no end.

When Mrs. Blog was covering the Olympics and the World Cup, Dave was at home with their little Sophie. He's posted wonderful stories about taking her to school; picking her up; filling his car so full of helium balloons for her birthday party that he defied gravity. Dave's and Ridley's families have accompanied them on some of their "research" junkets to England.

If not writing his column *sniff* gives him the time to be with his family so he can write his books, then we benefit.

In any event, it's not our lives.

well said sly...

hey, blurk - you rock.

wanna get married?


me either.

wanna go out together and kick some ass?

Obi ' ...
I think mebbe Canasta wuz mentioned a time or two a year or so ago ... or ... mebbe that was ... contralto? ... Constipation? ... I think there wuz a "C" in it somewhere ...

Great pix bloglits! Great story, too, sly ...

'Specially nice to put faces to names ... and ... sorta amazin' how our little cultural (?) group has grown in fame (or notoriety ... whichever is wurst) ...

*zips in*

SHEESH! I can't go away for 5 minutes (or 6 hours) without someone saying something bad about me.
blurker, don't you EVER call me sane again, or I'll have to send my good friend Toto over to see you, locked and loaded! (a new expression I recently learned from said Toto - very cool)

And while sly is right, that remark that "Sandy" made just really got to me too, blurker!

LTTG as usual. good job mud - I would have typed/ echoed /stolen your comments if I didn't spend 12 hours today fighting DC's traffic jams (how do the natives here do THAT every flipping day?) blogmom - I introduced my kids to the blog and to reality at the same time by reading aloud the funny (but clean) bits to them and telling them they couldn't look at my screen because not all the comments were suitable for kids. and sandy - guess what? some of us HAVE to travel for our job. that doesn't make us bad parents - it just means our kids have a different definition of "normal" and are usually well-traveled and more geographically aware as well. my kids can babble and drive me nuts in 3.5 languages, including japanese - and we've never even been there! //ends rant and resumes packing for return to sunny southern arizona saturday. oh, and sandy - booger!

*locks the barn door*

Jeez, El. I said I was sorry.
*hangs head*

southerngirl, yeah, let's go out and kick some ass. As for the marriage part, I asked Mrs. Blurk and she said no. She's crazy that way.

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