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July 27, 2006


One of the sponsors of tonight's event is the Germ-X company, which made a special product for Ridley and me: Gnarly Green Pirate Slime Hand Sanitizer. Ridley is admiring it in this exclusive unposed spontaneous CrapCam photo.


{Oops; Tonight's posts should read "Posted by Dave"}


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FIRST, I'd like to know where the photo is???

help me, obi wan, you're my only hope.

Ok, so it loaded late, I'm STILL first...

Germ -X? Didnt they also invent gen-X?

Does it cure scurvy, too?

The real question: can it be used to disinfect Walter?

judi, let me just pick up your brother a guy I know named Luke... I'll say something like, "You must come to Alderan with me, if you're (not your) to learn the ways of the Force."... Then, we'll pick up "the fastest hunk o' junk in the galaxy, the rest is a snap!

But wait!! if you order now....

"kills 99% of pirate germs"
Arrgh, matey! I'm as clean as a crow's nest in a nor-easter!

Would ANYBODY on this blog give it up for the Pirate Germs??? BAD NFARG... *thinks longer* Well...

Ridley looks scary....

sure it kills germs - but how does it taste mixed with vodka?

(for the cute children pictured in the last thread - vodka is a healthy drink for mommy and daddy)

*snork* @ TCK

And, cheers!

"Sure, we'll take a crapcam picture hugging you. Just wash yourself in this first. We don't know where you've been."

Or else, someone was offering a subtle hint to Dave and Ridley about the state of their laundry.


The more you drink, the healthier you get ... NOTZ!


*snork* @ judi

Reading the fine print below the photo - looks like a posting fight is about to break out....someone's sure to be walking the plank...

judi, do you mean to say that Dave doesn't post his own pics and yet takes credit for the posting?

Do we, collectively as female blogits, need to take action, or because he is so cute, smart, talented and funny just let it go? :)

*Blogits, long "sorta off-topic" WARNING WARNING WARNING...*

TCK, sorta off topic, but when I was in Jr. High/High School, our family Dr. was one that my mom figger'ed was the best ever. Woke up one morning when I was I think a jr in high school and had a major test in one of my classes that day, but I had been prepared. But as I woke up, my sheets were soaking in sweat (yeah, yeah, yeah, make yur jokes, but REALLY it was sweat...) My bedroom was in the basement, and I came very close to crawling up the stairs (fortunately, my dad had already reinforced the railing so I could pull myself up!) I got to the stool (I know how these blogits think) chair at the breakfast bar, and when my mom turned around from cooking breakfast, there (not they're/their) was a pool of sweat under this stool chair. She called the school and told them, no matter how big or important this test was, I was WWWAAAAYYY too (not to/two) sick to come in, and got me in to see this Dr. He decided it was the "Colorado Crud," (a virus, so no antibiotics) and sent me home with this advice for my mom... (ISIANMTU) "Give him hot tea w/ lemon, and some bourbon... or you can use vodka... but don't use Scotch, because it doesn't mix well with tea and lemon... Or give HIM the tea and lemon and YOU drink the bourbon or Vodka, or, since you're (not your) not mixing it w/ tea and lemon, you can go ahead w/ the Scotch... He'll be OK in a few days." Turned out I was, and actually aced the makeup test, in case anyone wanted to know. (And NO, any adult beverages mentioned were NOT part of my mom's palliative/curative elixir, just hot tea, lemon, chicken soup, and, AS ALWAYS, mom's famous chocolate chip cookies... OH, and gumballs... never really knew why...)

You're leading the kidlurks astray with this talk of vodka...no self-respecting pirate will drink anything but this.

I honestly think there were more Germ-X posters there tonight than there were of Peter and the Shadowthieves.

I kinda felt like I was at a germophobe convention. As parting gifts, we all received festive little bottles of Germ-X and pencils.

Unsharpened, of course.

Bummer B-day sly... BUT (not B... em, nevermind), Ya got yur pic posted on Dave's blog, so that's gotta count for sumpem?)

gumballs? what did they do, keep your mouth shut so you couldn't complain about how sick you were?

maggie, go back to "no laughing matter" thread. you'll get "up to speed" on gumballs right away.

Oh, no, it wasn't a bummer birthday. I had a good time. And my picture hasn't been posted.


*taps foot and looks at watch, patienty waiting for judi to check her e-mail*

The picture from the thread below is bloglit/blurker Mary. A great gal and hopefully she'll come out of the shadows and comment more often.


judi, We want sly, we want sly. K?

we should get a page where all the pictures are posted - they are plenty by now!

there not they

*heartily agree with Siouxie* A picture's worth a thousand words, and easier to spell.

it'll be like our own little album of when we all stalked met Dave :)

So the pic was Mary A., not slyeyes? (Still thinkin' sly's hotter...)

Thanks, obi, but... well, you'll see.

Let's get things straight. Sly is sizzlin'.

I'm still waiting to see when the Davester is going to strumpet in Vancouver (Canada). Honest, our kids read books here too. Oh, and by the way, Dave, we have REAL beer here (merely saying).

AFKAT - seems like Dave's been travelling quite a bit lately. How about you meet him halfway, say, in St. Louis?


AWBH is right. Sounds like a plan.

yeah! a photo page with all the bloglits who have been out at a strumpet, yeah!! how about a dave barry blog conference next year. we all need to meet and greet. now dont get all conspiratorial on us.......we wanna meet. we want a beer and maybe some gumballs. we wanna trade underwear and wear funny hats, we wa........

'scuse me. the meds are working now.

Ridley looks scary....

Siouxie, Ridley always looks scary. Have you seen his with the black cape doing his "Emperor" routine?

Pass some Mommy Juice this way.

annie: re dave posting -- when he's away, sometimes he'll be unable to post from his phone, so he sends it to me and i post it using his login. i forgot last night. and we're working on the phone log-in problem, so that should be cleared up soon. don't hurt him!

hey guys, do you think maybe the germ-x is to clean up the blog. you know, for the kiddies?

judi - sorry, I kinda figured that, but the itty bitty text was kinda fun...just trying to start some pirate wars amongst friends.

GermX is the magical green stuff that Peter Pan et al use, right? That Molly guards in the box? I can see kids swiping the stuff so they can fly, etc.

It was great to get the Germ-X. Love the stuff and use it all the time. The only other "class" to last night's event was the authors. What gentlemen. They greated everyone who wanted a signed copy of the book. Over 500 people.

Germ-X kept them alive and kickin.

Keep the Germ-X comin'

we all need to meet and greet. now dont get all conspiratorial on us.......we wanna meet. we want a beer and maybe some gumballs.

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