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July 26, 2006


Check out the Picture of the Day. Makes a man proud.


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Ok now that is out of the way...

Am I missing out on something here?

addict - scroll down

Scroll down a bit, Addicted. There's a photo of Dave and Ridley attired in a piece of clothing generally reserved for women of the female-type gender.

ok got it and yes I am very proud 8^)

The person who that might actually fit would be a scary one.

Dave & Ridley...serious award-winning authors... we are proud!

Who gave them Punkin's brassiere???

YAY Dave and Ridley!

They should wear it to this event next week.


anony...that should have been the first thing someone here said....

everybody sing...."I.....like boobsalot, boobsalot, boobsalot...."

Chaz, too late. I sing that all the time. It's sort of my theme song.

You notice how well the brassiere manages to keep both boobs in place....

OH, yeah, I went there!

I couldn't resist....



sign of the apocalypse?

Dave, Ridley...stand up straight! You wouldn't want people to think you're not flagrantly upthrusting!

Should we be worried that Ridley looks so happy? And comfortable?
Don't worry, Dave, you look a little anxious...

So THAT's the man it makes proud - Ridley?

*goes googling for world's largest jockstrap for next booksigning*

Lighten up a little, 5 years is insane! After all they are just dogs.

Oh no! I'm to late again I HATE those dogs!

Dave, you put a giant bra in a children's book???


The story didn't say - did the woman take that OFF and give it to you??

The gifts of penis bones and a tiny toilet full of snakes and fake poo would just aren't visual enough ...

Glad we make you proud, though. :-)

"would just" be not very English.

Thank you for your support.

Proud...so THAT's what they're calling these days? NTTATWWT!

Being an inland geek I can't quite recall the nautical command for equipping a Z-cup bra as a sail... I'll bet Dave knows.

I really think Cubicle Wars deserves a mention in the blog...

It's OK, Cheryl, I'm a bit flustered by that gift too.

Publication: PW Daily. A rag us guys would never admit to being in, but most are.

What a couple of boobs.

I'm not a real psychologist, but I'm wondering if you guys spent enough time with your dads?I know the first tinme I put on a GIANT bra, my Dad made me wear a much longer skirt till I was old enough to vote.

maybe they weren't breast-fed...

boondoggle, hornswoggle, mollycoddle, braunschwager ... um ... nah, I got nothin' ... at least, nothin' fit to print ...

Yes, but would that be able to support Somebody's Supersonic ni... ? Um... never mind. Private joke.


Somehow they remind me of the goalie on my high school field hockey team.

DANG! A friend of mine works for Harlequin and JUST emailed that picture to me yesterday.
I was gonna mail to Dave, but NOOOOOOO, I had to go to a Huey frikkin Lewis concert instead....

youse guys are immortal now. [sobbing loud enough for others to hear]. i am overwhelmed.

Punkin - was the concert good at least???

Huey Lewis??? I hope it was at least free

I like Huey....BUT....since I mentioned that fact to my husband, he has seen fit ti "surprise" me each year on my birthday with Huey tickets. This was my 6th frikkin show. ENOUGH WITH THE HUEY ALREADY!!!! And to make matters worse, this year they were combined with Chicago - which, when Peter Cetera was the lead singer, used to be good. Now they are old men with bad lungs playing horns in a mediocre fashion and no real lead singer.

We actually left after Chicago's 3rd "song" (read: torturous ear-flogging)

Hubby is sweet - but not as imaginative as I would like....

That's sad about Chicago...they were really good back then.

Punkin - I'm guessing Mr. Poo doesn't read the blog? Or is this your SUBTLE way of telling him that you've had enough of Huey already?

No, Mr Poo is not a bloglit. He's Mr Serious Doctor-type. But he wuvs me and takes very good care of me - oh, and he's cute too.

Awwww - he IS a cutie pie!

woohooo! Punkin!! great blue eyes! vewy handsome indeed!
so what if you HAVE to suffer through Huey - at least he wuvs ya!

AND - are you ready for this? He LIKES to shop, cook & do laundry!!!!!!! I have hit the jackpot. I am truly a happy woman. *tears up a little*

Yes, but from the pix we saw, you have "assets" I'm sure he appreciates, too!

Punkin - does he have a twin????? dayam woman you are lucky!

*does happy-hubby dance - slaps self in eye with boob - must go put on a bra*

I LOVE to shop, cook and do laundry.

Oh, and I have this bridge for sale.

figured it would be too good to be true, blurker...

*I* on the other hand do LOVE to shop...uh..that's it (I know I know - what a prize!)

I love to shop sometimes, Siouxie. It just has to be in a gun shop or maybe a tack store. (once again, if you ain't a cowboy you might not get "tack store")

Blurk....I pictured you more in a "tacky" store.

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