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July 26, 2006


Ridley and I had a fine event in Petaluma. We also confirmed that they do, in fact, sell beer in Petaluma. Thank you, Petaluma. Petaluma Petaluma Petaluma.


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Wow. New post. Petaluma


darn robot blocker.
*giggles at Petaluma*

Would've LOVED to see you, after a few beers, try to say Petaluma 3 times fast.

Punkin - or to type it

Ridley to Dave: "Psst! You passed out, Buddy!"


So I googled Petaluma and the City of Petaluma website is dull. But the pictures of Petaluma sure are pretty. Wonder how hot it is in Petaluma today?


Ellasmom ~ "Stop googling us! It tickles!"

sweep sweep

no blog people in Petaluma????

Does Linda Loma date Petaluma?

Guin, She married him. She's Linda Loma-Luma now.

Prolific pendants proclaim "Peter Pan" popular in Petaluma!

SNORK at Punkin . . . and MOTW . . . and Guin . . . and heck, just make it a general SNORK.

Dave - Petaluma is where Mesa-Boogie amps are made. I'm sure they would have given you the VIP tour and a free sample!

Did the Leetie, Leetie, Leetie head make it to Petaluma Petaluma Petaluma?

Dean-Oh - NOW you tell him!

Echos Zaphod's question. Did leetiehead appear?

*wonders what it like to Pet a Luma*

*goes to google "Luma" to see if petting it is something one would want to do*

Kibby--see our thread below about lumas...

Hands off my wife, pal!

Still recovering from rash caused by trying to pet lumas in last thread.

Please replace "pendants" with "pundits" up there. My brain is fried from numbercrunching.

Leetie-less in 'Luma???

Without photographic evidence I'm not quite sure there WAS a booksigning in Petaluma last night. I think it was just an excuse to drink beer.

I'm with sly, where are the pictures? And why did you go to the SFBA when I wasn't there! I was there 10 days ago, and you're not coming to UT. :(
*feels neglected in the Rockies*

Dern it, that's the closest you'll ever get to my neck of the woods so to speak, and due to the fact that I prefer employment to nagging, I just couldn't head out there. Ah well.

BTW, Petaluma is our supply stop on our way to the coast from the hot side of hell, Sacramento. (But its a DRY heat, so apparently that doesn't count. According to others we skip arm in arm singing joyful tunes in our sweaters while basking in the glorious summer sun)

aren't the World Championship Thumb Wrestling matches held in Petaluma?

oops, I mean Wristwrestling. Snoopy has no thumb.

Prairie Dog - you should have come into the strumpeting at Menlo Park on Sunday. We escaped the 113 degree weather in Sacto for the 80 degree weather in the Bay area!

Well Higgy, ya see, uh, I, uh, would have missed out on melting in the back yard and ... I really don't have any good excuse other than I wasn't paying attention. (....mumble mumble watched the entire BSG miniseries ... hot Cylons ...)

Dave, you can't just say "Petaluma" over and over. You have to sing it to the tune of "Rock me Amadeus".

Another reason to visit Petaluma - The World's Ugliest Dog Contest!!!


You know, Dave, I would have brought you a beer in Petaluma, as I did in Berkely some months ago, but I figured this was a kids signing....As it was, I was happy to sit up front with my boyfriends kids and smile. Come on back to Petaluma, even though no one knows where it is, and I'll bring you a beer!

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