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July 25, 2006


Tonight Ridley and I will be strumpeting for our book in Petaluma. We have never been to Petaluma, but according to the Internet, it seems to have everything a person could possibly want. Plus we like saying "Petaluma." Petaluma Petaluma Petaluma.


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have fun!

That wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that "Petaluma" sounds remarkably like "pantaloons," now would it?

Miss you guyses' east coast energy....get home soon!!! (Ridley, even tho you live in a flyover state, we still love ya!)

Do not, for any reason, neglect to sample the Lagunitas IPA. The xmnr has some in his refrigerator even as he speaks. Or types. By the way, Petaluma is the poultry capital of California, too.

Sharon - Maybe they'll have pantaloons and gold dubloons in their roomah in Petaluna!

Best I can do....the heat is killin' me....

I seem to remember Snoopy traveling to Petaluma as well.

Petaluma mezzo al mare,
mamma mia, si salterà!

Well, Punkin...they ARE a pair of loons, after all...! So...

A paraloons in pantaloons with gold doubloons and helium balloons in their roomah in Petaluma?

hmmm, beer and cheese?

yup, i could live there

What is a luma? Can I find one in the Zoo? in the wild? elsewhere? I wanna pet one too!

Wikipedia says:
Luma is a genus of two species of plants in the myrtle family Myrtaceae, native to the Valdivian temperate rain forests of southwestern South America. They are shrubs or small trees with evergreen foliage and smooth red or orange bark, typically reaching 10-20 m tall and up to 1 m trunk diameter. The leaves are opposite, oval, 1-5 cm long and 0.5-3 cm broad, entire, glossy dark green, with a spicy scent if crushed. The flowers are 2 cm diameter with four white petals and numerous stamens; the fruit is a small purple or black berry 1 cm diameter.

Sweep sweep...

Hmmm...let's try that again.

Sweep sweep...

Probably a cousin to poison ivy.
*runs for the aloe lotion*

Wyo, a luma is a highly evolved life form that lives solely on beer and cheese. Oh wait...that's TCK.
I don't think he likes to be petted, though.
Unless your name is Cowgirl.

I am strictly cowBOY. NTTAWWT

I believe the four basic food groups are beer, chocolate, pasta and cheese. (scotch whiskey is actually just distilled wheat beer)

That takes care of carbs, dairy, protein and alkyhol?? sounds healthy enough, Wyo.

Have fun in Petaluma Dave & Ridley!!!

Snoopy was going to Petaluma for the World Arm-Wrestling Championships!

Yipes, insom - they'd better be careful who they shake hands with.
(I'm danglin' my participle and proud of it!)

OMG! Beer and almost-cheez-its! I guess you gotta make your own, Dave.

Any bloglits going?

Wyo: I got yer luma right here, boy.

I left my beer,
In Petaluuuuuma!

Be careful up there. I misdialed a North Dakota telephone number with a 707 instead of a 701.  The message said that that toll-free number was not in service.

The french have a verb péter, which means something that the blog is fond of (people can do it in public, but it is generally considered rude).

Lessee....Annie's got a dangling participle and Mudstuffin's got a pink tentacle. Sounds like a match made in heaven!

People Engaging in Tippling of Ales, Lagunitas Under Maximum Alert

So you guys do go to small towns! How come I don't see my home town of Sierra Vista, AZ (city motto: We got more flies than a dung heap!)?

We got cool things, too, you know. Like...like...um...like illegal aliens, and stuff!

Ditto Schadeboy's sentiments! Thermopolis even has a book store. I'll bet you could sell.... give away lots of stuff here.

Why does this book tour remind me of that lovable, endearing rockumentary, "Spinal Tap"?

and what happened to your drummer?

Annie - he lost his arm in a car crash....and yet, his drumming was only made better.

Wonder what Dave & Ridley do while unchaperoned in the hotel bar....a taser and much snorking are probably involved.

most excellent, CJrun!

"Petaluma" is an ancient Incan word that means "giant head on a stick" ...

really bad Pirate joke - last night my son walked over to me. He was obviously hiding something inside his shirt (he had just gotten a stuffed pirate toy from HicDonalds.)
him: Knock, knock!
me: Who's there?
him: Pirate.
me: Pirate who?
him Pie...right in the crotch! *he flashes the pirate toy, stuffed halfway into his shorts.*

Oh goodness, Annie ... it's in the genes. And the jeans, I guess.

Da ve (like he'll actually see this)

the cheese from happy Caleeforneea cows will probably be just fine,

but it looks like they put a lotta weird sh um er ah stuff in their beer.

200# of brown sugar?


that's that's that's not beer, tht's caramel. (ok if you add a bunch of milk, which they probably have if they are makin' cheese.

rickh - don't dare Dave. He's like Santa - always watching to see who's bad or disgustingly atrocious.

Except Dave has nicer hair.
*hairflip for Dave...and 2 snaps!*

Two Petaluma cows are standing in a field. Daisy says to Dolly, "I was artificially inseminated this morning."
"I don't believe it," says Dolly.
"It's true," says Daisy, "no bull!"

"Except Dave has nicer hair"

oh AWbh you meant Dave has nicer hair than Santa.

'cause everybody 'cept for Jesse Ventura (and the late Yul Brunner) has "nicer" hair than me.

The best meal in town is at Old Chicago Pizza, downtown on Petaluma Blvd, in a building which used to be a brothel. If parking is tight, drive around the block and park in the library parking lot, which is basically behind the building.

Parts of American Graffiti were filmed in this area, so it may look familiar if you're a fan.

rickh - yes, nicer than Santa. The bald look is quite acceptable, right ladies?

Mrs. PB - please don't follow the word 'brothel' with 'if parking is tight.' I nearly carbonated my sinuses.

My thoughts exactly Annie to both rickh and Mrs PB!

Annie - the bald look is not only acceptable, but often quite sexy (course it's a package deal).

SiouxiepickanameforgoodnesssnakesCruz - I wholeheartedly agree! Purrrrr....

Sportboy "sports" the bald look ... and it's quite sexy on him. I'm keeping him. :-)

The whole hair thing works great for Dave -- but he has his own Sportgirl, anyway. I'm sure she approves!

Mrs. PB-I bet some people go there for the ghosts.

sowwry! better???? LOL

I can tell you a couple of these guys are glad to hear this stuff.

Siouxie....a good Cuban name if I've ever heard one. A Siouxie by any other name would smell as sweet.

*snork* Awwww, Meanie, we loved ya as soon as we met ya! Blurry or whatever ...

aww thanks Jazzzz!!

It's an old Cuban tribe I hear...

oh and Meanie...ya'll look great...blurry...but great (kinda like when I've had a few drinks)

wait..that didn't sound right..I meant the pic looks like when I've had a few...not ya'll looking great :)

I'll shaddup now...

Siouxie: Mom, is that you?

It's so weird. I almost mentioned it yesterday - "Don't pick Siouxie, 'cuz that's my mom!" But she has a very specific, funny, ironic connection to it so I didn't think anyone else would think of it.

She even has a University of North Dakota t-shirt.

So weird! Did I miss a post on this - how did you come across it?

Glad you finally settled on a name Siouxie. UnderConstrucionCruz had a sort of kinky ring to it, though. ('n thanks).

Likewise, Cheryl.

Ann - that was my first EVER nickname way back on Prodigy (for us older folks) I loved the band Siouxie and the Banshees so it was a cool play on my name...Susy

Meanie - wasn't meant to be kinky :) but I like this one...FINALLY!!

I AM the original Siouxie! I am formerly a Custer and my name is Sue (BTW which I hate), therefore Siouxie. THE ORIGINAL. I have an old tee shirt my dad picked up in Vegas in the late 60s that shows Sitting Bull with a raised tomahawk and it says "Custer Had It Coming! Hi Ann! So I am no more a Blurker...Thinking of Dave et al while in Virgina over the 4th -read that in the Gloucester County Sheriff's log someone destroyed a port-a-john by arson to the tune of $2500. Thinking of the Blog while on vacation. Who would do such a thing? and WHY?

That's so funny that you got to Siouxie through a completely different path. I guess there are only so many ideas in the world!

they would always ask if I was Sioux indian...

Siouxie - Have you ever thought about "Petaluma" as a name?

Actually, it's funny this topic would come up... we were discussing a fellow who took a "rotten name" and ran with it... a fellow here in Ontario (where I'm from) named "Richard Shrivels" actually moved to the town Cold Water, Ontario so he could be known as Dick Shrivels in Cold Water. I know, sounds like a "hoax" or lame joke... but it isn't... he has business cards and whatnot.

Now THAT'S taking a crumby name and running with it.

Still, it's no "Petaluma".

I can understand that. It's certianly not a nickname one runs across every day.

is Siouxie the Original your Mom???? Ann?

MJD: That is awful. You Canucks sure got some oddballs up there. You probably missed it b/c it was awhile ago, but the last time this topic came up and I was blurking, I mentioned a real person who was named Crayola Pigface. Why she never changed it, who knows...

Matthew - no I can't say I've thought of Petaluma as a name ...Petaluma Cruz doesn't quite sound right...

Dave, so you and Ridley are in southern Argentina?? No, wait......that's Patagonia. Never mind.


Hey Mom, how 'bout BlueCrabSioux?

Well...I was fine with Susy but it was causing some confusion with Suzy Q - so we talked about it and that's why I decided to change it somewhat...

Or YinzerSioux (even though you aren't) or FloodCitySioux or StillerSioux or LemieuxSioux! I bet I could come up with these all night...now why couldn't I think of anything clever for my own tag way back when?

I just think it's funny that you've both used Sioux forever. It should be fine, even if a little confusing. People think I'm AWBH from time to time (not that I mind).

I don't mind either Ann! I'm totally OK with another Siouxie! it's a great name!

M Didier - Oui Je suis la mere d'Ann. It's me Siouxie -Ann's mom -here in the Burgh! I blurk here now and then..Ann: BlueCrabSioux? not too sure..let me think about that. beats Dick Shrivel..I, er, guess...or not...

See, Mom, this is what setting up an account and then blurking does. Ya gotta comment to have yur name known! (Maybe it's time for the Auxiliary Backup Nickname; I bet no one else has that one...)

Oh. My. God. Ann's mom is Siouxie?

That's so cool! Your mom was the soundtrack for much of my (initial) college experience. She and Adam Ant.

Great to meet you! not too fluent on the french but I get the jist of it....

Jeez, not only do many of the photos on this blog come out blurry, the names are getting all swimmy on me too.

Yeah, you Siouxies are lucky. I never had a fun nickname. Some people have called me Annabelle, but that's just a different name.


I hear ya Meanie!!

Sally: My mom is after this kinda Sioux. Siouxie OKOK is the one you want!

I'm the Original Siouxie only in my little part of the world. My singing might be confused with a banshee however-at least according to my kids.

Sally - I got to see Siouxsie (real spelling) and the Banshees in concert -yes I'm that old

I used to be called 'Annie Fanny', but I finally put that behind me.

I do like my Brazilian futbol team name, though: vrabincha!

Hey! We never called you a banshee! You're just off-pitch!

AWBH: There is a reason that Raggedy Ann and Orphan Annie must die, and I'm sure you understand.

Let's not air the family dirty laundry in a blog, please! G'Nite all.. Low battery on the laptop.

dang! can't seem to pick a name that no one has

Ah, I'd stick with Siouxie Cruz. I mean I had to go ask my mom if she had ever used Siouxie, and that's the only reason she came out of the blurkersphere. She'll probably go right back tomorrow.

Nice pun AWbh!

how about this: Tom Waits lives in Petaluma. And the author Noria Jablonski, who has a short story collection called 'Human Oddities.' And remember 'Spirit in the Sky' by Norman Greenbaum, if you're of a certain age? He was from Petaluma.

are you sure Ann? I know I'm new here and I don't wanna upset anyone.

*raises hand for the 'not upset' category*


I'm fairly old myself, if we're counting opportunities to see S & the Banshees live. I didn't take it (college student, no money), but I could have.

I'm sure!

moray: I'm not of a certain age, but I know "Spirit in the Sky." Great song!

I go by a lot of names; I am also Adam's Aunt.

thanks Lisa :)

Sally: I saw them after college though and they were GREAT!

What did they perform? I'm horrible about knowing who sings what, but I know a lot of songs, from Bach to the Beasties....

Ann, if you click on the link that Sally posted...that should give you an idea. My favorite was their version of the Beatles' Dear Prudence

one of their most popular was Spellbound

Aw, yeah, I like Dear Prudence.

well her version of that song is great! mostly an 80's punk band with a cool female singer ..great sound

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