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July 23, 2006


California has pulled out all the stops for this book tour.



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you guys seem to be stepping a little lighter than normal...NTTAWWT

Well, they arethere. in San Fransisco.

The air is different

Ok, what happened to my post. The There moved up one.

Grrr Arrrrgh.

Two wild & craaazy guys!!!

Was that Peter Pan BMW? Never heard of it. Stay away from the Grinch's Honda, though.

Are you guys flying? Looks like some airplane action with the arms.

Do they have "The Black Moustache's Low Flow Toilets" too?

Did you guys get a new camera?

Do you guys get skymiles for flying like that?

New shirt, Dave? It's orange!

Nice shades, too. Looks like you didn't get much sleep last night.

Have fun tonight.

Looks like they had too many beers & cheez-its too...wasn't Dave's shirt white earlier??? hmmm??

Whoo hoo! Dave's wearing the shirt I gave him!!
(It says Pirate's Union Local #349, Martha's Vineyard - or something close to that!)

I guess the clean clothes pile was REALLY low today!

*gigles knowing Dave is wearing my gift - gets big HEAD as well as big...well, you know*

Are they holding hands? NTTAWWT

Holding hands? It IS San Francisco!

Let's all clap our hands and say "I believe in Daves & Ridleys!! You can FLY!!"

OR just make another mojito - whatever makes you happy...*hic*

With as hot as it is out there, I think they're airing out their armpits.

Where's that pixie dust when you need it....

Punkin - great shirt btw...and the color is SO San Francisco too!

Looks like they get free Beamers....way to Strump!!

Beamers can fly?

Hu gnu?

Love the shirt! It's just so... Punkin colored.

Looks like you guys spent a lot of time at the O'Hare bar during the delay.

California, here we are....
Let's get us a real fine car
We're drivin'; we're flyin'
Up to the stars....

We'll wow you with what we've written
and we're sure you'll be smitten with it!

Remember this guy?

Just don't get that wacko "Tinkerbell" started again, ok?

Back when I was in my "I'm gonna by a BMW" phase, I planned to get the license plate "PORQPYN" and an engraved plate that said "The prick's on the inside." You all know the joke, right?


Peter Pan BMW - for boys who didn't grow up!
or..."for boys who have lost their (Silver)Shadow

Aaargh, Peter Pan BMW is about 15 minutes from my house! So close and yet so far! Dave, what were you doing cruising down the El Camino Real in San Mateo?

I'd guess ... they were lookin' for Peter Pan BMW ... eh?

Isn't Peter Pan's BMW somewhere near Neverland?? >:-)

*snork @ Susan Kosior*

Dave and Ridley kinda look like they are trying to keep their balance during an earthquake.

I own a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow.

(of course, it says "Matchbox Series No. 24" on the bottom, but hey, it's a Rolls!) ;)

grrr. the peter pan page crashed my computer. but so sad, reduced to selling stuff in used car lots, eh??

That pic is fantastic on so many levels.

straight on til morning!

BMW makes cars? I thought they made bikes...


Won't you guys EVER grow up?

California has pulled out all the stops for this book tour.

Did California have any stops left to pull out?

You guys need to come to Springfield, Massachusetts, home of Peter Pan Bus Lines. Especially since each bus has a "Peter Pan" related name, such as "The Prancing Fairy".

Steve, I think they already found the "Prancing Fairy". NTTAWWT

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