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July 23, 2006


We made it to San Francisco. I know this because this morning, when we went out to get breakfast, we saw a man standing on his head on the sidewalk, singing for spare change. He was upside down when we got there, and he was still upside down when we left. Ridley gave him some spare change, because that has to be even harder than a book tour.

Everybody out here is complaining about how hot it is. Right now I would say it is maybe 80 degrees in San Francisco, but people are carrying on as though we're on the surface of the planet Mercury. As far as I'm concerned, this is nothing like what it was like in New York ("The Exploding Pigeon City").


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OK ... just FYI ... Soylent Green will be on TCM @ 1 p.m. (approximately) in the Central time zone ...

Besides that ... 80 degrees doesn't sound so bad compared to yesterday in Nodak ... merely ... suggestin' that we're a hardier group than them NoCal artsy-f@rtsy pantywaists ...

O the U ~

Thanks! I'm not too familiar with all the channels, but we recently got satellite. Is that Turner Movie Channel? Being the good mother I am, I think it's a great movie for my kids this afternoon. :-)

"Soylent Green is peo......."

Oops - don't want to give it away.

Um, Dave.....exactly WHERE did Ridley put the spare change???

Wes' ... I'm interpretin' my guide dealy for it to mean the Turner Classic Movies channel ... hope that correctamundo ...

Yep ... merely finished watchin' the openin' credits ... but Sci-Fi had Dragonfly and a decent MJ Fox flic on @ the same time ... means channel surfin' as I finish my New York Times™ Sunday Crossword ... and blog ...

Another relaxin' day of not much to do ... except fun stuff ...

it's nice to know that Ridley's supporting a fellow "artiste"

Welcome to San Francisco, Dave. I used to live there before moving to Miami. I remember thinking 80 degrees was hot. That was before I moved to Miami.

The cars and homes in San Francisco don't have AC. THat might be why they think it's hot.

Was he singing the "upside down" song?

Imbecile! Don't you know that singing while standing on one's head is a time-honored show business tradition? Besides, it's how we stay cool here on the planet Mercury.

Last week in Wyo it was 101-106 everyday. 80 would be wonderful. But it must be worse in Frisco, cause after all, it's not the global warming, it's the global humidity.

and btw - 80 degrees is NOTHING...that's a cool day here in MiFrigginHotAmi! geeez..stop whining San Fran!

I went to Venice Beach once near LA. There was a guy in a white turban on roller skates, playing an electric guitar. He got kind of famous and was actually in a movie. (As himself, on roller skates.)

Yeah, they're a buncha whiners in SF. Where are the exploding pigeons? The heatstroke victims limply strewn about?

It's always hotter when you're dressed in a wig and padded bra.

Apparently it was hot enough to make a guy stand on his head.

People, bear in mind that Mark Twain once said that the coldest winter he ever spent was a summer in San Francisco. It's supposed to be cold and foggy there in the summer thanks to the inversion layer. Where I live, 15 miles down the peninsula, is much hotter. We hit 100 degrees yesterday. Today is supposed to be a balmy 98. As for being panty-waists, go through a couple earthquakes and then come talk to me. I've seen teeny little tremors turn hard-bitten New Yorkers into quivering masses of jelly.

Just an FYI, it's supposed to hit 103 in Menlo Park where Dave and Ridley will be tonight. I am seriously bummed to miss it! Some friends of ours are moving to Connecticut tomorrow and tonight is our last chance to see them. Jeez, what a pain. ;-)

the late Alistair Cooke said his favorite headline in a S.Francisco paper was "80s Again Tomorrow. No Relief In Sight."

You folks are forgetting one thing. We don't have air conditioners ! It was 102 in San Jose yesterday and supposed to be 103 today. Unfortunately, with a non-air-conditioned car, I won't be able to drive up to Menlo Park today, even if there were 5 Daves there waiting to sign my book...
I guess this is whining. My workplace contributes to the power grid by turning off our A/C every day between 2-6 pm. So we are all a little cranky here.

Now, the San Francisco people are another story...I believe that Mark Twain once said that the coldest winter he ever spent was a summer in San Francisco. 80 is a big deal for them.


If you're close to Chinatown, be sure and try "House of Nanking". Doesn't look like much from the outside, but the food is great and is reasonably priced (which, in San Francisco, is rare).

One of the concierges at the hotel recommended it, but warned us to: 1) Not be put off by the look, 2) Go early, and 3) "Go with the flow", since the service is a bit abrupt.

My wife asked about something on the menu while we were ordering. The waitress asked if we'd been there before, we said "No", and she said, "I'll bring you something good" and walked away. While we were waiting, I noticed a lot of pictures of famous folks (like Chef Paul Prudhomme). The food was great. Good thing we went early too, since the lines were out the door when we left.

Whenever I get into town, that's a place I always go (and sometimes more than once). Hope you have a chance to try it.


Um, never mind. Apparently Mark Twain never said that. But it is true !

O.theU ~ was it good for you too?

My older daughter and I watched it together. Shocking, really, how the story holds up 30-odd years later.

Talk about your global warming....
And I cannot believe I still remembered Edward G. Robinson's lines as he "went home".


After visiting San Francisco during a fog-infested day, I realized that John Carpenter's film was actually a documentary.

Pea soup ain't got nothin' on San Francisco fog.

Steve -- We can't do the House o' Nanking this time, but Mrs. Blog took me there once -- sportswriters know where the good restaurants are in every city -- and it was excellent. We also pretty much ate what we were told to eat.

Feeling only a bit left out, as TCM had something about bird underwear [Pelican Briefs?] here. Not too left out though, as I'm traveling on business. The only thing that makes having to work on the weekend bearable is there is not just one, but two barbeque grills out back of my room int this funky/ bohemian motel. So one has a pork roast smoking on it and I used lump charcoal on the other to sear up a rib-eye. Now I have to wait 30-minutes before I can run across the street and jump in the river. Those damn manatees [family Sirenidae] are true Sirens, trying to lure me to my death: 'CJ, come on out 'n play.' Scheming fat bast@rds!

*snork* at CJRun's bird underwear.

And *snork* at "House of Nanking", although I'm not sure why....

I live in Alameda - it was 98 yesterday, and the previous record was 88. So yeah, we don't have AC 'cause we're not supposed to need it.

Somewhere out there, Al Gore is doing a "neener neener I told you so" dance.

Did Ridley's house lose power during the storms last week here in St. Louis? If so, hope it's restored by the time you guys get here. Ameren WAS giving estimated dates for reconnection when people called. Now the recording says, basically, "your guess is as good as ours."

Oh, come to think of it, I hope the venue for your booksigning has power. I drove through that area last night, and it didn't then.

For the record, here in Morgan Hill, which is the next town south of san Jose (and about 60, 70 miles from SF proper) it was a record-breaking 114 yesterday, and it will be about 113 today. In 20 years of living here that is as hot as I've ever seen it...and this isn't heat index numbering, it is straight 114 degree heat.

And in the middle of the day, at the peak of the hotness, the power went out for 6 hours. I don't have a/c, only about four dozen fans scattered about the house every foot or so, and when them puppies went off the game was over. No just getting by, it was wet towels time.

I only tell you this so you realize that California is riddled with micro climates, every five feet the weather is totally different, and while yes, SF is not used to very hot temps, the outlying areas deal with them every day (except, of course, in winter).

The only other reason I bring this up is because in my neighborhood we seem to have exploding turkey vultures, and none of the debris ever makes it to the ground, it seems to evaporate right there in the air.

Just checked their website, they are open.

Wow - and here in New England we're complaining about too much rain....I'd rather have grass growing over my roof and into my windows than be showered with pigeon guts and vaporized turkey vulture! (A sentence I hope never to write again) And who thought SF wouldn't need AC? I live in frikkin MAINE and we only have temps above 80 for maybe two weeks out of the year - but those two weeks would be KILLERS if we didn't have AC!

Good luck guys!

We not only don't have AC, we don't have a Wal Mart or Burger King (add yer own "I own this brand name" symbol) We do have a traffic light, though. If you don't want to bother with it, you just drive on the other street.

Wes' ... I sorta napped thru parts of it, but I thot it interestin' how much certain aspects held up after 30+ years ... and how much other parts seemed to have been prophetic ... and still other parts showed how much "the more things change, the more they stay the same ..." ... and Chuck Heston as a bent cop is a bit ... odd?

Dave, there is a great diner in Palo Alto (next town south of Menlo Park) called The Creamery that serves excellent milkshakes and burgers, should you be cravin' something substantial after the book signing. Also, Higashi West in P.A. has excellent sushi. Have a great evening!

BTW, when I lived down in Los Angeles, there was a guy at Venice Beach who juggled chainsaws, while they were on. It was one of those horrid-fascination kind of experiences to watch him in action. Another guy juggled flaming torches. Apparently being a street performer in So. Cal is not for the faint-hearted.

Wyo: my bro' lives in Pinedale and used to live in Farson. I can relate. Ten months of winter broken up by 2-months of broiling heat. Gorgeous, though.

ShyJan: my sister is in San Jose and so I knew about the 102. But my brother is in the "cool" northwest in Portland - temperature...104!

So no, 80 doesn't seem too bad. We're in Punkin's "complain about rain" situation - since June 1 we're waterlogged - but it's better than 114.

Hey Jeff and ShyJan!
I grew up in San Jose and most of my family still lives there (including 3 sisters!). The problem with SJ in the summer is: Since it's a valley; when it gets hot, the smog settles in against the foothills and they almost completely disappear. So it's brown and hot. Not a fun combination. At least up here on the Peninsula, we occasionally get some breezes off the Bay to make it a wee bit better.

CJ, they say we've got two seasons, winter and the 4th of July.

Jeff, 104 at my house today too.

Not much strumpeting goes on here. Too bad. Perhaps one day I can catch Dave in Denver or Billings. There is more to the US than two coasts, after all.

O.TheU ~

How true! I thought it was ironic that what wasn't predicted was the clergy shortage we now have. Ten minutes after the bad guy kills the parish priest, there's another one to take his place.

(And it's nice to know that in 2027, I'll still be using my princess phone.)

My daughter's twelve. I told my mom that she and I watched it together today and Grandma was "a bit concerned" that I would subject her granddaughter to such a dark story. Until, of course, I reminded my mother that she took me to the theater to see this when I was, oh, twelve.

(My daughter had the ending pretty much figured out after Sol "went home", but was still shocked, and said it was "creepy". But she liked it. I think.)

And she recognized both Charleton Heston and Edward G. Robinson from "The Ten Commandments" we recently watched a few months ago, too!

Why is such inclement weather following Dave & Ridley? They're like the albatross, precursor of bad luck-
I blame blog-gull warning.

Grew up i south Mississippi. Seasons were summer and Christmas.

Gimmie an "N".

OK, ya got yer n

It's a chilly 96 in central Texas right now. We like the heat as it keeps the yankee visitors indoors and off the streets so we can carry on with our tractor pulls and such.

BTW Nancy, you forgot to add NTTAWWT to your wig and padded bra post...NTTAWWT

Wes' ... also sorta interestin' to see whut wuz done (in moviemakin') all those years ago, and then notice or speculate on how that has influenced (or not) subsequent directors, producers and actors ...

Yeah, the shortage of priests, but not forecastin' the explosion of multiple-varied splinter "religious" groupings, that spawn their own clergy ... mmm?

Bev: my brother lives in Alameda also - plays bass in the "Eagle St. Jazztet". They often play at the Emerald Garden (excellent) and another club whose name escapes me but I think the food they served was Nova Scotian - lots of lamb and potatoes.

Anyway, Dave I recommend Yoshi's for excellent sushi. Also, I'll tell my brother that you're in town, he's not a blogger and never will be, but he's read a lot of your books, and I'm sure he can top the toilet full of snakes if I give him the challenge. Which I will.

I live in Atlanta, which is sort of known for being a little steamy this time of year.I just finished two weeks of physically hard work in totally unairconditioned environments, and let me assure you, I dont feel sorry for the San Francisco people.Even inanimate objects are cranky right now.I saw 2chickens peck a poodle to death this morning.Alright, I didnt, buit it'd be kind of cool, eh?

Annie, Annie, Annie! My hat would be off to you, if I were wearing one. Multiple admiring *snorks* for the set-up and the denouement.

"blog-gull warning" indeed.

Hot fun on the So Cal Coast today....twenty ladies at a baby shower and the hostess with the mostest kept bringing out wet cloths from her freezer for the ladies to drape around their necks.

Book tour not scheduled close to So Cal

The other side of the California weather wimp coin is that in SoCal locals rend their garments and curse the heavens when it stays overcast past 11 a.m. or -- egad! -- rains, unless of course there are brushfires heading for their neighborhood.

As someone from the City of Exploding Pigeons, you might think that this is sour grapes. You'd be right.

I don't know how San Franciscans feel about exploding pigeons but I'd bet there's a city agency devoted to making sure it's done humanely.

I've set the egg timer to see how long before someone posts a heartfelt "Pigeons are people, too" sermonette.

I lived in Pasadena for a couple of years and from what I remember...when it was hot...it was NEVER humid - needless to say I didn't miss the FL humidity

Yeah, that "dry heat" concept makes me think of the fact that a ceramic kiln is also dry heat ... and look whut happens ... whut comes out is as hard as a roc ... um ... lemme get back to you on this ...

uh...yeah...but...it does get cooler at nights (at least that's what I remember)the Al Z Heimer's kicking in perhaps :)

O the U,
Unfortunately, we have rare humidity... Not that I am complaining. I remember my summers on Cape Cod, and that is why I live in California now..although today I wished I live in Alaska.
*runs back to the one room with A/C*
*taking dumb cat with her*

Betsy, I've admired Annie's denouement many times.

Yep ... or whutever it's called ... ( I don't know that many words in French or Italian or whutever that word is ...)

It's French for etchings collection.

Dave and Ridley...Why don't you guys come to Hot Springs? I'll take up a collection to buy one of dem dar book thingys and see if we can find someone to read it to us.

I'll read it, especially if I get to meet Dave & Ridley (not that that's been a qualifier for me to read any of their other books).

snork @ Lairbo's egg timer

well dm, look at it this way: you could have simul'd with worse...maybe.

MtB -

Annie's gonna show me her "etchings"???


... um ... I mean ... I gnu that ... yeah ...

We were in S.F. yesterday and there was a bum walking around with a cardboard sign that read: "Need Beer". When asked about it, he replied: "my mother taught me to be honest"

So what kind did you give him?

It wuz a little cloudy, so I gave him f/8 at 1/125 of a second ...

(Sorry ... really old photography joke there ... never had a chance before to drop it into a conversation ...couldn't pass it up ... sorrrysorrysorry ...)

On the hottest day of the year (So far!) PB and Mrs. PB did what any red-blooded Kalifornian would do - We took a nice drive to Palm Springs. According to the weather sites, it was 119 there - 6 degrees hotter than Death Valley. At the city limits, I fully expected to meet Kerberos.

Now Playing: Styx.

Next on playlist - HIghway to Hell?

Pirateboy! I've been looking for you to thank you for the link to worldwidewords. It's very cool; and my elderly retired-Latin-teacher mother is MOST appreciative when I relay some of the choicer etymologies.

You are indeed a gentleman and a scholar -- or would that be a gentleman and a pirate?

A pirate and a scholar???

Whatever! Thanks!!!



Welcome, Dave and Ridley! from a bookseller at tonight's stop on the tour (Monday, July 24th).

BP's air-conditioning has been working as well as can be expected, but it is predicted to be 100 tonight at our place, so dress lightly. Ya'll do bring in the crowds, and all that humanity will defeat the efforts of our poor ceiling fans...

And here's hoping the guy in the giant blue animal suit does NOT come again tonight as he did last fall on your visit. If he's crazy enough to wear that suit in this heat, we'll have to have paramedics standing by...

Cheers, Tina

Aw, heck. It only reached 109F where I live down San Diego way and less than ten miles from the ocean. I went to Costco, Target and Home Depot to buy a fan but they were all sold out!

Lairbo ~

Ok, I'm sure your sand ran out a long time ago, but...

"Pigeons are people, too!"

People you hate. People who cr@p all over everything, making you want to cut their little people feet off. People who are rats with wings.

From Wessonality!, Animal Lover, People (pigeon) Hater

coo, cooo THIS!

Marfie - I loved the Venice chainsaw man! He used to throw in the occasional bowling ball, too.

And as for the heat debate - I grew up in AZ. Our record is 131. They had to CLOSE THE AIRPORT that day because the tires were melting on the tarmac. We were in our pool. Tell that to the whiners with the 80 degree weather.

SctMGS: Head over to Oceanside and walk out the pier to Ruby's. Just hope that the fishermen lining each side of the pier have coolers for their fresh catches. Or head into SD to Hodad's in Ocean Beach for the best lemonade ever. And good burgers and fries, too.

ps: the pigeons in NYC stopped exploding a couple of days ago. Another week of that heat and we'd've got them all. Mebbe next summer, or next week...

Lair - as much as I hatedislike the beach I think I'd get under the pier (O'side or OB) and cool myself directly in the water.

I work with some people in southern India. They love it when I complain about how hot it is around Boston.

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