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July 31, 2006


Don't. Don't even think about this one. Seriously.

(We refuse to thank The Perts. We are going to start a new category -- Do Not Click This Link -- just for this item.)


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I don't want to even think about it.... ICK -and first...

formaggio marcio WBAGNFARB

and first

Agghhh - Don't go there !

dang judi! too late...I clicked

Casu marzu WBAGNFARB

YUMMY You get your daily dairy and protein allownece all in one bite.

*puts down forkful of leftover spaghetti - buries head in garbage can*

This article is just so wrong.

"a viscous, pungent goo that burns the tongue and can affect other parts of the body."

ohhh YUMMMM!!!

Now why was there a link and a warning to not click the link. I have extra eye bleach if anyone needs it, I listened and did not click.

When disturbed, the larvae can jump for distances up to 15 cm (6 inches),


this was a planned attack...right before lunch, eh Judi?

OK, for once I listened, and didn't click, and am being rewarded by just reading the comments from y'all.


*borrows eye bleach from JoG, applies liberally*

I think I've made this cheese before. That was negligence, though.

I didn't click the link either. For once, I listened.

Food abuse.

I am sad. Very, very, sad.

I just can't believe people actually EAT this...

"Some people clear the larvae from the cheese before consuming; others do not."

picky picky

Ewww! Right before I have to leave for lunch, too... *shudder*

Oh, Judi. That was just unkind. I'm tellin' Dave.

Well, what makes this one less gross is that unlike Friday's soy sauce, there's little chance I've ever had bug cheese unknowingly. On the other hand, we've all eaten bad cheese, and who hasn't eaten bug poo?

formaggio barfalonio.


"with some liquid (called "lagrima") seeping out."

The obstetrician who delivered my child was Dr. Lagrimas.

Straw, when disturbed can your child jump 15cms?

What is wrong with these people? Cheese in their maggots?! Have you ever....?

Some people clear the larvae from the cheese before consuming; others do not.

I hope I do not know any of the "other" people....

It's only 9:15am and this link shot my appetite for the day....

I should link this as "Diet Advice"..

I actually used to like cheese. not so much, anymore.

I love cheese...only not the maggotty kind...thank you very mucho...

"Lagrima" probably has the same roots as "lacrima" which means tears. That means the cheese is crying from being so badly abused.

Also, re: "It is typically consumed with Sardinian bread (pane carasau) and Cannonau, a strong red wine." That wine would have to be REAL strong and consumed beforehand, I think.

While serving in the gulf war, I stopped at a McDonalds restaurant and ordered chicken and rice. The "chicken" was pigeon (it was ok)and the rice was ok if you could catch it. ISIANMTU

Usually consumed with wine? You don't say? I'm assuming copious amounts. And that it actually precedes ingestion of said (for lack of a better term) "cheese."

Voulez-vous fromage icky avec moi?

Just pukin'.

AAAIGH! I was eating yogurt when I read this! URP!

Suddenly I'm thankful for my dairy allergy...

This would probably delicious with some nouc mam [CAUTION: do NOT click if you are bothered by these kinds of things]. This is actually delicious stuff that I grew up using and still keep around.

Wyo, I had the "chicken" in a McD's in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. It's really pretty good.

Wyo, Blurk??? if the "chicken" is pigeon (of the pre-exploding kind judging by the temps over there), what's in the burger?? or what IS the burger??

Fivver, my daughter has been obsessed with jumping lately.

Siouxie, I've learned when eating in some foreign countries, if you gotta ask, you probably don't wanna know.

eaten with pungent red wine?? duh!!!! bottle s and bottles before consuming it..

nouc nam is no where near this, this, ...., gaaaaaaack, retch & shuudddder - oh god, thank you for the Italians banning this - next we'll be seeing it shipped to the US & we'll be told we are anti-Sicilian if we don't gobble it up!! LOL!

ahhh...gotcha blurk...the most foreign place I've gone is mexico -and even there I'm a bit weary of the local cuisine...

What do you call cheese that does not belong to you?

Nacho cheese!

(rim shot)

*runs around in circles, screaming*


Stormy, I purposely didn't go into details on how nuoc mam is made and the wiki definition is pretty sparse on it. And I won't, 'cause it's just plain gross. But I love the stuff, so it goes to show you. I bet this cheese is pretty good stuff, excepting the leaping bits; that's just wrong! [I'll bet making cheese toast would slow 'em down.... Nope; now I gotta clean the oven]

pass the eye bleach please. and a barf bag.

I clicked but only read the first sentence.

I was going to have a cheese sandwich for lunch, but now, probably not....

Ooooh, I should have known better than to click on that link right after lunch and with a mildly upset stomach... I didn't hurl, but I daresay I turned a delicate shade of green.

The Sardinians must be a brave people indeed to eat that cheese. I'm kind of glad that my ancestors come from elsewhere in Italy, though... eeek.

Lagrima (with an accent aigu on the first A) means "tear" in Spanish. Lacrima (no accent) is the Italian form.

I like nuoc mam, too, CJ. I didn't know about the ingredients in it, though now that I do, I don't think I'll stop eating it.

did my response with toe cheese dfinaition get deleted?

Some people clear the larvae from the cheese before consuming (TMI); others do not. Double TMI!!

24 - "I hope I do not know any of the "other" people..." agreed!

Chaz - it's on the "finicky blog" thread...I know...I responded...again thanks!!! *gag*

"It's the most beautiful gift you can give a Sardinian shepherd." Man, I feel sorry for those guys!
Insert surreal love scene here...

I had a great red wine named Lacrima Christe (tears of Christ) in Pompeii. The grapes are grown on Mt. Vesuvius.

That's nuthin,' last summer a local paper ran an article about all the maggots located inside several mexican 'lunch trucks.'
Dunno what kind of cheese they use, though...probably queso de puko...

sorry...I get confused when there are too many cheese stories...and too many snake stories

post all ya want about boobs though

sssokay Chaz...I'm still waiting for judi to start posting for the gals (iykwim)...

she should alternate...blog posts I mean...

Okay, let's all start chanting...

"more new posts"
"more new posts"
"more new posts"

Okay, now everyone who couldn't eat lunch:

*No more cheese!*
*No more cheese!*
*No more cheese!*

"what 24 & Meanie said"
"what 24 & Meanie said"
"what 24 & Meanie said"

Huh? Somebody say sumpthin about bazoomage posts?
You have my attention.

I love cheese.

LOVE it.

So much so, that my AIM ID is AngECheese.

But I refuse to eat any cheese that is recommended only eaten with eye protection.


uh-oh, who woke up Blurk?

he *perked* right up huh???

Still waitin', judi.

*taps foot impatiently*

'It's the most beautiful gift you can give a Sardinian shepherd.'

Deep into the night, far up the side of the mountain, through the gentle breeze, you can hear the sweet voice of a Sardinian shepherd whispering to Formaggio Marcio: "I sure wish I could quit you, but I am perversely curious as to how you would taste drenched in Hair Soy Sauce...."

Add this cheese to Punkin's disgusting food menu from the other day.



Thanks mucho for that "AVISO" about the maggot-ridden Mexican Lunch Trucks. I do a lot of work in/near construction sites in Florida, so the taco trucks are a very common sight. Thus far, though, I've never actually bought food from one, though I've considered it before.

Never will consider it again. Ay caramba.


"No image available"

Saints be praised!

I think I saw this stuff on TV once... on a Ripley's Believe it or Not or a top 10 grossest foods ever show...


Taco Trucks?

In SoCal, the locals (the ones I've werked with) call 'em Roach Coaches ... merely ... passin' on a vernacular nomenclature ...

*heads to kitchen to take swiss cheese off sandwich already made for tomorrow's lunch*

If no one else will say it, I will - I hear that it tastes like chicken.

Decomposing, maggot-infested chicken - but chicken.

Oh my... why is it that I never listen to the unsolicited advice given in emails to not click on these links...

Although it went well with the column... If you ever want to lose weight, read that description again and see how much you want to eat afterwards...

Wiggly cheese anyone? (If the worms can jump 6 inches... I wonder if bored shepherds ever have distance contests?)

Will took my line. No Image available. Why are the dates on these posts a month old ? Just askin,.

What makes this one less gross is that unlike Friday's soy sauce, there's little chance I've ever had bug cheese unknowingly.

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