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July 31, 2006


Competitive Texting

(Thnx 1st to Betsi Freeman)


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Scnd !


Tird ! ?

Tht I wz aln fr a sec.



Fif !

Danmd kyes !

Have I lost my mind or was there some gratuitous info about fish in that article?

I read this the other day and just thought...wow...if only they'd do the SAT's in txt message mode - our teens would sail through to college.

24 - yes. Fish were definitely on the menu.

*snrk @ mene!*

1337 skillz!

Yeah, I had "fingers of fury" when I was 18, too...

Fingers of Fury WBAGNF...a porn movie??

*must get mind out of gutter*

No Siouxie kp it rt thr

just so you know.,..most people dont abrievate anymore with the addition of predictive text and such

it finishes words for you, making a paragraph go QUICK


Siouxie - what are you thinking? Blurk has been awoken and now he's out of control!

Siouxie-Punkin would be proud!

Chaz-I've have that feature on my phone. It works with potentially comical results. ;-)

*snork* @ Lairbo

Ooops, make that "I have"

BTW, did anyone warn Mary about today's blog content. She's probably runnin' out of Sharpies by now. I sent the last shipment, it's somebody else's turn.

*points up...Lairbo started it!*

*throws a bucket of water @ blurk*


Lisa - I'm honored to keep our minds in the gutter while Punkin's away...

Blurk -- I've got whole new issues to deal with now. I told my dear, sweet, widowed mother about the blog, how great it was, etc. and she looked up the photo and started reading.

I don't know that she'll ever see me the same way again.

Oh, Mary! Don't introduce her to Blurker or Siouxie - they are bad, bad, bad!


hmmm oh hi mary! sharpie??

Uh-oh! We've got the kids AND grandma.

Hi, I'm blurk. A nice young man who tries my best to keep all the other bloglits here from mentioning inappropriate things or making crude jokes.

*where's that damn halo polish?*

Lisa...it seems your computer keyboard also yeilds comical results. ;-)

*cough* sure blurk!

am i going to be first to point out that musically challenged said "turd"?

Betsi - yes, but he miss-spelled it.

*waves innocently @ grandma*

I'm only taking over for Punkin - I'm not usually this *outspoken*...I'm really VERY shy...really

Hi Souxie -- Nothing personal to you or Blurk. But I'm going to have to look into finding a Sharpie that can be used electronically. Or maybe I can at least get Grandma's computer put on a 7-second delay...

Hi Souxie -- Nothing personal to you or Blurk. But I'm going to have to look into finding a Sharpie that can be used electronically. Or maybe I can at least get Grandma's computer put on a 7-second delay...

Oops. See, you've got me so nervous I'm repeating myself.

Yeah, Siouxie!! Mind your manners!!!


huh???? where?

You people better behave or else I'll have to sharpie sharpie sharpie your sharpies!!!

Double-posting Mary:

Maybe you could get one of those modest 'faces' to hover over the bluer items, as in the ejecting outhouses. There is no WAY, I would ever direct Mom to This Blog, though she does know I frequent it and thinks live-blogging 24 may be the silliest thing she has ever heard of. That's a standard I am convinced I can exceed, just to keep her on her toes.

If I ever directed my mom to this blog she'd wash my mouth out with soap.

My Mom was a huge fan of Dave, rest her soul, and I think she'd crack up at the blog!

*going home now - be back in a bit - maybe* (if blurk behaves!!!)

24??? I KNOW you're lurking about acting all innocent like!!!

sorry - I have been otherwised tied up. I'm out soon, Siouxie, have a good night!

HA!! there you are and a simul to boot!!

wow - it's my night!

Blurk -- I've got whole new issues to deal with now. I told my dear, sweet, widowed mother about the blog, how great it was, etc. and she looked up the photo and started reading.

I don't know that she'll ever see me the same way again. Posted by Mary the blogkids mom

Mary--That's why I use an iron-clad pseudonym.

Chaz-Unfortunately, that's just me. :P

Maybe I shoulda used a fake e-mail address.
Mom knows my name.
*kicks himself*

LBFF -- Great. NOW you tell me. I am so naive when it comes to this stuff. CJrun - send me a case of those faces, and maybe some blue dots while you're at it for variety.

am i first?

Hah! Blurk is another CJ. We're taking over! Mine is anonymous, but way too many people know it's me anyway; I've had the address forever as my 'junk' account.

Blurk, you could always fake your death and get re-born as a new blogger. Sure, it's a little extreme, but you'll save yourself from a lot of embarassment if Mama Blurk ever saw some of your posts!

Did someone here just text me?

Is that you?
And what's with the menu?

OOH! A blog death. Sounds kinda ominous.

puppytoes-Only in our hearts, sweetie.

I think ninja Siouxie took Blurk out on the text messaging post.

You children are going to hell!

all our kids, or just mary's

Whrs Bangi whn u nd hr?

blurk?? need help with your demise? *borrows evil grin from 24*

I suppose I could fake my death and move to somewhere like...Montana.

Oh, wait...

would your new nickname be "blurkernomorenomore"?

Maybe blurkernomorenevermore.
Poe for short.

Just another reason to love Blurk...Here's a guy who strikes fear in the heart's of the toughest son's o b@&$hes in the world, but cares what his mom thinks as to no hurt her feelings. If I were not married to Ms. Jazzz, I'd ask him.

Jazzzz, it's not so much as to not hurt her feelings. The last time mom "whipped" me I was 26 years old, home on leave. I had been through Desert Storm, was a policeman and a Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force. I made the mistake of sitting down at her dinner table with a hat on. Right after the broom hit me in the side of the head she only had one thing to say: "Did you forget your manners, boy?" My response (as I was quickly removing my hat), "No, ma'am."

Oh, and I should add: My mom's profession?
She's a child psychologist.

ohhhh BLURKER?????

you say somethin' boy???? *WHACK* upside the head!

If only this country (and world) had more moms like your's, Courtesy, respect and doing the right thing would be the norm, not the exception. Tell her "job well done". ( and by the way, Thank you for what you do for all of us so we can sit and solve the serious issues of the day on the blog instead of dodging missles)

blurk - I think it's sweet that you respect your mom...seriously.

I agree Jazzzz! and I join you in thanking blurk, Wyo and other brave men & women like them for their service to our country...

*steps off the soapbox* (knows blurk is trying to peek)

Siouxie that's not a hidden camera in my bag.


Come on people. You didn't really think I could stay serious for long did you?

I thought you knew me better than that.


don't you make me bring MommaBlurk out again!!

Come on, Siouxie!! I'm fightin' terrorism here!!

blurk' ... Wyo' ... and them others ... welcome home ...

and ...

ditto whut 24-aholic said ... verbatim ...

*sigh* OK blurkie...on behalf of the women of the female gender on this here blog...and to thank you for your bravery...

(((((((((((((((HUG)))))))))))))) (sorry but the ramparts aren't as voluminous as Punkin's)

Thanks, everyone...seriously. I've been doin' this for a long time; 3 1/2 more years and I can retire. I'll be 39. Mrs. Blurk is scared to death that I'm gonna have to go back again. I hope I do, but she has different ideas. Go figure.

D@mn...I'd rather stay and shoot bull, but some acquaintances called and invited me and Ms. Jazzzz to dinner... "Oh, and could Liz (landscape architect) look at our yard and give us ideas?" She winds up losing $, But what ya gonna do? Later..

Later Jazzz! & blurk - we'll block that barn door so you stay put!!!

gotta go have dinner with the girls...smoochies and later!

We're going to need a bigger keyboard.

Anyway, what else is there to do in Provo anyway?


"The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human."

omg, ths prnhas r go 2 eat u!!!!

Sorry I'm late, but I couldn't type the text message fast enough. My Crackberry has one of those "predictive text" things and I hate it. I usually end up screaming something like, "Don't f*ckin' tell me what I wanna type!!!"

Blurk, sorry about the language. If your Mama sees it she won't let us play together anymore. And I sure don't wanna get a swat in the head with her broom. I got my own Mama for that and I'm 49.

(PS - Thanks for your service to our country).

Speaking of "service to our country"..
this is a legitimate site. Check it out! You can send free cards to our servicemen over fighting the good fight thanks to Xerox. It's a sweet thing to do!

Syerra - thank you for that website. I sent my card in.

You can also go to Treats For Troops and send a gift to any soldier. For that matter, you can also go to Any Soldier and have a gift sent to a soldier who does not get much mail. I did this at Christmas. Even though I don't know who received my gift, it felt good to know some soldier received a gift he / she wasn't expecting.

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