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July 29, 2006


They're escaping, probably with the aid of squirrels. And not to alarm anybody, but: apparently they're trying to catch planes.


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*packs bag to go live on International Space Station*

"Boa Constrictors can be dangerous, but they are not, they are actually a family animal, reptile," Apsey said."

thanks but I'm sticking with a non-reptile family animals...

*takes the "a" back

Crap. Now that I know there's a Cosmic Blob in space (which will probably turn out to be made of frikkin SPACE SNAKES ), I have no where left to run.... *curls up in fetal position and rocks*

OKAY - what am I doing wrong with the italic thingy?????????

make it stop

I don't know I feexed the other one

ok - there

*hugs Siouxie - promises never to use her italicizing powers for evil ever again*

The evildoers could use it against US!!

*hugs* Punkin ;)

My son lives in Amsterdam and is totally jacked up about the immenent release of
Snakes on a Plane.

I hope he didn't have anything to do with this!!!

Yes, I know I misspelled a word ^up there, but it's too hot and humid here in su.so.ca. for me to care enough to change it.

Punkin, Siouxie, et al: </i>

Thanks, fud...... *offers him a full chest hug*

Thanks, Punkin

*hopes it's not the crushing kind*

fud - thanks to your previous lessons in html, that's what I did to stop it :)

"The boa returned home, but it appears it had been hit by a vehicle."

The boa returned home? That snake is smarter than my dumb but lovable dog. Get it outta there.

And how about the lovely editing in the other link? "The fist snakes were apparently released in the area by someone who did not want to keep them as pets anymore."

Fist snakes? Are those, like, sock puppet snakes?

(How do you turn on italics, by the way?)

Cat R. -

see my 12:02 post on this thread

Sorry, that's 12:02 PM on the 27th.

fudYOUARESOtheman ~

Thank you!

Snake Plague WBAGNFARB, not to mention a sequel to this.

Squirrel Intrusion W also BAGNFARB.

From the airport article:

...and come up with proposals to remove them.

That works with a lot of guys too.

Female: "I think we should get married."
Male: "Gaaaaaaaaaaa!" (Runs away.)

Actually, since that one works pretty well, I wonder why they feel they need a group to come up with others.

Hey - A possible real life Snakes On A Plane! Where's Sam Jackson?

(which by the way is supposed to be a hilarious concept but I just don't get.)

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