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July 17, 2006


Number 8,47aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!

(Thanks to Andy the tropichunt.com guy)


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How do they get the chickens to do that?

That's great, except when said CBS series "expires" before the eggs do.

Hey - I guess the Allah Egg was just marketing. Maybe a promo - see how it went over and all before they went all out.

CBS - "Don't forget to take your statins ."

CBS - "Try our CSI eggs (Cooked Severely Internally)"

what's on tv tonight, dear?
i'm not sure, let me go check the fridge.

This all begs the question...

Which came first, the TV Pilot or the egg?

"24" will soon be advertised on chicken thighs.

SNORK at crossgirl.

Isn't the following the very definition of harassment:

The campaign is part of what the network is calling its "Outernet strategy," an effort to reach viewers "outside their homes as they go about their daily lives,"

That's actually not a bad idea. Everybody sees eggs; it'd reach a large audience. Whether it makes them want to watch CBS or not is another story.

I am; however, all for 24 doing this type of advertising assuming Kiefer is waiting for me on Monday nights to watch the show whilst canoodling on my couch.

Actually, I think Annie has hit it right on the head. Advertise on chicken thighs.

"Jack Bauer missed stabbing me here! Watch 24 on Fox!"

"Jack Bauer's targets never tasted THIS good..."

"Finally, something Jack Bauer can kill AND eat..."

tropichunt guy, I just hope it has nothing to do with Katie Couric and ovulation!

this is eggactly what TV needs...after all,they have been laying eggs for years

(and that don't happen often)

Egg-coding is a job? I truly do not remember having this available on my college curriculum. Is it an elective? A major? A certificate?

Maybe an eggstra credit class,KOW?

I was glancing at my Dave Barry-a-Day calendar and couldn't help but notice that the subject, (males shopping/yaks)Primitive Yak Whomping, wbagnfarb.

I can't wait until I open the carton and see, "I just got laid by CBS," right on the egg.

I'm not surprised. CBS is just a shell of its former self. Nothing eggstrordinary comes from them anymore. They've become quite the yolk of the town.

Lots of folks work at and for CBS. Aren't you a little tired?

If you watch CSI, you know that any associations with food are not going to be pleasant.

It might work with "24." The ad could read, "If Jack Bauer ate, he would eat me!"

I dunno, eggs sit in my fridge for extended periods of time, until I get an urge for boiled eggs or something eggy. Like, I boiled 8 of the little guys yesterday. No ads on them, or if there were, I didn't notice....


Snakes on Planes.

Ads on eggs.

My boggling mind needs a nap.

They may stop doing this, if their headquarters gets egged with their own adverts. (not condoning, not suggesting, just commenting)

new CBS show: How I Met My Breakfast

Time for some bud-nipping yall... If we buy eggs with advertising, the next thing we know, they'll be laser-etching potato chips, screen-printing apples, and all kinds of crap. When you open the carton to check for broken eggs and see the CBS eye...buy brand X instead...

They DO have etched chips. Got some Pringles and thought they were moldy. Turned out it was some promotion in GREEN ink. Of all the stupid colors they could have chosen, they chose one that looked like mold... The writing was blurred and I couldn't read them, and the green stain made them look disgusting. Haven't bought Pringles since. If I find something like an egg w/ ads, that's a brand I'll never buy again.


Why can't it be snakes?!?!!?

Wow, I wrote the etching company to tell them I'd never buy eggs with ads, and one of the veeps wrote me a long email back saying how wonderful the etching technology was, and how it got overshadowed by the ad story. I wrote him back to say who cares, I'm still never buying Ads on an Egg. :)

The story goes on to say: "Other networks have tried offbeat ways to attract viewers, such as putting messages about shows in public restrooms ..." Just which shows were promoted in public restrooms?

When you think BM, think of this Friday's Barry Manilow special - "This One's For You"

You tell 'em, Ryan!

Wally, I remember when that happened. It was some new show starring George Wendt, I think, and they made a huge deal out of this advertising-in-restrooms stunt. Shockingly, the show still went down the -- well, you know.

Hey, don't d!ck with my breakfast.

What I can't believe is that someone actually thought this would be a GOOD idea. And someone else, someone with a significant amount of clout at CBS, actually agreed. And that's frightening.

I'll bet they go on vacation to Florida, and randomly throw fish at alligators.


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