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July 21, 2006



(Russell Mc sent in a ham from the "Son of Cooking with Seven-Up" section, and the s.b. went on to sob her way through the "Patty Cake" book. Find your own way; the man's a genius.)


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Lileks is a Genius.
Check out the motel postcards and the bleats before you go.

Awesome, FIRST!

These are great of course, but I still say he needs to include the Weight Watchers recipe cards, ca. 1974.

Read the commentary; priceless.

I came across this site a couple of weeks ago - at 5:30 - right before heading out for dinner at a "Hometown Buffet - needless to say, I didn't eat much! Did the food they cooked for those photographs really look that bad? No wonder the incidence of obesity in the 50's wasn't as high as today! BLECCCHHHH!!!

Brilliant Link Jeff - glad I skipped lunch. The fish bals woulda done me in!

OOps! Let me toss an extra l up into that post.

Lileks...wasnt that a Canadian Hockey Player...?

oh no wait, Lileks Garrit...right?

Ok, I'll be the one to ask it. Fish got balls?
And that musta been one helluva fish!

I've been known to piss away as much of my working hours on Lileks as I do here in the blog. What a job!
Don't forget to visit the Institute of Official Cheer....


(I don't know how to post a link)

I agree wtih you 100 percent, Judi. Always good to see Lileks getting a plug!

how did I live this long without reading Banana Rama? How will I ever be able to eat a banana again?

Boogzy's link.

ewww - those meat recipe pics are just gross...

As a matter of fact I was strolling through the Dorcas mens clothing gallery earlier. Yesterday I went through the Art Frahm gallery. That one's pretty unbelievable - sketches from the 50s depicting women with skirts billowed up and their panties around their ankles. WTF???

Wait a minute...dorks got their own clothing gallery? What's in the accessory department...pocket protectors?

No pocket protectors. But there is plaid. Lots of plaid.

This was quite good.

Jeff, I laughed so hard at the Weight Watcher's cards that I cried. My Emotional Support Dog came into the office to make sure that I was okay, I laughed so hard.

oh, the art frahm stuff with the celery is my FAVORITE thing on the site, straw ;)

Always glad to help, marfie. We all need a good laugh now and then.

I second that Judi, it's like what Norman Rockwell would paint if he were a perv.

I have to say, my horizons have been expanded in ways that I never dreamed of since I started hanging out in this blog. Who knew this stuff existed?

I know, obviously, YOU all did....

I have all of his books, including Interior Desecrations and Mommy Knows Worst. Truly hilarious!

*private snork to SusyUnderConstruction*

Oh my god, they snuck into my grandmother's kitchen and photographed the roast!! I'd recognize that charred hunk of fat anywhere!

Thanks for the link thing Jeff. I wanna play, how do I do it?!

A friend of mine gave me the book version of this a couple of years ago for my birthday.

Oh my goodness. Thank you, this link has increased my productivity this afternoon. I have spent the last hour trying not to urp up my lunch, and thus recreating artful pics of some of this food.
And this totally explains why I hate jello and anything that comes in an artful, decorative mold...

Suzy Q - thought you'd get a kick outta it! :)

I love Lileks and was introduced to him, in a manner of speaking, by DB.
And once a while back on his blog he posted some gorgeous pics of I think a Russian museum or a museum with lots of Russian stuff and it was beautiful and I sent him an e-mail and told him I was a DB blogit and he answered and said very cool stuff about Dave!

Boogzy: rather than trying to explain, check this site.

absolutely brilliant, hilarious, and i cant stop laughing. Oh, the humanity.


(think of it as closing what you opened before the a) followed by whatever you want us to read (as "this site" on my previous comment), ending it all with

See why it was easier jsut to send you to the site?

Just hold the back seat while I start to pedal, gimmee a little push...okay, leggo! No wait...don't leggo, DON'T LEGGO!!....Hey wait, I'm doing it! I'm GEEKING!

And thanks for the push Jeff.....

Jeff - your Weight Watchers link - I am in public and people are looking at me funny. Can't breathe!

Congratulations (and SNORK), Boogzy!

Judi and Straw:
Don't miss the Podcast for the "Art Frahm Code." Think Da Vinci code, but more believable...

Go look for the BBQ FROGS at Lileks. This site deserves a Pulitzer.

thanks will. i have to remember to listen to that tonight!


in case anyone didn't know how to FIND the celery=gravity link :)

"The melon mould ate the celery log and is thr@wing up."

Boogzy: way to go! You get your HTML Badge!

Judi's celery link.

KDF: always aim to please. Did you check the other links from the Weight Watchers page? Like Mexican Wrestler Baby and Friends guard the Fluffy Mackerel Pudding?

/me kicks/bans fbigfieh

damn I miss IRC!!!

"I can't see anyone pulling out their collection on a winter's night and amusing themselves with 50 year old cookie recipes."
I collect old cookbooks just for that reason - I'm not making this up!

Hey Pamela! I collect old cookbooks, too! My favourite is a recipe pamphlet from, I believe the early 30s. In it there is a recipe for roast duck dinner that basically says: Kill, drain, de-feather, peel back flesh, and roast duck in hot oven untill done. While the duck is roasting, boil water to wash sheets (blood stained from the duck murders? Not sure.), clean windows and draperies, sweep and wash floors, chop wood, milk cow, feed chickens, can the fruit, mend clothes, make breakfast, wake rest of family.....

And then people say "Ah, I long for the 'good old days'".



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