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July 26, 2006


It's not for the faint of heart.


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Let me be the FIRST to say that Waywayanda is not agnf anything.

I think the probing question here is, "what kind of sex toy?"

sex toy, horse head? send a message? is this America?

*snork* @"sex toy glued to her windshield"!

of course a severed horse head could never "chase" anyone. *eeeewww*

"Someone is trying to send her a message," said Lt. Pierce Gallagher told the news service

no sh!t sherlock!

glad to know the police in Wawayanda is on da ball!

Yikes, and I thought our local politics was bad.

"I was hysterical," she told the Mid-Hudson News Service.

At first, I thought it said "It was hysterical."

I need coffee and/or beer.

Matt - I read that too...the first time. I thought wow...she's nuts! and she's running for office - what else is new?

It must be the glue making constituents trying to make a case.

A horse is a horse of course of course,
but they don't know whether it was a corpse
That is of course,
because the horse,
had clearly lost its head.

*snork* Brad!

*horse snork* Brad

They do not know if the horse was dead before its head was removed.

But it sure was afterwards.

Thanks for the *snorks*. OK, the other question this begs is what has to be done when a horse head is found in the pool. My condo association has a big enough circus every time someone finds a turd in the pool. A horse head has to be worse, no?

I'm sure someone was just foaling around and it got out of hand. Canter anyone take a joke? I trot the blog had more of a sense of humor.

*whinny* at Brad.

Horsehead gets into a pool. The pool tender says, "Why the long face?"

I grew up near there.....anybody got a problem with dat?

Problem? Neigh - not me, at least not any mare. The mane thing is that you don't live near there now (I wish I knew how to do italics in the blog, it would come in sooo handy). Right, Annie?

I blame Wilbur

Sex toy glued to her windshield? What are they gonna do next, slip one of those remote control fart machines into her purse?

They're teying to send her a message alright, it's "neener neener neener."

Brad, so how often are these turd finders successful?

(reminder to never buy a condo near Brad)

someone has seen The Godfather too many times...

"Someone is trying to send her a message"? Sounds more like "Someone is making her an offer she can't refuse" to me.


"Somewhere Wawayanda
Way up high
There's a horse's head in my pool
Why oh why?"

(Seriously though, I'm not a Godfather aficionado, but this is a death threat, right? I wonder what Congressional District is Wawayanda?)

"turd finders" - another sad name.

"Someone is trying to send her a message," said Lt. Pierce Gallagher told the news service. "

YA THINK there clouseau, huh? [i know, somebody else said this already, but it was too good to pass up and i couldnt think of any more horsie puns]
and a snork at a whole bunch of you because i'm still giggling.

Brad..."every time"??? It happened here once in 16 years, and all hell erupted, with police, board of health, close-circuit TV, and god knows what else.

(While we didn't resort to DNA testing, it was traced to a disgruntled "guest" -- last seen disappearing into the distance with his "host". Needless to say, adult beverages were involved.)

search the condo pool
for seven dollars an hour
woe, the turd finder

for the turd finder
the worst thing that could happen
would be succeeding

hi, how was your day?
not too bad, found three big ones
( ) and the crickets chirp

Y'know, when I saw "Wawayanda", I assumed this was yet another story from some primitive not-yet-on-my-map country on the other side of the world. Hudson Valley, hmmm?
As I recall the Bill of Rights, it covers speech, the press, and the right of the people peaceably to assemble and address the gummit for a redress of grievances. I'm pretty sure there's nothing in there about horses...

of course a severed horse head could never "chase" anyone.

Well, if you tied a halter to it and pulled it around the pool it could.

OK, I'll go quietly.

Don't these people know that first you make 'em an offer they can't refuse and then you cut off the horse's head?

Brad, is Turd in a Pool going to be the followup to Snakes on a Plane?

marfie: to start and to end; italics in between

Whoops - that was dumb: <> with an i in between, then the same with a slash (/), with an i after the slash.

Thanks, Jeff. You da man!

like this?

Jeff, Like this?

Yeah - I did it! I haven't been this excited since..wow, that's just sad!

Hey, cool! But it italicized everything, not just the word I had between the two sets of <>'s. I'm going to go check that great HTML link that got posted a while back on links to see if I can fine-tune this puppy. Thanks!

*sweep sweep*


I can't get that to work for me either...it ends up in italics WITH the "/i" on there too. Been way too long since I've done html and I'm too lazy to review so I use ""'s


*Private message for you-know-who*

e-mail issues this morning. Tryin' to get it fixed.

you beat me to it, Mary in Kourou! :-)

"Soro has been in the center of tussles over hot-button issues in town, such as growth and planning"

Yeah, um...I can see why emotions might be running high.


I think Wawayanda is more fun to say than Petaluma ... even more funny after a few adult beverages.

I used to live Ovayanda but I moved to Thishereplace.

*snork* @ovayanda!!

We have a vewy intewesting stowy now from Wawayanda.

Belated thanks to Siouxie. I've been over on that other thread gettin' nekkid.

"She has had her rear windshield wiper bent and a sex toy glued to her..."

I hate it when this happens to me. I always feel bad for all those who are forced to stand behind me & suffer from my unshielded wind, especially after my wiper gets all bent out of shape (I usually then have to go out & hire another one). As for having sex toys glued to me, well I find that duct tape works the best, despite the sticky residue...

OK, Chaz, where are ya?

I really don't understand what any would have done to deserve vandalism with sex toys and horse heads. It's just really weird.


And that's the LAST time I let someone glue me to a windshield!


I am here...we are playing a game of follow the leader thru the broken blog...who's the leader now?


You're still it.

I'll lead; anything to keep ahead of Cathar's rear wind [snorks @ C.].

I sent this story to Dave when it broke yesterday, but he left out the photos!

There's no direct link, so go to:


and scroll down to "Latest Photo Gallery Updates" in the center column. Click on "Horse head harassment." You'll get a photo of the actual horse head (riveting), plus a number of photos of the woman and her pool (much less riveting).

He both said and told them? Does anybody read these articles before they're posted?

I can't believe that it is up to this New Blurker (New Blorker?)to point out that Horseheads, NY is less than 200 miles away from Wawayanda...what're the odds?

Zardoz - you are right! How could I forget...I'm so ashamed.

btw - that councilwoman looked scarier than the horsehead. (non-funny note - I was saddened to see that the horse did not look elderly at all. Hopefully in such a small town they'll be able to trace the horse back to its owner.)

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