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July 10, 2006


(Thanks to Philintexas)


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Wow, I liked his reason for looking like that, There are gangs attacking people with Leeches.

Man, that sucks.

*reminded of the scene from Stand By Me when they got covered in leeches and the one kid had one down the front of his underwear - still cringing at that thought*

Leeches on my Sak,.....ewwwww!

something a little suspicious in his bearing

That's probable cause in Phuket? Or did the cop hear a squeaky wheel?

What a sad Sak!

attack of the killer leeches...only on his upper body? riiiiight!

See swamp snails sap Sak's spirit.

I blame glowworm bleeding.

You have to love the style of the writing though, no matter how funny the names and the situation. When's the last time you saw name interpretation and outright sarcasm in a news article around here?

Sometimes you just have to say Phucket.

" Vigorous Sak " WBAGNFARB

Took the words right outta my mouth (fingertips) Addicted!!

OK, OK, I'll be the one to say it.
Queer News in the Phuket Gazette?
And for Annie's sake: NTTAWWT.

Candy - "name interpretation and outright sarcasm in a news article" - let's call this genre - "sakcasm."

Sounds like if Sak had some more dong, none of this would have happened ..

blurkie - for MY sake? Are you serving sake?

Sean, he probably had a lot of dong until they put him in the same cell as the girlfriend that he left stranded and bleeding.

Annie, yesshh I are.

I took the name-interpretation offered for Sak to mean that he was some kind of fer'ner.

I want to know what culture to blame for spawning that lamer.

Does anyone else think Dave fed this story through BabelFish a few times?

"A dose of tough natural justice"

"a young ne’er-do-well from Ranong"

"something a little suspicious in his bearing"

Then there are the place names:

"Chao Fa West Rd." (where you can get some bitchin' American food!)

"Lamphun secondhand goods shop" (There's fun, and then there's Lamphun)

"Chalong Tambon Administration Organization" (where he once worked in the Department of Redundancy Department)

"he wandered into nearby Land and Houses Village 7" (and sought aid from The Handle of the Farmer)

"They searched for more than two hours but found no sign of the mighty Sak." (a complaint common to women everywhere)

All in all, a story we won't soon Phuket.

In a Thai prison, he won't be exchanging his dong. In Thailand he will be offering his bhat for survival.

"Leeches on Patrol"!!!.....gnfarb

Requisite *snork* at insom. I don't know how you do it, man.

i just need to add my ewwww. EWWWW! and one yuck.

GNFAB: Mighty Sak

First Album: Young Ne’er-do-wells from Ranong

A young ne'er do well from Ranong
Could not tell the right from the wrong.
And he ran out of luck
Cause his getaway sucked.
As for bail, he fell short by a dong.

I suspect a slow news day, so they just took a page out of Carl Hiassen's novel "Skinny Dip" and changed a few names and details ...

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