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July 27, 2006


But can we point out that Marijuana Gumballs WBAGNFARB?

(Thanks to sthnbelle)


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brownies, gumballs, why not?

"When it comes to drug dealing, you're only limited by your imagination."

How true that is.

THe biggest problem is trying to keep the gumballs like.

SAme thing with nicorette patches...just can't seem to smoke them effectively.

Oh, and....first?

I never had a problem being the first and only one to chew 18 gumballs at the same time. They never understood my behavior later in the day when I was verrrrry relaxed.

Oh, wait...that's the smoke from the coffee shops here in Amsterdam...nevermind...

actually....this may be a good answer to the problem of hyperactive kids in the classroom. hmmmm. with the right marketing...

Egad...failed on all counts...throws "lit" up to plaster over "like"...

*leaves, sobbing quietly*

is that the inspirational speech the officer would make at D.A.R.E.?

Are gumballs a gateway candy?

I once baked my famous M&M cookies with some o' dat in them. Color coded - all green M&Ms= verrry relaxing.

but the smiley faces are co sute!

yes, next comes LSD licorice

MrBill - you mean like Dave & Ridley in the Gateway City?

or, um, so cute. NO, I'm not chewing.

***tips hat to sthnbelle**** I sent this in also, but you must be quicker...

yay for sthnbelle!

oh and...YOU GOTTA SWALLOW?????

I would just like to point out that you are Not supposed to swallow gum.

Siouxie, yes. And how many times have you asked that particular question?

Um, Siouxie, where exactly are you going with that comment?

geez you guys! get those filthy minds outta the gutter! I meant the GUM!!!

Blurk - personally, never asked
24 - uh...nowhere?? (smiles innocently)


I'm out. See you all in the a.m. have a wonderful night blog buddies.

AKFAT, if you can't keep it lit, I would claim Gumball Warming.

niters 24!!!

Where can I get some of them gumballs?

No, wait...I'm in the military...and a policeman.

*kicks the ground and walks away mumbling "I don't EVER get any marijuana gumballs"*

I'm gonna need plenty of those gumballs and or lots of alcohol tonight - my daughter is having a pizza party with about 20 teens...help!

pssst - blurkie - you get to hold them as evidence until they're 'stolen'.

Siouxie, have another gumball and relax. You'll be the life of the party.

Whaddya mean it's no laughing matter? That's exactly what everyone's going to be doing once the get these things.

Hey blurk, Air Force don't count as military. (former SGT, US Army, 3rd and 4th ID's) *polishes old medals*

APB APB APB: The evidence locker was just robbed and the thieves escaped with...gum? Is this right?

Wyo, convince my bosses of that and I'm puttin' in my two weeks notice!

This must be why detectives are called "gumshoes." You know, for cases of a spit-and-run.

Eat enough of them gumballs, and they'll give you your two weeks notice. PS, I already tried the "they were poppyseed muffins" excuse.

wooo hooo two cowboys in uniform too!!

*grabs that gumball* - Dear Lord they're starting to get here!

Wyo C - couldn't make cavalry, huh?

kids these days! why, in my day there were no gumballs with smiley faces - we had to smoke our pot, the way God intendend

and that's the way we liked it

Darn, Wyo! You mean that excuse don't work?! That's the one I was plannin' on usin'.

1st cav. the horse never rode, the bridge never crossed, and the reason why. (actually I was a motor SGT)
*hangs head in shame*

IANMTU I was in Germany and if the first sergeant hadn't been eating poppyseed muffins with me, (and come up hot as well) that excuse would not have worked. secret to success, always hang with the boss.
*hides brown nose*

blurker - claimin to be the victim of having accidentally breathed in second-hand smoke doesn't work either - trust em on this one

wyo - just be glad it wasn't the 7th CAV

TCK, how right you are. Blurk says you're in Helena?

Well, damn!! I guess I'll just have to stick with alkyhol.
I'm thirsty.

yes, blurk is correct

about me bein in helena, that is

What beverage goes best with gumballs?

Probably anything that'll cure cottonmouth...er...I mean...not that I'd know...um...TCK, what beverage goes best with gumballs?

my own personal rule is that if ya can't figure out which beverage goes best with it, then use vodka

Ooo AWBH! *pictures Reese Witherspoon saying 'it burns, it burns.'*

26-days till annual cup peeing; any Amish blogging out there?

Wyo - are those mostly quarter horses on your site?

I thought I saw a couple of plug nickels. ;)

Naw, Annie, them ain't quarter horses...they're all pretty much whole.

Wow, mellow yellow! Reminds me of art school.

TCK - Vodika is the universal beverage - totally agree!

I"m high from second-hand gumballs!

No - see, that doesn't work at all.

New pick-up line:
Guy:Wanna chew on my gumball for a little while - no, you don't have to swallow.
Chick: Boy, if I had a gumball for everytime I've heard that - OK.

Annie, they're 1/2 quarter horse, and 1/2 sneaky neighbor's Stud.

Thoroughbred stud? They look like running quarters.

The officer seized the bag, which contained two "candy balls" wrapped in foil, police said. Instructions on the foil told users to chew for 30 minutes to 1 hour before they wanted to be high and to "chew for as long as possible, then swallow."

"Dude. Dave's not here."

Actually they're registered quarter horses, out of Hancock and Obvious Conclusion. Traded some of my artwork (work we've done page) for them.

so a 1/2 of a quarter is an 1/8, right?

shoulda got gumballs instead, would have cost me a lot less over the last few years.

They didn't look like the old heavy traditional Quarter. I've got a running quarter that I love. He's retired now, though.

They get a lot of exercise, annie. I'd like to see a pix of your horse. (guys, just the horse, please)
sounds like a horrible pick-up line, don't it.

I'll have to scan some and send them to you. He looks a lot like cowboy. Played arena polo on him for years. He could swap ends standing still. Awesome horse.

They play a lot of polo in Big Horn, Wy. (I grew up there) but never tried it. Looks like a blast, though. We mostly pack into the back country with them.

Just be warned that it's very addicting...polo, that is. I'll send pix when I get it together.

BTW, Annie, "flush with excitement" got a good snork.

I was pretty impressed with my own self that day. ;)

Belated *snorks* to AFKAT and Brainy Jello.

And this thread just shows you how stupid kids are today. It's all in the packaging, folks. Had they just handed a gumball to another student in plain view, everyone would be (very) happily chewing and zoning out. But NO. They had to wrap it in foil, place it in a little plastic bag, include INSTRUCTIONS for getting high, and then covertly pass it along.

Well, DUH!

Not that I approve of gum in schools.

Personally, I think that WBAGNFA Garage Band That Does Mostly Dead Covers But Only Knows Two Chords (WBAGNFAGBTDMDCBOKTC).

tropichuntguy!!! Hey, are you having a good time? Snork.

I think they should sell marijuana gumballs in the March of Dimes candy dispensers. A donation to a charity is tax-deductible.

"he could swap ends standing still" sounds dirty, doesnit?

judi - it probably doesn't sound nearly as dirty as it looks :)

Yes, gentle people of my congregation... You must ASK your children if they are accepting gumballs from their (not they're/there) friends at school... Because REMEMBER, gumballs lead to 8-balls... Let us pray (not prey)...

judi & TCK - puh-lease - there are children present. I try to keep the blog clean and this is what I get - sheesh!

I just meant that if you were riding him in a match, and you needed to turn around quickly, he could, in one leap, spin and face the other way. Hopefully you would stay with him, too.

ok...that doesn't sound any cleaner, does it...sigh.

I'd like an eighth of gumballs please...

brings a new meaning to Mr Happy Face.

THC-ya later

Thx, Siouxie and 24-aholic! I went on a submitting spree yesterday - I guess judi got tired of seeing e-mails from me and decided to post one of them just to get me to stop!

Back to the drink for gumballs - of course it would be kool aid......

This is what you see if you inhale too many mothballs:


Thought this idea may have come from John Lennon until Googling it and realizing that I had just identified another Mondegreen: http://www.amiright.com/misheard/song/cometogether.shtml

The Beatles', "Come Together"
Misheard Lyrics:
He want walrus gumball.

Original Lyrics:
He one walrus gumboot.

"Gumboots" is UK slang for a kind of galoshes known as Wellington Boots or Wellies. Not that this clears up the meaining intended.


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