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July 23, 2006


Here's the aforementioned Dayton toilet.


(Thanks to Mudstuffin and his children)

¹Dayton residents: It is only a good-natured little joke. Please do not shoot the messenger fly to Miami with guns. We have enough.


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Oooohhhhh....it's so much smaller than I imagined.... and the toilet, too....

Polling has opened!

Seems Dave's, uh, bowl runneth over.....

It's too close to Dave's face to be real poop. And he's smiling. Definitely rubber poop.

That does look scarily realistic.

"Snakes down the drain"?

"Snakes caught on the chain"?

Fud, Punkin and me - my first trimulpost!

It's cute.

Why did I think it was a full size toilet from the earlier mention? Not to mention that how would you've gotten a full size toilet home or even wanted to get a full size toilet home.

Dave, do you have a whole room devoted to *memorabilia* given to you by faithful fans? I can't even imagine what it might contain.

Nice poo! My hubby is a vet. For an employee's birthday one time, I made a litter box cake. Regular yellow cake, in a deep rectangular pan, with vanilla frosting - then I put some vinilla lady finger cookies in a blender with a couple of drops of blue food coloring...made the resulting crumbs look like litter...then we melted a couple of tootsie rolls and "reshaped them" accordingly....looked disgusting - yet delectable.

*snork* at Punkin!

Although as I recall from my youth, Tootsie Rolls don't need a whole lot of melting to get to that "reshaping" consistency. I seem to remember a few "poopsie rolls" being left on chairs, etc.

Cool cake, Punkin' ... sounds puke-a-licious ...

Yeah, that toilet's way smaller that I had imagined. It's funny that some of us actually thought mud would bring a full-sized toilet to the signing and that it would not be all that weird. Just goes to show how truly demented we all are.

SQ - I'll admit to that ... I wuz thinkin' mebbe Dave wuz so much taller (in that other photo) 'cuz he wuz standin' on said "gift toilet" ...

An Adage For Our Times: Never look a gift toilet in the ... um ... bowl ...

... especially when it's obviously a (REALLY) low-flow, and clogged up as a result ...

awesome toilet! but I also thought it'd be a real life-sized toilet and he was standing on it...

hey...why not?? it COULD happen...

*snork* @ SuzyQ

The toilet is really adorable ... the snakes are an interesting touch ... but that is a LOT of poo!!! Relatively speaking, I mean. Some tiny imaginary person has an intestinal problem!

My fifteen year old had the idea for the toilet full of snakes. My ten year old daughter had the actual snakes and fake poop, and she put the whole thing together. Not visible in the picture are two fake maggots that she threw in as a bonus. Lovely girl. So proud.

awwww what an artistic family you have mud! warped minds run in the family - I know - I got two of my own :)

Hooray for mud's 10 year old. It's obvious she has the natural talent to be a DB blogette!!

Mud does great haikus
Though a senior technophobe
Photos are posted

First: Bumble & Bucket
Second: Snakes in a toilet
Third: Dave & Ridley with Mud's daughter
Fourth: Dave & Ridley with Mud

Yes, Mud, I hope you won't be too scared of us in 8 years' time to introduce the kid to the blog. She definitely has star potential!

Wow. Mud, your daughter is...wow. She's...wow.

Good genes!

My vote isn't for the real/ unreal; it's for the fabulous implementation of a truly sick vision. Mud, you are an honorary Uncle Fester and your progeny are Puggsly and Wednesday. No higher praise.

Does anyone think it's a little suspicious that the CrapCam is completely in focus?

Steve -- rest easy, that's a MudCam shot that Dave/Judi posted.

Do all blogs have such handsome, beautiful and smart bloglits, or is it just this one?

There are other blogs?

Mudst - my compliments to your daughter as well.


And I would compliment your jeans, but they make me uncomfortable.

My youngest thanks you for your high praise (especially the Pugsly remark) and says that she's working up something with lizards for the next time she has opportuninty.

As for my oldest being "wow" - yeah, that's why I hit the heavy bag for 20 minutes every day.

Another non-haiku:

Mud with Dave and Ridley
Still shows no arms
Why do I care?

OK, the kids have left the room - I'm holding my arms behind my back to counter-balance the weight I'm carrying up front if you follow my drift and I don't mean the donut bank.

thanks again, meanie.

Great pictures, mud (and thanks Meanie for translating them to "blog-ese").

I also thought the toilet would be bigger (if not necessarily full-size), but the overflowing poo and the snakes make one think of the more disturbing work of Salvador Dali.

Well done, mudstuffin family!

Daliesque toilets
Make bloglits quite uneasy
Dave and Ridley snork

sad haiku:

Still feeling left out
Strumpetfest nowhere near me
Ford Huff out of gas

when he opened it
and saw the toilet he said
quote "oh, how thoughtful"


Yeah, it's fulla somethin' ... but it don't look like "thought" ...

Ok ...Am I the only one that dosen't keep fake poo around? Real stuff maybe, but fake?

Jazzz...no fake poo here.

Omar: That sounds like a line from a Beefheart song.

Jazzz: You obviously don't have a house full of kids and if you do they're deprived.

Drop by drop
Light by bright
Night by light
There ain't no good
'n' there ain't no blame
Not hip
Ain't no aim
You make the fault
You cause the blame
Devil the same
Hop in a thought
Shiny beast of thought
You hang up
Now you' caught
If you got ears
You gotta listen
Old woman sweat
Young girls glisten
There's more than what you thought
Hop in a thought
The shiny beast of thought

-Captain Beefheart

when he opened it
and saw the toilet he said

"What a pile of sh*t!"

Dave is now officially
On mudstuff's sh*tlist

(or off, as the case may be)

My husband actually did (I am not making this up) find a rather large garter snake in our downstairs toilet once. As I recall, "Oh, how thoughtful!" were not the first words out of his mouth.

We called our plumber to find out how this could have happened. He said he'd been in the business 35 years and heard lots of jokes about snakes in toilets, but we were the first actual case he'd personally been called on. (Actually, what he said was "Of course. It *would* be you guys." Har har.) He also asked if we'd discussed the discovery with our eight-year old son. Har har har.

Turned out the cover was off the top of the septic tank. Snake fell in, swam north 20 feet, and took the first off-ramp right into the pot.

It was four years before I sat down on a commode again without turning on the lights and looking first. This cheerful little sculpture Dave's holding is going to give me nightmares for the rest of the week.

Accepting this years' "25th Anal Little Snake-Infested Toilet Bowl Award" was Dave "Repeat" Barry. His acceptance speech, while eloquent and humble, was also direct and to the point.

"I'd like to thank all the little people who made this little snake-infested toilet bowl award possible. Without them I wouldn't be standing here tonight, in front of this lovely barn door, accepting this little snake-infested toilet bowl award and giving this speech thanking all the little people who made this little snake-infested toilet bowl award possible. I can only hope that I can live up to the truely great honor of standing here before all these little people, whom I am thanking for this little snake-infested toilet bowl award, and continue to honor this fine tradition of possessing a little snake-infested toilet bowl award.......ahh...gurgle..."

Unfortunately a strong wind slammed the barn door shut, muffling the gurgled sounds of a little snake-infested toilet bowl flushing Dave Barry away. A truely sad moment in the Little Snake-Infested Toilet Bowl community.

Rumor has it that the eye on the prize for next years' Little Snake-Infested Toilet Bowl Award will be Barry Manilow. Good luck to you Barry, you'll have big shoes to fill following Dave "Repeat" Barry!

Thank you for your courtesy, Catharine.

(and *Snork*)

Congratulations, mudstuffin, for your thoughtfulness and creativity.

What will be Mrs. Dave's reaction? Or do you have an underground bunker to store all your 'gifts'?

Do you deal with Jazz-Memorabilia ??????
I have a set of tickets studs ,Programm and T-shirt of the MIRI Jazz Festival 2008 (SARAWAK -Malaysia)
regards gerd

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