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July 25, 2006


We have it on good authority that the horse insulted his mother.

(Thanks to Matt Morrison)


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Tee-hee - the horse tried to launch him onto a car!

Not quite. The horse told him he was hung like a midget.

Short people got no reason to headbutt ponies.

But TV does not encourage violence.

But was it an Italian horse (oops. Just noticed that it's really an It--a gelding. Sorry--no insult to Italian manhood intended)? And did it insult all of his female relatives? Where's the red card?

The horse reminded him that he has the same name as one of the NY Yankers.

how could he reach though?? stepladder??

Well, they said he retiring from French futbol.

*throws up a was*

Susy...Cruz - the jockey had the reins pulled down, so the horse had his head down...now he'll be headshy, thank you, idiot jockey.

Hey, it worked in "Blazing Saddles."

The horse made "defamatory but not racist remarks" and will only be suspended for two races and fined CHF 5000. No, wait, that was the Italian footballer.

Two horses' @sses.

What an idiot. Another case of morons in the news then - just glad the horse is ok. Now if the horse had headbutted HIM?? that I'd pay to watch.

Er, 'blank dude' at 2:56 - they're at a racecourse - can't you make 'racist remarks' there?

Too bad the horse didn't have warning. He could have wheeled around and given the jockey a "butt-head."

Is anyone else getting this headline to the right of the article?
"Probe into jockey 'butt' on horse

*unfunny comment*
I'm with Annie. The next poor sould who tries to put a halter or bridle on that horse is gonna have a problem. Jockeys should know better.

I just noticed that Lisa - too funny!

That's the equivalent of whacking your dog with a newspaper when he poops on the floor. Throwing a rider come with consequences!
Bad horsey!

ack! i had the same blazing saddles thought. of course, of course... ha. now keep that tune out of your head.

...and no one can head butt a horse, of course...

unless, of course, the horse off course,
is messin' with your head!

STILL laughing at the World Cup headbutt as seen by different countries.....someone repost that link for newbies...

geez! I just got home and first thing on the news was the headbutt! the blog is following me..eeek

Don't worry Susy, it's only me. Got any beer?

blurk,I got some heiny ...(and beer too-HA!)

OK. Oh, I'll take that beer, also.

How do you punish a jockey exactly?

Weggie? Swirlie? Wet towel whipping?

Just asking

I wondered how long it would take to get this thread to our normal depraved level. Not long, thank goodness.

doesn't take much Jazzzz ;)

Unrealious - you ask how the weather is down there.

The head butt was nothing. The horse was so wound up, he hardly even reacted to it. The cruelty is the entire racing industry. I won't even get on my horse until he is 3 years old, because his joints aren't fully developed yet. These horses are run to their physical limit when they are two. The common result is a lame and insane horse that will end up in a slaughter house.

When is it alright to headbutt? What can you headbutt? If I decided to go on a crazy rampage and headbutt mice because they stole me my cheese, Would that be okay? What's next in the world of sports? Farting at or in someone's face? I can imagine the headline now, Expelled for Expelling Fumes from Exhuastion.

I read a different account of the incident. Seems that the jockey merely tripped over the horse's GIANT PINK TESTICLE & fell head first into the side of the horse.


Never mind.

"I'm glad to say the horse is okay after it and I have spoken to John O'Shea."

It WAS Mr. Ed!

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