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July 28, 2006


This totally justifies locking the refrigerator.

(Thanks to markhh)


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Thank God I live in the West!!

When I'm hungry, I usually want a nice steak, although, in a pinch, a fat girl will do.

Yes! Two firsts in one day. 'Course I have done absolutely nothing else.
Keep them tax dollars rollin' in folks.

Hey, wait...I pay taxes too.
I gotta go find sumpthin to do.

My husband better not read this or he'll figure out why his portions are getting smaller and smaller...

And Brad, no pinching.

"They now plan to look at how hunger impacts on female attraction to males."

I wanna see THOSE results...

Oh, this should be good. Thanks for the nice start, Brad. I await the distaff distaste with gleeful anticipation.

As for THOSE results, Siouxie-with-the-shorter-name, they're in. The starving models nearly always wind up with the pudgie, wealthy guys.

Sooooo, that explaines why I fell in love with Olive Oyl when I was a starving student.

"Jack Sprat could eat no fat. His wife could eat no lean." 'Splains a lot.

You could stock the freezer with these . . .


I must say I'm disappointed in the absence of a blog-frenzy on this topic. However, early this morning, having read the blog-shenanigans from last night's apparent mojito fest, rest in peace bloglits.

CJrun ~

I blame that on the after-5 commute, and when it was posted. Just check back Saturday morning. There will be some ruckus, I am sure.


Signed, (Not Fat, Just Fluffy) Cat

blurker: Are you locked in a bunker or something? When's the last time you saw the light of day?

*sets out a nice fat martini for Cat*

Suzy Q ~

Why, thank you!

And here's the official drink of the blog for you!

Telecomuting; the good side? No rush hour. The bad side, you're never really off. The boss dropped by an hour ago to pick up and drop off stuff [he lives 5-doors down]. He told me not to worry during the next two weeks, as he would have his phone and Crackberry with him, while he was supposed to be riding his motorcycle. I travel @ half the week and rarely bother to go in the office, but I wouldn't trade jobs with this guy for anything. In September, I'm going to Roatan and yes, I'll take my phone and laptop, but I won't commute and I won't have them on. Checking once a day will be enough! All other hours are for human beings.


*clinks glasses with Cat*

Suzy, to catch you up, Blurk's at the Fair, with his daughter, or so he says. I did notice previous excitement on his part for the 397-pound bearded lady.

"They now plan to look at how hunger impacts on female attraction to males."

Oh, please. When I'm hungry I'm not looking at men, but you had better not be standing in front of the frige or you will be whacked by the door.

indeed, cjrun.

Damn, girl! You whacked me with the door! Yeah, I was standing in front of it, I was just putting away the bestest, most amazing southern fried chicken I have ever made! Try a piece. Here, have a sip of my mojito.

*counts fingers*

Why, thank you CJrun, that was delicious. I feel better now.

g'evening all! what are we drinking????

Southern Comfort and diet pepsi. Quite a combo I know, but I like it.

I just experienced blog death. It flat-lined.

Smithwicks's Siouxie, Guinness filtered through Irish bar patrons.

I love SC Gwenn..haven't had it in a while though...

Cj - just wine here...and blog death is right...

SC, no, I meant I wrote something long and kinda funny, and the Blog shivered, then died into Page Cannot Be Displayed. Rare. I'm actually proud of the bloglits for having hung in there so long last night. I cracked up when I read it this morning.

Folks are re-centering tonight. Hell, I went to bed @ 9pm last night and when I re-checked the blog @ 3am, AWBH was still throwing zingers. I noticed when you posted 'They're finally gone.' The bloglits are Strumped-out and I [having been up since 3] need to drive to Mousando early tomorrow.

I'm a late niter...but I was also surprised this morning when I saw people were here that late

I have been reading the Blog for about a month or so now and I have to say, you people are hilarious. I usually come in here after reading the horrible news of the day just for comic relief. I just want to say ...THANK YOU!

You have to remember that it's three hours earlier on the left coast, so Annie was really only up till 12

Gwenn - I read the blog for a while before I felt brave enough to post something. Like you I used to read it for the comic relief ...thinking these people are HISTERICAL!! Being a fan of Dave's for years, this was a great way to meet/interact with others like me...who may have a warped sense of the hilarious... I still consider myself a "newbie" and am still in awe of most of these extremely witty individuals (nuts!)

very true Sarah...I keep forgetting that little time difference

Me too Siouxie. It's amazing to me the machine-gun like wit. I wish I could come up with stuff that fast. Only on occasion though.

I don't even try - I just go with the flow and put my two cents worth - these folks are too funny, Gwenn.

Well, that explains a lot since my DH has gained at least 30 pounds.... Hmmmm.....

My husband is doing a project in the garage right now. I go out to smoke cause I don't smoke in the house.Every time I go out there, he starts telling me about the project. I'm trying to listen I swear. Blah blah blah, copper pipe. Blah blah blah are you listening to me? Oh yeah, I say. God, If i ever end up in court for this night. I can hear it now. Lawyer: What did your husband say to you on the night in question? I say "I plead the fifth." Lawyer: What project was your husband working on? " I plead the fifth." Lawyer: What were YOU doing on the night in question? I was reading Dave Barry's Blog. Case dismissed.

when someone accuses me of taking the low road, i plead the filth...

LOL it's the perfect defense

Well, Instead of pleading the fifth, you could say I drank a fifth. That always works for us.

Gwenn: you plead the 5th if your testimony would be self-incriminating, so here's what you really want to say:

Lawyer: What did your husband say to you on the night in question?
You: I don't recall.
Lawyer: What project was your husband working on?
You: I don't recall.
Lawyer: What were YOU doing on the night in question?
You: I plead the fifth.

Thanks Ann. Scribbles note on LEGAL pad....

You mean people still write on paper, with pens 'n stuff?

And I thought he liked me for my mind!And now you say he married me cause he's hungry?? oh great.

A blog where the comments are as hysterical as the entry. I'm home!

Also? This whole study seems less of a comment on sexual attraction and more of an admission that men are quick to turn to cannibalism in a pinch.

if anyone needs me, i'll be switching my weight preferences on match down a few notches to thin and or emaciated.

Hah! Jenny agrees with me about that pinch thing! Thank you Jenny!

Ok, so according to this article, when my hubby and I met - he was STARVING!!!!!

Good thing there was plenty to eat !!!!

oooooops....did I leave the italics on????

Ahhh...*blush* anyone know how to turn them off???




Siouxie help!


there LOL

punkin, did you get his eyes to match the shirt, or vice versa?

I'm a sucker for blue eyes & dimples!

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