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July 28, 2006


(Thanks to CoastRaven)


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Maybe we can get that exterminator guy to go to work on squirrels.

Hah! Three!
I really do gotta find sumpthin to do.
I blame judi.

"Birds were coming down like divebombers."

Ummm... shouldn't that be "like bombs"?

geez, blurk!

Siouxie, I gotta take my daughter to the state fair tonight.
I gotta get all the enjoyment in while I'm here 'cause in about 2 hours I'm gonna be in hell!

"dead birds keep fallin' on my head"

awww blurk - have a gumball then :)

"Birds were coming down like divebombers."

Well, it's about time. It's usually their poop that does the divebombing around here.

Hey BlurkerNM...pick me up a funnel cake will ya? (also, the bearded lady weighs 327lb.)

so lemme get this straight - the hosp hires the exterminator to get RID of the pigeons..they croak and start dropping like "divebombers" and they wanna find out if they used enough pesticide??? wasn't the the whole point?? did I miss something?

One funnel cake comin' up!

327lb. AND a beard?! Life don't get any better.

Now 'scuse me while I puke thankyouverymuch.

Anybody else remember Tom Lehrer's song "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park"? Wasn't that great? No? Okay, I'll go to the esoteric trivia section of the geezer bus now.

can I get a corn dog???oh and a gyro...and and...one of those bloomin' onion thingies...and some cotton candy...

damn I miss the fair!!!

Friday night at the state fair with your daughter? Blurk, you are blessed!

Does anyone remember the poisoned pigeons in SF a while back? Someone had fed them seed coated in strychnine and they started falling from the sky. They found some of the seed, but they never found whoever was doing it

Thanks, fivver.
I think.

oh and nope Lairbo - can't say I know that one...sowwy

Here's the song with some really crappy animations.

Lairbo, YES!

My hubby introduced the kiddies to Dr. Demento this year, and I do believe it's on one of his "greatest hits" CDS!

*we're such good parents*

funny song LOL thanks Sarah!/Lairbo

Yes, Lairbo. Not Tom's best, but I do rememeber it. I preferred "Vatican Rag" and "Prurient Interest Blues".

Sarah...I um, well, ya see...err, how did... Gheesh, that was just wrong!

Siouxie gets it! Would the hospital prefer they were still flopping around on the roof? Walking dizzily around the lawn maybe? This at least sounds as if it was quick and thorough.

On the other hand, Blurk and Wyo could ride in with shotguns blazin' and that would be quick as well, but perhaps too noisy for a Hospital Zone.

Yes, Lairbo, that album in my collection. I only have two of his and I've never found more. Some of his songs are a bit dated, but some are timeless classics, like Pollution and Poisoning Pigeons in the Park.

THANK YOU CJrun! I thought I had missed something...

as far as the cowdudes blasting away...a tad messy don't ya think??

Bookworm - I think there were 3 albums - "That Was The Year That Was", "Revisited", "An Evening Wasted With Tom Lehrer". There were later "compilations" and "box sets", but not new stuff.

He was interviewed on NPR a couple of years ago. Said he just got tired of doing it. In his actual career he's a mathemetician at Harvard.

Bottle rockets ruffle chicken's feathers
Associated Press
SEARCY, Ark. - A man accused of shooting bottle rockets at another man in a chicken suit was arrested on Wednesday and charged with assault in the second degree and with discharging fireworks in the city limits.

Police said Joseph R. Craig, 20, shot bottle rockets at Steven Turnage, who wears the suit to attract business to a local fast food restaurant, on July 19.

Turnage said that in the first two weeks he wore the chicken suit, people threw smokeless tobacco cans at him and tossed frozen drinks. After the bottle rocket attack, he called police.

Turnage said that one rocket nearly hit him in the eye and another burned part of his suit. Because he was wearing a mask, Turnage could not get a clear view of the suspect but gave police a description of the vehicle that Craig allegedly shot from.

Turnage said he was grateful that police had made an arrest in the case.

"They did a good job," Turnage said. "I'd like for this guy to have to wear the chicken suit for a day out in this heat to see what its like."

Send in the dectectives . . .

I remembered he was a Math professor, but I didn't know if he was retired (I assumed he was) or still living. Thanks for the titles--I'll have to check to see which one I don't have.

Remember "New Math?"

If I could screw with time, I'd put the falling pigeons right above Dave & Ridley's heads about 10 minutes after Dave posted his famous "so hot the pigeons are exploding" remark. What a mind f*@k THAT woulda been!!!!

(Yes, it would've been cruel, Dave, but we'd point and laugh with love)

Hey CoastRaven, isn't a raven a kind of pigeon?

BW - yes, I remember about all his stuff. I used to work with a guy who could do "The Periodic Table" a capella.

G'night, mate.

lairbo: i loved "new math" (which i can still do) (the song, not the math) and "smut" (which i can still do) (and would like to)

CJrun, Have shotgun(s) will travel. Where's Blurk?

Couldn't they just get a couple of peregrine falcons to scare the pigeons off? Falcons love pigeons (to eat) - Boston has 2 nesting pairs to keep the pigeons away from a couple of office buildings.
Poisoning them is way too extreme. ("Extreme Pigeons" would not bagnfarb.)

Wyo, Blurkie is sauntering through the State Fair, quick, before the first that, hand-in-hand with his daughter.

Or, more likely, they're blowing away pigeon targets at the shooting gallery.

Guin, I actually like the idea of the peregrines. I don't think poisoning is too extreme when a critter gets out of hand in numbers, in the absence of predators. However, I think housing cats in comfortable digs on the roof has greater amusement potential; every now and then one would overshoot, testing a life and thrilling the bed-ridden.

Last I heard, Lehrer was still among us. Yep, just checked google and, unless he croaked this afternoon, is still alive.

I have a book entitled "Too Many Songs by Tom Lehrer and Not Enough Drawings by Ronald Searle". That's the actual title.

*exchanges 'frost' for 'that' in the first sentence up there*

Dang this southern fried chicken cookin' is interfering with the typing thing.

Fish heads, fish heads
Roly-poly fish heads
Fish heads, fish heads
Eat them up, Yum!

*hands SueQ Soy Sauce^

Am I the only one that only made it through the article title before 7up flew out of my nose? It kinda burns. I hope I didn't rupture something. Too bad the ER is closed.

I love Google.

EZB, everyone's on injured reserve, so join the club. Although, I was sure it would tie into the exploding pigeons from earlier in the week.

Oh! And I also think everyone is re-introducing themselves to family after trying to cathartically Strump with Dave and Ridley.

yeah...I hear they're having a little prob with dead pigeons...those pesky critters! at least they're not exploding

Siouxie, who's still here?

hmm I thought CJ & Cat.R

Ahem. For the record, 'lits, this is what *snork* means. It's not a snork unless it makes you inhale and spew your beverage.

I'm having PC wireless problems and getting VERY frustrated.

I think I'll go finish that martini Suzy Q poured for me on the other thread and call it a day.

Nite, folks!

Nite Cat

*wanders back in*
There was actually a musical performed in London based on Tom's songs. Gads I still have his three (vinyl) albums.

local college did the musical based on Tom Lehrer's songs, v.funny...
he teaches at U. Of Cal-Santa Cruz, unless he's retired (the Fighting Banana Slugs).
was 'prurient interest blues' his? I thought it was John Hartford...

oh, that song has personal memories for me, as my thesis advisor was tired of seeing pigeons crapping and making hot pigeon love on the ledge outside his office, so he had me go out on the ledge, which was quite wide, with poisoned pigeon feed . I don't recall any casualties .

Pruient interest blues wasn't one of Tom's. He did have 'smut' and 'the masochism tango'. National Brotherhood Week is one of my favorites. Should I be worried that I can correctly spell 'masochism' at 11:30 at night after drinking tequila on the rocks?

nah fivver - that's when I can espell better :)

yeah, spelling's not the problem, prufredding is.



Love that place name!

*realized that my threshold for a cheap laugh just took a nose dive*

*drinks more mommy juice and doesn't care*

Hey, my mom has Spike Jones (the original one) on vinyl...

Ouch, Kathybear, so do I.
*toddles up steps of geezer bus*

Mom, can't believe you didn't bring this up.

What's worse, shutting down the entire downtown area in a panic over nothing or having birds torpedoing down all over the place?

who's driving the geezer bus??

well, i live in albany, which is the next city from schenectady, so this was a local BIG story, which had me laughing.........and upset, that people now panic and call hasmat if they get a bug bite. such is our climate of fear. ackk, it's the bird flu! ackk, it's the terrorists! call 911! block the streets... oh puleeeeeze. apparently, we heard that the exterminator used a poison that is actually illegal in nys, so they could be in trouble for that.
and tom lehrer's song lyrics are all over the web, and can anybody get him to come out of retirement now--we need him pretty bad.

and we will all go together when we go,
every hotentot and evry eskimo --
when the air becomes uran'ius
we will all go simultaneous..
yes we all will go together, when we all will go together
we all will go together...when we go....

Mornin' all....... anybody else watch "The Shining" on A&E last night??? Had exactly the same effect on me as when I saw it in the theater 26 yrs ago....Jack makes me whimper...I had BAAAAAAAAAAAAAD dweams.......*hold me*

good morning! didn't watch that but it's a fav of mine - Stephen King being my all time fav author (sorry Dave-he was first)

Belated response to Judi: Hey-O-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!

Punkin - I hear ya. When I was but a wee lass, I was flipping channels during a bout of insomnia, awake all alone in my dark house. The Shining was on one channel, and since I was having trouble finding something to watch, I passed by it twice. Once it was the scene with the two little girls in the hallway, and the other one was the REDRUM scene. I didn't see either one for more than a few seconds, but it guaranteed that I wouldn't be sleeping at all that night.

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