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July 26, 2006


We don't like the sound of this at all.


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I vote for letting the dog raise it for life.

"its eyes haven't opened yet, so it cannot tell the difference.: - kind of like beer goggles...

Still better off than Paris Hilton's future child.

Of course, as an adult the squirrel will have identity problems. Mom left him, now he's a dog...that kind of thing.

Will it fetch and roll over?

WOW! two, count 'em 2, Iowa stories in a row.

so much happens there since i moved away.

ah well, lots happens in oHIo too.

but not a whole lot that's funny.

Snork at Meanie

Meanie - but what if Paris wants to adopt it??

isn't that special?

Sign of the apocalypse... Dogs are raising orphaned squirrels. What the hell's next? Snakes on a plane?

My brother and I actually raised squirrels when we were about 8 and 10. We found an adult squirrel dead at the bottom of a tree (in our yard) and found 2 babies in the nest above. We fed them with eyedroppers at first and then little bottles, etc. They grew up and were "released" (we left them in the backyard) them into the "wild" (Cleveland). A couple of years later they would still come when we called.

I was thinking the same thing, 2 Iowa stories
2 postings on dogs and squirrels. And on this thread they are going to release the baby squirrel at a wildlife center, perhaps in Germany....
They love the squirrels.

This sounds a little familiar

yeah...the squirrel story was too disturbing so i read about the attempt to roll the world's largest joint. So close to eternal fame and the cops show up

The dog could just be saving the squirrel to eat later.

Will the puppies start doing suicide missions into power stations?

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