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July 23, 2006


Blogette Bumble brought us some excellent Hip Hop Pirate hats. We will fit right in when we strumpet in the 'hood.



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Yay for pictures!

Yay for hats!

Yay for pirates!

YAY for Bumble!!!!!!!!!!!

(Looks like Ridley is saying "Walk the plank, beeyotch!!")

Only if you strumpet in the 'hood in midwinter. That’s the only time you’ll be able to stand wearing them. I couldn't believe how thick those hats were. I could barely get the yarn needle to go through them.

Hmm. They were looking at their photographer, I was looking at mine. Whoops. I'm guessing my shots will be the reverse of that; me looking at the camera, them looking away. Oh well.

Yay for sleeveless maroon!

Yay for six hours of stitching and listening to musical sountracks paying off!

I had so much fun.

Yay for Bubmble doin' the embroidery trick on the hats ... they're MUCH more impressive when bein' worn by someone, than the mere photo you showed us prior, Bumble ... that does look as if it was a LOT of stitchin' ... WAYTOGO, BUMBLE!

Fricking typos. Make that musical soundtracks.

Dayton anecdote:

The way they did the signing was we each got a number and they called us to get in line five and ten at a time. I got there late; I was #70. There was a family sitting in front of me. Mom and dad, son about 10 with what looked like Twizzler on his face and daughter about four eating SweetTarts (she was sooo cute). The boy was the one with the books to be signed; he was so impatient for his number to be called he couldn't stand it. Kept groaning about how he had to wait till 40. I told him it could be worse; I was 70. He looked at me like I was this idiot grown-up who just didn't understand how important it all was and how very painful the wait was for him. He hopped up like a shot the minute his number was called, and he couldn't stand still in the line; he was dancing around like he had to pee. His little sis was utterly unconcerned; she just kept munching her SweetTarts and looking at me as if to say, "I'm not so sure about him. Is he really my brother?"

Dave and Ridley, speaking as someone who grew up near Bed-Sty, those hats gonna git you an a$$-whoopin'in the 'hood.

that's neat, bumble :) it's so exciting that kids are SO excited about this book (and reading in general)!!

Bumble, great job on the hats. It was worth the time, at least for us, especially as you did all the work.

judi~ Oh yes. I meet so many people today who think reading is a waste of time; drives me nuts.

*snork* @ Jeff

strumpet in the 'hood, would of course, BAGNFA*B. Not sure what kind of band.

good job bumble!

I agree, Bumble. The best part was listening to the kids.

One child at the Naperville signing asked them if they had ever written anything else besides these two books.

I bought both books for my daughters Friday night, and by 11:30pm Saturday, my 12-year-old was finished with the first one and starting on the second one.

Which is good news for me, because now I can start Starcatchers. :-)

Wessonality (who still loves children's books)

And I started wondering -- why haven't we heard anything about the Four Seasons event Friday in Chicago on the STRUMPDATE log?

Was it BORING without kids and bloglits there??

YAY Bumble !!! Great job on the hats!

(Great story too. Half the fun of going to the signings is watching the other people. Well, not half the fun, but some of the fun. ;-) )

great hats bumble. pirate-hood hats wbagnfarb??

Aside to Bumble: I notice you're wearin' glasses ... still not totally comfy with the contacts? (Been meanin' to inquire [not ASK] about this prior, but kept forgettin' ...)

Merely ... curious ... and hopeful that you have a good experience with 'em ...

Bumble - GREAT job on the hats! Good to know the guys will be "representin" in da hood!

Dave: Arrrr, you're a fine hood pirate, Ridley. Where are your buccaneers?

Rid: Under my buckin' hat, matey ...

speaking of 'hoods' - in San Fran - wouldn't a Tinkerbell costume be more appropriate??? hmm just askin'

NTTAWWT course...

Thanks for all the compliments guys. :-)

U.O~ I wanted to wear the contacts to the signing since I look better without the glasses, but I've been having severe allergy attacks lately, and wearing the contacts just makes my eyes itch worse. But allergies aside, I'm still not liking them any better. They irritate the heck out of me, and when I try to put eye drops in to ease the irritation, the contacts fall out and land on my shirt. I'm going to hunt down and kill all the people who told me how wonderful they were and how I'd never feel them because they were so comfortable. I have been lied to.

Just remember, Bumble, it was I who told you that contacts were responsible for global warming.

When did you tell me that? I think you're responsible for global warming; you and all the other blog guys with your flirting and testosterone. Heats things up. ;-)

You don't remember? It was the night of the Bull Running/Weightlifting/Everest climb triathlon.

I was watching tivo that night.


I'm hopin' I wuz one of the people who said (more or less) that I have had mostly wonderful experiences with my contacts, and I hope yours work out as well ...

... rather than the "oh, you'll love 'em" type of commentary/advice ...

Wish they were doin' better ... I have allergy problems as well, but I'm either so used to mine by now, or I've adapted so well (?) that I don't consider wearin' my contacts a problem ...

Your "falling out when I put eyedrops in" type of experience makes me think that there's somethin' else wrong here ... have they become "reversed"? (curved the wrong way, so that you have them in backwards, so to speak) ... when I do that, they itch like crazy, and I hafta remove and reinsert ... then the problem is over ... fallin' out? Nope, should not be happenin' ... I suspect an improper fit, or somethin' ... I'd get that checked out ...

Well, it's my own fault for getting them at Wal-mart's vision center, but I'm a poor college student, and the amounts eye doctors charge are outrageous, not to mention the cost of the contacts themselves. I think I’m just going to use up the ones I have and then stick with glasses. I’m about fed up with it all. I like having them available in case I don’t want to wear glasses, but with all the hassle I’ve had I’ve pretty much decided it’s not worth it.

Bumble, I tried hard, semi-rigid, and soft contacts (insert inappropriate joke here)

The soft ones shouldn't itch. Mine did anyway sometimes. It is really a trick to get the fit right, but once it is right, they should not fall out. You've already invested enough money in it that it might be pursuing a bit farther, to see if you can make it work; contacts usually are a good option for most people.

(My own solution was to go get Lasik surgery. Yes I know that was utterly unhelpful. Sorry!)

OK, Bumble ... Waldo's says "satisfaction guaranteed" ... I dunno how good that will be, but I wouldn't quit until they had corrected what (seems to be) their mistakes ...

Most reputable eye doctors will guarantee a proper fit, and that sounds to me like what the problem is ...

I'm not sayin' that contacts are for everyone, but I'm in a group known for havin' a higher degree of "problems and/or failure" to adapt successfully ... I've been wearin' 'em for nearly 40 years (and boy are my eyes itchy!) ... off and on ... I quit for a while, then with new developments, I've been quite happy ... despite the "dry eyes syndrome" associated with aging, plus the dryness from allergy medications ... despite it all, I prefer the minor hassles that go with the major improvements, so I stay with it ...

Besides, with my contacts, I get to wear these really cool aviator-type-shooting glasses ... which have been given the official endorsement of an 8-year-old popcorn salesgirl as looking really cool!" ...

Putting my two cent's worth here:

I've been wearing contacts for a long time and I do agree that the "fit" is important. I wear the extended wear just cuz I'm too damn lazy to take 'em out every night and they've worked for me...I say keep trying Bumble

DJ Ridley P. is showing some of his moovez, yo! :)

Ridley looks much different without hair....

*waves Hi! to Bumble*
I agree with Neo. I have to wear gas-permeable hard contacts. My daughter and Mr MOTW wear soft contacts, though different brands.
The irritation could be caused by the solution. The contact-fitting folks ought to give you samples so you don't have to go pay 8 bucks for another brand that may or may not work out.

Dave Barry's Blog: MORE FROM DAYTON


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